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12.31.03 - 01.01.04 Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and yours wherever you might be located. Here is to health and happiness in 2004.

12.29.03-12.30.03 Privatization & Preventing Terror

The French government Thursday put into force a law that opens the way for it to give up its majority stake in France's national telecommunications operator France Telecom.

Three years after a truck driver slammed an 18-wheeler into California's state capitol building, lawmakers are considering a plan to link trucks carrying hazardous material to a satellite tracking system that would halt them if they were used in a terror attack.

12.27.03-12.28.03 PageGate v5.0 on the Horizon

NotePage's development team is hard at work on version 5.0 of PageGate, if you have feature enhancements or suggestions please send us a note.

12.25.03 - 12.26.03 Acquisitions & Mergers

Rumors abound that AT&T is talking with Verizon about an acquisition, this coming at a time when speculation is heard about a Nextel and Sprint relationship. The other odd rumor involves Nokia acquiring Fido, makes me wonder what is in store for 2004.

12.24.03 Its Not to Late & Cingular Merger

If you are looking for a last minute technical gift, consider purchasing software online. Most of the software sold online can be delivered electronically (including NotePage's software). The email keycodes can be sent directly from the developer to the recipient of the gift making the gift timely and unique!

Speculation exists that Cingular is considering a merger, more on this soon.

12.23.03 Terror Alert & Support

With the US Terror Alert being raised to level orange, police and security departments both public and private are using NotePage's software to notify staff of new security plans. During this time we make an extra effort to be responsive regarding technical questions or issues. Please assist us by providing as much detail as possible when calling, posting or sending a message.

12.20.03 - 12.22.03 ATT

We are still getting a fair number of inquiries from customers who are ATT users. This thread details ATT's dropping of the TAP access number and acurately reflects difficulties encountered:

12.17.03 & 12.18.03 Vodafone & Tones - Verizon & IM

Discovery Communications Inc. is moving into the mobile game with a new deal to bring ringtones and images spawned from its programming channels to Vodafone's Vodafone live! customers.

Instant messaging is a growing business, and Verizon Wireless wants to make sure it gets its share of the pie. The carrier has unveiled a new service for Get It Now customers that enables them to access MSN Messenger or AOL IM from their wireless handset.

12.16.03 SMS Marketing

In Europe there are a number of programs providing free sms service / messages to individuals in exchange for the ability to send them targeted advertisements via sms throughout the day. This marketing method has not been effective in the US, as many have just tuned out the ads. It will be interesting to see how this market evolves.

12.15.03 Mobile Users and Games

Cell phones are becoming the new handheld. Users are expanding their functionality. Not only are ringtones cool, but consumers are now discovering various mobile games for entertainment. The natural progression makes sense as games become smaller and multi-functional.

12.14.03 Email Notification on your Cell Phone

An option for people not wishing to receive the entire text of an emai on a cell phone, is to receive a numeric code indicating that new email has arrived. This is a great feature for sales staff on the rode. If they are waiting for the latest price list and they receive notification that the list has been sent, they can login to obtain their message without having to maintain an extended connection wondering if the price list has been sent.

12.13.03 Banking & Paging

Years ago when banks ran a batch an operator would be required to sit and watch to ensure there were no system glitches. Now with a combination of batch processing software from OSI and PageGate, financial institutions are able to start a batch and leave. If an error occurs during the running of the batch an alert will be sent to an individuals pager or cell phone notifying them of the problem. In the words of customers "this has modernized the banking industry for employees". Additional details on how different banks and financial institutions use software to alleviate issues can be found at:

Texas Bank
Cornell Fingerlakes Credit Union

the above white papers detail real world problems with real world solutions.

12.11.03 & 12.12.03 Motient

Motient Corp. is shedding some of its assets. The wireless data network operator has reached an asset purchase agreement with Nextel Communications Inc. to offload some of its radio spectrum.

12.10.03 Communication

Communication something that is nearly always lacking whether in personal relationships or business dealings, almost everyone has room to improve their communication skills. There are some great articles about improving your communication skills online.

12.09.03 Cell Phones and Teens

Most parents initial reaction to purchasing a 13 year old a cell phone brings an astounding "No". However, considering current events and today's society it makes sense to consider a cell phone. Most parents would prefer to have a child call and tell them they are running late, than to race home. The situations teenagers find themselves in may not always be places we want them to be, having a cell phone provides them a life line to adults and in some cases safety.

With the new pre-paid cellular plans it may not be so far fetched to provide a responsible teenager with a cellular phone and a limited service plan. Food for thought.... for those contemplating gifts for teenagers.

12.08.03 NRIC Meeting & Solar Winds

Leaders from the telecommunications, ISP, satellite and cable industries today held the final meeting of a two-year initiative designed to enhance the reliability and security of the nation's telecommunications networks in times of emergencies.

The council was formed after Sept. 11, 2001 to determine where communication improvements are needed.

NotePage is now working with SolarWinds Orion to provide notification in there latest network monitoring application. More and more developers are finding that it is easier to use NotePage's software for notification and alerting, allowing them to focus on optomizing their products performance. Details on additional benefits to integrating with NotePage can be found in the integration section.

12.05.03 RSS Feeds & Wireless Resource

Industry press releases and news is available in the following RSS feed from NotePage, Inc. Feel free to repost the feed information on related websites.

The Wireless Resource contains a wealth of industry related information, including industry publications, a glossary of telecom related terms and list of trade organizations.

Sprint has launched a new video mail program that allows video to be captured and sent from mobile phones to email. Whether the consumer public embraces this new method of communicating is unclear, there have been privacy and security concerns relating to small cameras, as many don't know they are being filmed, the fact that you could be videod (unknowingly) and almost instantly appear on the internet can be disconcerting to some.

12.04.03 Messaging Forum & SBC Communications
There is a new forum specifically for messaging related questions. Feel free to post your inquiries to messaging software's forum

It would appear that SBC and Yahoo have joined forces to provide DSL services through a network of 2000 retail stores. The idea is that the distribution agreements will help accelerate broadband adoption by making it more convenient for consumers to shop for and purchase SBC Yahoo! DSL. If their plan works SBC Communications will likely begin expanding their service offerings or providing bundles involving their telecom and paging products.

12.03.03 Support Tips

support tips
When sending a request into support its helpful to include the product name, version, operating system and a detailed description of the problem.

In addition the support form at is searchable and contains answers to commonly asked questions.

When importing from a standard access database format, fields can not be left blank or a null error will be received. Be sure to assign blank fields a value.

12.02.03 PSM Press Release

A press announcement detailing the latest features of Personal Stock Monitor and the new integration with NotePage has been posted.

A number of industries use NotePage's software in a variety of ways to send alerts. As a convenience a variety of white papers detailing how various companies use PageGate to address real world problems can be found in the solutions directory. Trauma teams are assembled when organs are located, newspapers are redelivered when found missing, the list goes on and on.

12.01.03 Personal Stock Monitor & Medical Reminders

Personal Stock Monitor v5.2 now supports integration with NotePager Pro. Stock and mutual fund alerts can now be sent to pagers and cell phones, if they raise or decrease to a specified level. Details can be found in the NotePage Personal Stock Monitor integration section.

medical reminders
Many pharmacies have expanded their revenue streams by offering a reminder service. They use PageGate to send alerts to patients reminding them to take their medicine or reminding them of scheduled medical appointments they have. Details on one company that provides such a service can be found in the whitepaper at Medicine Made Easy

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