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03/24/2010 Verizon Launching a Payment System

Verizon Wireless customers will soon be able to charge up to $25 a month in online purchases to their Verizon Wireless accounts.

The carrier today announced that the e-commerce payment service, based on services created by Danal Inc. will be launched later this spring.  

The service will require text messaging-enabled phones, and that purchases be made from Verizon-approved online stores, which include game sites and social networks.

The service requires that customers click a BilltoMobile button during checkout from a participating online Web site. Users will be asked to input their mobile numbers and mobile billing zip codes for authentication.

Verizon Payment System

03/16/2010 Mobile Ads Passing PC

Google Inc said that it expects the rates that companies pay for search ads on mobile phones could surpass the rates of its existing PC-based ad business thanks to the growing popularity of powerful smartphones.

03/15/2010 Priority Support Reminder

Priority Support reminder. If PageGate is critical to your operations it is recommended you purchase Priority Support. Priority Support gives you priority access to technical support as well as free upgrades, details about what is included in PageGate Priority Support can be found here.

03/12/2010 Support Settings

A quick list of settings for Telecom carrier settings.

TAP Settings
SNPP Settings
WCTP Settings
SMTP Settings

03/13/2010 FCC Proposes Universal Fund

Federal regulators trying to bring high-speed Internet connections to all Americans will propose tapping the government program that now subsidizes telephone service in poor and rural areas.
The Federal Communications Commission will include a proposal to reform the Universal Service Fund as part of a national broadband plan due to Congress in less than two weeks.

complete article

03/12/2010 Triple A Mobile Batteries

An Indian mobile phone company has launched a low-cost handset that uses commonly available AAA-sized batteries aimed at the hundreds of millions who live in areas where power supplies are erratic.

complete article

03/11/2010 Cell Phones Reveal Predictability

Humans are unpredictable, movers and shakers - or so we might think. Yet new research that used cell phones to track people reveals the patterns of our movements and where we can be found, day or night, are predictable as much as 93 percent of the time, no matter how far we travel.

complete article

03/10/2010 SMS Learning Center

The SMS and text messaging center includes interactive video tutorials, educational articles and support resources all pertinent to the sending of text and SMS messages. NotePage, Inc. has long been a leader in wireless communication and the SMS learning center expands on their commitment to educate users about messaging technologies, procedures and protocols.

The SMS learning center and videos are freely available, and no login is required. Additional details can be found at:

03/08/2010 NotePage Knowledgebase

Quickly find answers to your NotePage questions using the NotePage knowledgebase.

03/07/2010 Maine Weighs Cellular Health Issues

Ignoring the health risks of heavy cell phone use invites a cancer epidemic, supporters of a bill requiring manufacturers to put labels on mobile phones and packaging said Tuesday.

We can do nothing and wait for the body count. That is what happened with smoking before warnings on cigarette packs were mandated, David Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and Environment at the University of Albany, told Maine lawmakers.

The Health and Human Services Committee held a hearing on a bill that would make Maine the first state to carry warnings that they can cause brain cancer, especially among children. Opponents dismissed research pointing to the risks and said the bill is more about politics than science.

complete article

03/06/2010 Mobile Carriers Defend Early Termination Fees

Early termination fees for mobile phone contracts are necessary to subsidize the cost of smartphones and customers know what they are getting into, mobile carriers told the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in comments filed this week.

complete article

03/05/2010 Prepaid Wireless and T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA, the fourth-largest U.S. wireless carrier, said Thursday it gained 371,000 new customers in the fourth quarter, reversing subscriber losses in the third quarter.

But the new subscribers were mainly low-paying ones who do not sign contracts, and T-Mobile USAs earnings and revenue fell from the same period a year earlier.

complete article

03/04/2010 Mobile Fund Raiser for Chile

A US group that harnesses mobile phone technology to raise money for charities on Saturday launched text message campaigns to raise money for victims of the powerful quake in Chile.

complete article

03/03/2010 Mobile News

Just over a quarter of American adults now read news on their cell phones, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center.

The survey results being released by the group Monday offer another sign of how people are changing they way they get information. Technology has been reshaping the news business and the way consumers relate to it for more than a decade. The latest shift is being driven by the exploding popularity of phones that can easily access the Internet.

03/02/2010 Amtrak Goes Wireless

Amtrak has rolled out wireless Internet access on all 20 of its Acela Express trains between Washington and Boston and in six major stations along the northeast corridor.

The service is free for now, though the railroad says that policy will be reviewed after an introductory period.

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