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05/31/2007 Fastest Growing Companies According to CNN

CNN rankings show another banner year for the leaders of the tech revival. BioMed and Pharmaceuticals also make a strong showing!

Fastest 100 Growing Companies

05/30/2007 The 100 Best Products of 2007

PC World editors rank the best PCs, HDTVs, components, sites, and services. Plus: the products PC World is looking forward to next year, and which technologies are rising and falling.

Google Apps Premier Edition
Intel Core 2 Duo
Nintendo Wii
Verizon FiOS
RIM Blackberry 8800
Parallels Desktop
Pioneer Elite 1080p PRO-FHD1
Infrant Technologies ReadyNAS NV
Apple Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger"
Adobe Premiere Elements 3
Apple TV
Samsung SyncMaster 244T
BillP Studios WinPatrol
HP dv9000t
McAfee SiteAdvisor
Canonical Ubuntu 7.04
Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite
Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000

more in the top 2007 list

05/30/2007 The Life of a Cell Phone

Everyone who's still using the cell phone they bought five years ago, please raise your hand. Any takers? The odds are good that not many hands are in the air right now. According to a recent J.D. Power and Associates report, the average replacement cycle for a mobile phone is just under 18 months.

05/29/2007 Alltel - Size Does Not Matter

Little Alltel does not look so little anymore after two buyout companies moved to purchase the mobile phone service provider for $27.5 billion on May 20th.

05/22/2007 Clear Channel Taking Service Approach

Clear Channel Communications Inc. launched on Monday a free mobile program that enables listeners to text-message radio stations from their cell phones to make song requests, get real-time traffic reports and access other information.

05/15/2007 Audio Recording Software Wins SIA Nomination

NotePage's audio recording software, RecordForAll received a 2007 SIA nomination for the Best Sound and Audio Program for 2007. We are honored that RecordForAll was recognized as an intuitive easy to use audio recording and editing application.

05/15/2007 Cellular Tracking Saves a Life

Police located a 10-year-old boy awaiting a heart transplant by asking his mother's cellular provider to locate her cellphone.

John Paul May of Harrisville had the successful surgery at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh on Saturday night, but came dangerously close to being passed over for the donor heart until police tracked down the boy and his mother at a jazz festival.

The hospital called state police Saturday afternoon because officials couldn't reach the boy's parents to let them know a donor heart had been found.

05/14/2007 Smellophone!

Touting the future of the mobile phone market at the Software 2007 Conference in Santa Clara, Calif., earlier this week, Motorola CEO Ed Zander made no mention of his company's secret weapon: The smellophone.

Last month, Motorola received a patent for a Communication device having a scent release feature and method thereof.

05/09/2007 Another Plan for Cellular Phones

The government is researching whether the best defense against a chemical, biological or radiological attack might one day be right in everyone's hands - or on their ears. Homeland Security officials are looking into outfitting cellphones with detectors that would alert emergency responders to radiological isotopes, toxic chemicals and biological agents such as anthrax.

05/08/2007 Cell Phones are Fashion Accessories?

Necessities or accessories? That is the question, some say and I quote:

Cellphones have become fashion accessories like nice ties....

05/08/2007 Mobile Game Said to Ease Culture Shock

Nipan Maniar, a senior lecturer at the University of Portsmouth in Britain and one of the creators of the cell phone game C-Shock, describes his creation as an e-mother.

The game offers a 3D recreation of the Portsmouth campus that can be distributed to foreign students planning to come to British universities for the first time. Maniar, an Indian who arrived at Portsmouth in 2000, is well-acclimated to the culture shock the setting can inflict on new-comers.

C-Shock, which is currently in its final stages of development, focuses on giving potential students a list of tasks to complete on their virtual first day. The activities put them in contact with unexpected sites for many of those unfamiliar with Western culture: the informal relationship between students and teachers, women smoking, drinking, interacting with the opposite sex and public displays of affection from couples.

complete article

05/07/2007 Cellular Tapping Takes Off

Luciano Moggi, the former head of the Juventus soccer club, could have used one before Italys soccer game-fixing scandal exploded after his phone conversations, which triggered the investigation, were intercepted by investigators and then leaked to the media.

And Prince Victor Emmanuel would have been well served by a secure cellphone before his conversations made public resulted in his arrest last year over allegations of providing prostitutes and dealing in illegal slot machines.

Cellular Tapping

04/26/2007 WhatsUp and PageGate

Great forum post about using Ipswitch WhastUp with PageGate

I did this exact thing, but incorporated another product called PageGate from a company called NotePager.
I had issues with the paging engine in WhatsUp failing to send pages 100% of the time. So, rather than having WhatsUp send the page it writes a text file into the directory used by PageGate. PageGate can pick up this file and send it any way you want it.

PageGate is a full blown paging application. It can send over the Internet using SNPP, WCTP, SMTP and a couple of others. If one method fails it can be configured to failover to another method. I have SMTP as the first method and it fails over to Paging via the TAP protocol.

If receiving pages is critical to your company, I recommend using this product since this company does nothing but Paging applications.

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