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05/31/2011 India Text Messaging Addiction

Widespread availability of cheap unlimited text message plans has made the service preferred mode of communication for youngsters in India and its excessive use is leading to health problems among them, says a study conducted by industry body Assocham.

The study has found that text messaging has become preferred mode of communication for majority of youngsters in India. It has has surpassed rest of the forms of daily interaction amongst youngsters like face-to-face conversations, voice calling, etc.

Apparently, 60 per cent of youngsters in India send and receive over 125 text messages daily to interact with their peer group, the study says.

Text messaging Addiction

05/30/2011 Talking vs Texting

OMG, LOL, BRB! Our lives change with new technology and terms such as these used in texting. The ability to text brings us convenience, but also problems to tackle.

How much effective communication is lost when we text? Most of it.

According to research, 93 percent of effective communication is nonverbal. 55 percent is expressed by body language and 38 percent by tone, which leaves only 7 percent for the written word. When you text, you are leaving to chance how that text is perceived and read by the receiver.

Talking vs Texting

05/27/2011 Interfaces for PageGate

If you missed the Webinar on PageGate Interfaces check out the following PageGate Interface Video Tutorial

05/20/2011 Emergency Alerts via Text

The system will send out alerts issued by the president as well as for emergencies and Amber Alerts for missing children. Only users within the affected areas will receive the alerts, and subscribers can opt out of all alerts except those sent by the president. The alerts will be routed through local cell towers, and the alerts will be accompanied by a unique signal and vibration.

complete article

more on PLAN

05/19/2011 What Are the Interfaces for PageGate - Webinar

What are the Interfaces? - May 25, 2011

In this session, we will be doing an overview of what each of the different Interfaces for PageGate are and covering the basics of how they work. This session will provide key information on how PageGate can seamlessly integrate with other applications and alarm systems.

What are the Interfaces - Get Details and Sign-Up

05/19/2011 Sexting and the Military

It is a trend that is no longer confined to the walls of high schools and cell phone-toting teens. Sexting is creeping into the world of the United States military.

They are known as the few and the proud, but now the Marine Corps is getting a new label: sexters. According to the May 16 edition of the Marine Corps Times, there has been a sharp increase in the exchange of sexually explicit messages and photos among Marines.

It's a topic that can be especially delicate for military couples who often spend months apart during deployments.

Sexting and the Military

05/18/2011 Technology and Its Impact on Laws

Being charged with accessing child pornography can lead to many questions for potential defendants. These are crimes that receive a lot of attention in the media, and those accused will have a long fight in front of them to clear their names. While child pornography laws have been in place for many years, the laws as written may not provide the goals that lawmakers intended. As technology changes, the law will need to adapt to be able to address all the issues that may arise.

There are both federal and state laws in place regarding child pornography. Federal laws against child pornography were created in an effort to prevent children from being exploited.

Technology and Its Impact on Laws

05/17/2011 Sexting a New Adult Activity

In 2009, the Pew Center for Internet and American Life published survey findings that 4 percent of adolescents 12 to 17 years old had sent sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images or videos of themselves to someone else via text message.

That sparked a sexting panic over the unsettling implications of young people engaging in this type of illicit interaction, as well as legal issues involving the cell phone-transmitted photos that could be deemed child pornography.

Consequently, much of the media attention to sexting has focused solely on adolescent behavior, yet the act of sexting is not limited to teens.

05/17/2011 Train Updates via Text Message

For more than a year, NJ Transit customers with smart phones have been able to enter their station into the DepartureVision feature on and instantly find out when the next train will arrive.

Now there‚€™s help for customers with phones that are not web-enabled.

NJ Transit has entered a partnership with CooCoo of Long Island to provide real-time train schedule information through text messaging.

Train Updates via Texts

05/16/2011 Group Text Messaging Saves Time and Money

When Leah Arnold of St. Charles recently became the manager of a large group of younger employees, one of her first orders of business was to find a convenient and effective way to communicate with her new team. Her answer? Group text messages.

complete article

Keep in mind you can use NotePages Software to send group messages!

05/15/2011 Send Yourself Text-Message Reminders

Oh Do Not Forget is a service that allows you to schedule and send messages to your own cell phone.

05/10/2011 Microsoft Buying Skype

Microsoft is close to finalizing a deal to buy Skype for $8.5 billion!

05/06/2011 Withdraw Cash with Cell Phones

Cellphones have long ceased to be a simple means of communication, and banks are introducing products that allow you to withdraw cash from ATMs using your cellphone without the need for a bank card or even a bank account in some cases.

First National Bank is the second bank to launch a product (Cash Withdrawal) that allows you to withdraw cash from your bank account while your bank card stays safely in your wallet or at home.

complete article

05/05/2011 Israel to Use Text Alerts

Citizens of Israel will receive a text message notifying them of an alarm in their area as part of a new Home Front Command drill to take place throughout the country in a number of weeks.

In honor of the annual drill, Turning Point 5, the command will try out a new technology unlike that used to send a regular SMS. In order to send the text, the system overrides cellular networks and delivers a message with a different sound.

complete article

05/04/2011 Textalyzer Stops You From Sending Drunk Text Messages

Textalyzer utilizes 4 engaging and challenging games to analyze your state of mind. App users create their Forbidden List and use Textalyzer as a guardian of their texting behavior. If you can succeed in winning the games then you should be clear-headed enough to send out a coherent text. You can also leave reminders to stop yourself from sending out text messages so you won‚€™t regret your actions later.

05/03/2011 College Recruiting Goes to Texting

Welcome to college recruiting in the instant-information age, where the days of receiving a large envelope full of brochures, catalogs and application forms from colleges are long gone.

Nowadays, admissions counselors are only a text message away.

College Recruiting Texting

05/02/2011 Tajik Divorce Text Banned Due to Growing Number of Divorced Muslim Women

The Tajik divorce by text is being banned by Tajikistans religious authorities. There is a growing number of women being divorced via the Tajik divorce text which enables Muslim men to just send a text to their wives with the words Taloq taloq taloq, which means divorce, divorce, divorce.

complete article

04/25/2011 Question and Answer Websites

Question and answer websites have popped up all over the Internet. These interactive sites are designed to connect individuals, and help them get answers to questions. We have compiled a list of some of the more popular Question & Answers websites...

Question and Answer Websites

04/20/2011 What is SMS Webinar?

Session 1: Why would I need to send SMS? - April 27, 2011
In this session, we'll go over the different reasons that SMS can add extra efficiency to almost any business model and provide examples of different implementations of SMS messaging with a healthy amount of time for Q&A at the end of the session.

Session 1 - April 27, 2011 at 12:00 EST
Sign-Up send email to include date - webinar title and we will send you directions to join the webinar.

More on SMS Webinars

04/19/2011 SMS to Curb Credit Card Fraud

Banks will issue transaction alerts via short messaging service by Jan 1, 2012 in a bid to curb credit card fraud.

An statement from Bank Negara Malaysia said card holders could respond to the SMS after a transaction was performed.

SMS to Curb Credit Card Fraud

04/18/2011 Texting 911

Tennyson said that the Oregon Emergency Management committee is working on costs related to replacing the current network with a new system able to send and receive information via text message. At the same time, efforts are under way to work with cell phone companies to be sure that each carrier‚€™s technology matches that of the network.

complete article

04/12/2011 SMS Payments Big In Other Countries

In Kenya, where a 4-year-old business called M-Pesa lets you send and receive cash through your cellphone, it is proved so popular ‚€” replacing the banks in ordinary citizens lives ‚€” that a quarter of the entire Kenyan GDP now passes through it. Thats behavior change on a massive scale.

complete article

04/11/2011 Holden Police Launch Text Messaging Tip Service to Crime Fighting

For the first time, mobile phone users across Holden now have the ability to provide anonymous crime fighting tips through the power of anonymous text messaging and WebTips. Holden Police and CrimeReports, the industry leader in law enforcement tip management software and web applications, have joined together to provide this service which allows citizens to send anonymous tips by sending a text message from a mobile phone or online.

04/06/2011 Latest NotePage News

Hi ,
Welcome to NotePage news. If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed online at:

The latest release version of PageGate is 5.0.93, make sure you have the current release.

PRTG Integration
How Can I send SMS Text Messages in PRTG? This documentation from Paessler explains how to use NotePage's software with PRTG.

Orion Integration
Are you using Solar Winds Orion in conjunction wih NotePage's software? This forum post will walk you through the setup.

PageGate Custom Training Webinars
Interested in one on one training for PageGate? Customized webinars are available for training staff $100.00 for .5 hour webinar or $150.00 for a 1.0 hour webinar. You can ask questions, have us train your staff, this is your opportunity to get training on the specific items you want. If you prefer customized training email with contact details and we'll schedule your training session.

Group Webinar
Sign-up for FREE PageGate webinars. Not interested in personalized training? Join one of our group training webinars, here is the schedule:

Session 1 - April 27, 2011 at 12:00 EST Why would I need to send SMS?
In this session, we'll go over the different reasons that SMS can add extra efficiency to almost any business model and provide examples of different implementations of SMS messaging with a healthy amount of time for Q&A at the end of the session.

Sign-up for session 1 by emailing with the name/date of the webinar.

Session 2: - May 11, 2011 at 12:00 EST What is PageGate?
In this session, we'll be going over the basics of how to use PageGate. We will cover how to install PageGate and configure it to send a basic page to a cel phone, pager, or email address.

Sign-up for session 2 by emailing with the name/date of the webinar.

Session 3: - May 25, 2011 at 12:00 EST What are the PageGate Interfaces?
In this session, we'll be doing an overview of what each of the different Interfaces for PageGate are and covering the basics of how they work. This session will provide key information on how PageGate can seamlessly integrate with other applications and alarm systems.

Sign-up for session 3 by emailing with the name/date of the webinar.

Session 4: - June 8, 2011 at 12:00 EST PageGate Q&A
Now that we've covered a lot of basic information, this session will be dedicated entirely to the questions you've submitted. This will be a freeform session where you, the participant, can guide the discussion.

Sign-up for session 4 by emailing with the name/date of the webinar.
Additional details on free PageGate Webinars!

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04/05/2011 Premium Text Messaging Complaints

People are finding charges on their mobile phone bills that they say were not authorized, including mystery text services that appear out of nowhere and charge for content that people believed was free.

I was the victim of a scam recently in which $9.99 was charged to my cellular account for so-called inspiration text messages for which I definitely did not sign up. The phone, a BlackBerry on Sprint, is a second phone kept around for emergencies only and had not been used for about a month before the text messages were noticed.

I halted the service by texting STOP and called the company listed as the provider, InspiraCell, to find out why they had signed me up for this inane service. I could not get through. I next called Sprint to ask them about it. A customer support representative put a block on the service, removed text message service entirely from the phone and told me I would be able to get the charge removed from my bill when the statement came, which I was. However, he was not able to tell me how the charge got authorized for my account.

complete article

04/04/2011 Crime Stoppers Using Text Tips

Officials involved with Winnebago CountyWide Crime Stoppers say it won't take long before texting tips surpass telephone tips to the anonymous crime reporting line that pays cash upon convictions.

The local Crime Stoppers, one of more than 600 crime tip lines nationwide, dropped its toll-free 800 line effective March 1 and implemented a new telephone number and software to accept text messages.

Tips can now be called in to (920) 231-TIPS or 8477, while texts should be sent to CRIMES or 274637 with IGOTYA and the tip entered into the message field.

complete article

04/01/2011 Free PageGate Webinars

Not interested in personalized training? Join one of our group training webinars, join the free webinars for PageGate.

03/31/2011 Could Being Able to Text 911 Save Lives?

When a gunman was prowling the halls of Virginia Tech University on April 16, 2007, on a shooting rampage that left 33 people dead, dozens of students and staff sent texts to 911 trying to get help.

But those texts were never received, because the local 911 center -- like most across the country, including ones in major cities -- could only handle basic phone calls.

complete article

03/30/2011 Texting Stamps

Two European countries are now offering an alternative to the ubiquitous postage stamp: sending the post office a text message.

Sweden and Denmark are set to roll out a new postal service whereby customers can pay for postage using text-messaging services on their cellphones.

Customers can simply send a text message to the post office and in a few seconds an automated reply will arrive with a special code. Write the code on the envelope where a stamp would normally go and you are done.

complete article

03/29/2011 SMS Attacks

The so-called SMS of death attacks were unveiled late last year at a hacker conference in Berlin. They use special binary characters and overflowed headers to temporarily crash most older models made by manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, and Micromax. Carrier networks often aggravate the attacks by bombarding the target with the same malicious message, making them an inexpensive way to take a phone completely offline.

complete article

03/29/2011 Text Abbreviations and Emoticons

OMG! The exclamatory online abbreviation has won the approval of the Oxford English Dictionary.

The term - short for Oh my God - is one of dozens of new entries in the authoritative reference books  latest online update and emoticons.

03/28/2011 Waiving Texting Fees for Donations

Following Verizon Wireless announcement of waived text messaging fees for donations to Japan, Sprint has announced that it will also waive text messaging fees for such purposes. Customers can send messages to particular numbers to donate $10 to the relief efforts.

complete article

03/24/2011 Taliban Text Messages

One of the Talibans most effective tools to persuade Afghans not to work with the U.S. or its allies is the night letter ‚€” a note warning people they‚€™ll be targeted for death unless they change their infidel-loving ways. But thats too analog. These days, the Taliban is mass texting gruesome videos to Afghans cellphones to spread the same message.

complete article

03/23/2011 Mobile Stats

Mobile phone subscription is estimated to be at 5.3 billion, more than 90 per cent of the worlds population, and 6.1 trillion text messages have been sent in three years.

complete article

03/22/2011 Non Profit Donations via Text Message

American Red Cross: Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10

International Medical Corps: Text MED to 80888 to donate $10

Save the Children: Text JAPAN or TSUNAMI to 20222 to donate $10

Mercy Corps: Text MERCY to 25283 to donate $10

Salvation Army: Text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 to donate $10

ADRA Relief: Text SUPPORT to 85944 to donate $10

World Vision: Text 4JAPAN or 4TSUNAMI to 20222 to donate $10

03/21/2011 Donating Via Text

In the last couple of years, the practice of charity in the face of disaster has changed. Instead of giving online or making a phone call, people - especially the more wired digital generation - are giving via text. It is simple: Send a text to a specific number and you automatically give a set donation amount, usually $10, to an organization. Since last Friday, the American Red Cross has received nearly $1.6 million in text donations for Japan. But there are downsides to text donations that you should think about carefully before you hit SEND.

complete article

03/18/2011 Editorial on Cost of Text Messages

Text messages are expensive. Most carriers charge customers 20 cents for every text they send. But the tiny messages use up only a fraction of a penny's worth of bandwidth. Why do networks charge so much for something that costs so little?

Editorial on Text Messages Through Carriers

03/17/2011 Text Messaging Fraud

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today charged 24 defendants - including Jason Hope, the chief executive officer of Arizona-based Eye Level Holdings - with perpetuating a text messaging scheme that led to millions of dollars in unauthorized mobile phone charges.

According to state investigators, the defendants used illicit websites to bait mobile phone customers into submitting their wireless numbers online.

complete article

03/16/2011 Traffic Via SMS

After receiving an overwhelming response to its Facebook page, the Pune Traffic Police will now have a website and SMS service dedicated to monitoring traffic bottlenecks and helping commuters plan routes to avoid jams. The service will be available from next week and free SMSes can be received after one joins the SMS group.

complete article

03/15/2011 Verizon Cracking Down on SMS

Verizon Wireless is cracking down on SMS text message fraud and has filed a lawsuit in a bid to halt the lucrative scam.

Verizon this week filed a suit in federal district court in Phoenix in its crusade against an ongoing scheme that uses premium SMS, or text message, campaigns to defraud the carrier and its customers.

complete article

03/14/2011 Text Messaging To Stop Smoking

A pair of related studies on smoking cessation have isolated the brain regions most active in controlling urges to smoke and demonstrated the effectiveness of text-messaging to measure and intervene in those urges.

Both projects by scientists at the University of Oregon and other institutions used the same group of test subjects ‚€“ 27 heavy smokers recruited from the American Lung Associations Freedom From Smoking program in Los Angeles.

complete article

03/10/2011 Oxford County Using PageGate

The EMA also has a new system that allows it to send text messages to firefighters and other responders who are out of radio range but have cell phones, Parker said. The system, called PageGate, costs less than giving pagers to every volunteer firefighter.

Mass Notification System in Oxford County

03/08/2011 Steps To Secure Your Smartphone Against Data Theft

Once your phone is infected, a slave bot program will be installed in the base operating system, beneath the application layer that most users are familiar with. From there these bots can monitor and modify all data sent to and from the phone before you do, allowing the botmaster to command and control your phone without your knowledge.

complete article

03/07/2011 Insult via Text Lead to Murder

Text messaging can be dangerous, many have said, but they probably will not thinking along these lines, but perhaps texting while driving. In this case, a U.K. man stabbed his friend to death after the word mutter was auto-corrected by his cell phone to read nutter in a text message, and that led to him being found guilty of manslaughter on Monday, Feb. 14.

Nutter is, of course, slang for a mentally ill person.

complete article

03/03/2011 Emergency SMS Messages

The UKs telecoms regulator Ofcom has proposed a voluntary trial, enabling people to send a text message to the UKs emergency services which should be made mandatory in the country.

The proposal forms a part of a wider consultation on changes to Ofcom‚€™s regulations that need to reflect new European law that comes into effect on 25 May, 2011.

As per the new European regulations, access to the Emergency services for disabled people must be as close to that delivered to other consumers as the technology will allow. While the emergency text scheme does have limitations, such as taking longer to converse by text than by phone, it offers greater equivalence than current alternatives.

Emergency SMS Messages

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