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02/26/2008 Unlimited Wireless

ATT Inc , the biggest U.S. mobile service, said on Tuesday it would offer unlimited mobile phone calls for a flat rate of $99.99 a month, hours after Verizon Wireless announced a similar plan.

02/25/2008 Cellular TV Taking Off in Japan

Shipments of cell phones compatible with Japans mobile digital TV service have surged to more than 20 million units in fewer than two years since launch, according to industry data released last Wednesday.

02/20/2008 T-Mobile Favors Yahoo

T-Mobile announced on last Tuesday that it will soon begin using Yahoo as its preferred mobile search provider in Europe, ending the operators existing relationship with Google for mobile search.

02/19/2008 RIM Reliability Problems

Research In Motion, maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone, said last Tuesday it was trying to locate the cause of a service disruption that left subscribers with only intermittent access to e-mail and other data services for three hours.

Service problems started about 3:30 p.m. EST on Monday, and lasted until about 6:30 p.m. EST, RIM said in an e-mailed statement. BlackBerry subscribers, most of whom are business people, did not lose any messages during the interruption, and voice communications were not affected.

02/18/2008 Portable Google Search

Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia said on Tuesday it had reached an agreement with Google to incorporate the Google search engine in its handsets.

02/14/2008 Text a Message of Love

There is no doubt that on Valentines Day the text messages sent will contain anecdotal notes of affection. We even had a customer inquiry about scheduling love notes to be sent every hour on February 14th!

02/13/2008 Mobile World Congress

The most established names in telecoms, Internet and media gathered in Barcelona Monday for the Mobile World Congress, one of the worlds biggest events for the mobile phone industry.

Attention at the trade show, which runs until Thursday, is likely to focus on how to encourage users in developed countries to use their phones for more than simply making calls.

02/12/2008 Recycling Cell Phones

We recycle our soda cans and our newspapers, so why do not we recycle our cell phones?

U.S. consumers who bought new mobile phones recycled the old ones in the fourth quarter of 2007 at double the rate of the third quarter, a market research firm said Tuesday. But the overall number of recyclers remained low at less than one in 10.

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02/11/2008 Cell Phones to Get Widgets

Widgets, or small Web applications that supply useful information direct to the desktop, could soon be appearing on your cell phone screen.

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02/06/2008 NotePager Pro Featured on Software Deal of the Day

For the next 24 hours NotePager Pro standalone software to send text messages to pagers and cell phones is featured on the Software Deal of the Day website. NotePager Pro is 50% off for only 24 hours.

02/04/2008 Automate Tasks and Improve Productivity with Software

This is VERY cool software discounted 45% for only 24 hours. Macro Scheduler is windows automation and scripting solutions that enhance productivity and automate processes.

Create scripts and record macros to automate and control your Windows applications, automate software processes and assign tasks to schedules, desktop shortcuts or hotkeys. Perform complex tasks with a single mouse click, or schedule your computer to perform tasks while you are away.

The powerful Macro Recorder makes it easy to create macros even if you have no programming experience. If you can do it, Macro Scheduler can automate it.

02/03/2008 Motorola Considers Bailing on Cell Phones

Last week, Motorola laid a bit of a bombshell on the cell phone world. The company announced it was considering a structural realignment to rejuvenate its mobile device business. Though the company had a huge hit with its ultrathin Razr V3 in late 2004, Moto has been struggling to regain solid footing over the last couple years.

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01/22/2008 Germans Upset with Nokia

German anger over plans by Nokia to close a plant escalated on Friday, with the finance minister accusing the cellphone maker of caravan capitalism and others vowing to replace their Nokia phones.

Nokia, the worlds top cellphone maker, said earlier this week it would close the plant in the western city of Bochum because it was not competitive and move production to Romania.

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