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10/31/2005 Motorola Gets Paid

Motorola Inc., the world's second-largest mobile-phone company, said it was paid $500 million cash Friday by Telsim as part of a settlement of its 4-year-old legal case against the Turkish wireless carrier.

In exchange for dropping all claims, Motorola said it also got the right to receive 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Telsim assets over $2.5 billion when the Turkish government sells them off in coming weeks to settle debts.

10/31/2005 Mobile Camera Phones

Consumers are expected to buy a half billion camera-phones this year, which amounts to 2 out of every 3 mobile phones purchased, a research firm said.

The latest forecast from Future Image Inc. means that 5 out of every 6 digital cameras sold this year would be embedded in phones.

The buying spree is expected to continue at least through 2009, when camera-phone sales are expected to rise to 900 million units, or 90 percent of the 1 billion mobile phones projected to be sold that year, the research firm said in a statement.

10/31/2005 Snowboarders Stay Connected with Wireless Winter Wear

Embarking on a long term wireless integration collaboration, Burton Snowboards and Motorola Inc. recently revealed plans to launch a collection of Bluetooth-enabled winter gear for snowboarding tech types that want to stay connected.

Burton and Motorola have been and will continue to work together to explore the possibility of integrating Bluetooth Wireless Technology into snowboard apparel, enabling users to control their music and mobile phones while on the slopes, the companies said.

The end result is a series of three technologically advanced Burton Audex Snowboard Jackets with wireless connectivity that give consumers access to their cell phone and iPod (or both at once) without having to handle the devices in any way.

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10/31/2005 Cingular Accelerates Its Pace To Improve Data Network Quality

Cingular's moving into high gear in its drive to catch up with rivals in wireless data speed, revenue and coverage.

Boosting data speeds has been one of the carrier's big challenges since buying AT&T Wireless a year ago.

10/28/2005 Cell Phone Sales Increasing

The world's mobile phone makers are expected to sell more than 800 million units this year, up from earlier estimates of around 775 million handsets, the world's top cell phone market researchers said on Tuesday.

10/26/2005 Texting Knows No Bounds

Aaron from Streamline Solutions pointed out this article:

Everyone in the industry knows that text messaging, or short messaging service (SMS), has turned into one of the biggest unplanned growth engines in wireless communications. Just a few years ago, few thought the technology would take hold in the United States, as it had in other parts of the world. Now, SMS seems to be unstoppable in its usage, both in sheer messages and in the variety of ways it is used.

Complete Article - Texting Knows No Bounds

10/26/2005 Nextel Purchase Details

Shareholders of wireless affiliate Nextel Partners Inc. voted overwhelmingly Monday to approve a provision requiring parent company Sprint Nextel Corp. to buy the company.

Nextel Partners said 99.9 percent of votes cast during a special meeting at the Kirkland, Wash.-based company were in favor of exercising a "put right" in its agreement with Nextel Communications Inc. that requires Nextel to buy the remaining two-thirds of the company it doesn't already own.

Sprint Corp. acquired Nextel in August, triggering the provision. Sprint Nextel, based in Reston, Va., with operational headquarters in Overland Park, Kan., doesn't dispute that it must buy Nextel Partners but has sparred with its affiliate over how to calculate the purchase price.

10/24/2005 Satellite-To-Cell Phone Service Test Called Successful

Suitcase-sized satellite phones may make way for standard cell phone handsets, according to Mobile Satellite Ventures (MSV), which said Wednesday it has successfully tested a satellite link to a standard CDMA cell phone.
MSV said it used its existing satellites with minor modifications to CDMA 2000 and base station gear to prove the concept of its planned hybrid wireless network.

10/19/2005 Problems with Cingular

We have recieved reports from customers using Cingular. The problems appear to be that Cingular has discontinued its TAP service numbers. We do realize this likely will provide a problem for public safety users and we will be sure to let people know if we are able to obtain other Cingular TAP numbers that work.

10/17/2005 Missouri to Monitor Traffic Using Cell Phone Data

Driving to work, you notice the traffic beginning to slow. And because you have your cell phone on, the government senses the delay, too. A congestion alert is issued, automatically updating electronic road signs and Web sites and dispatching text messages to mobile phones and auto dashboards.

In what would be the largest project of its kind, the Missouri Department of Transportation is finalizing a contract to monitor thousands of cell phones, using their movements to map real-time traffic conditions statewide on all 5,500 miles of major roads.

It's just one of a number of initiatives to more intelligently manage traffic flow through wireless data collection.

Officials say there's no Big Brother agenda in the Missouri project — the data will remain anonymous, leaving no possibility to track specific people from their driveway to their destination.

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10/14/2005 Prevent Stealing of Mobile Phones

Finnish scientists have invented a device to make it harder to steal mobile phones and laptops by enabling them to detect changes in their owner's walking style and then freeze to prevent unauthorized use.

The VTT Technical Research Center of Finland said the device, which is has patented but has yet to sell, could prevent millions of portable appliances being stolen every year.

10/14/2005 Nokia's Corporate Market

Mobile phone maker Nokia said on Wednesday it was launching three new mobile devices for business users, aiming to capture a bigger slice of the lucrative corporate market.

It said the E60, E61 and E70 phones would hit the shelves in the first quarter of next year and are designed to work with mobile e-mail systems like RIM's BlackBerry Connect as well as Nokia's own Business Center, which it launched last month to make e-mail available on a wider range of phones.

Nokia said it expects the new phones to sell for $420-$540 (350-540 euros), excluding operator subsidies and local taxes.

10/13/2005 VOiP on Cell Phones?

Japan is readying a new network for cell phones that will allow people to connect to the Internet to talk over the phone more cheaply and transmit data more quickly.

The government plans to introduce mobile Voice over Internet telephony by 2007, officials said Thursday.

The mobile service under consideration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will allow people to use Voice-over-Internet Protocol, or VoIP, phone service, on cell phones — similar to what's now available on fixed lines.

10/13/2005 NotePage, Inc. Finalist for SoftSummit Awards

NotePage, Inc. is pleased to be a SoftSummit award finalist.  NotePagewas recognized as a Enterprise Security Application and recieved recognition for outstanding work in software value management.

10/11/2005 Denial of Service on Cell Phones

Cell phone networks are so vulnerable to denial-of-service-style attacks that an assault carried out by a mid-sized bot network could bring down the United States' entire mobile infrastructure, a group of academic researchers said in a paper made public Wednesday.

The paper, which will be presented by four Pennsylvania State University researchers at the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security in November, outlined how an attack exploiting weaknesses in SMS (Short Message Service) could overload a cell network, and bring both voice and text messaging to a screeching stop.

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10/11/2005 Keep Messages Clean in China

China has ordered telecom operators to clean up the content of spam short messages spread on their mobile phone networks as part of an ongoing fight against "unhealthy" influences.

"Recently, there has been a lot of dirt hidden in the telecommunication networks. The situation is serious," the ministry of information industry said in a notice on its website Friday.

Messages containing text or pictures with pornographic or superstitious content such as fortune telling and sex chat are frequently sent to mobile phone users en masse, the ministry said.

10/05/2005 Going Mobile With Personal Navigation

At a time when mobility is key, the personal navigation market stands to make a killing.

Gone are the maps of yesterday and in their place, e-mapping Web sites and cars with integrated GPS (Global Positioning Systems). Many tech companies are taking note of the emerging trend and have begun to roll out customizable software and products for navigating on-the-go.

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