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01/31/2007 Cell Phones Part of Life

Nguyen Huu Truc's trusty cell phone has revolutionized his small embroidery business — and his life.

When he bought his first mobile phone in 1995, Vietnam had just one fixed-line phone for every 100 people, and cell phones were a pricey novelty. Communication was difficult, forcing Truc to make time-consuming trips to suppliers and buyers.

But these days, Vietnam has 33 telephones per 100 people — and two-thirds of the phones are mobile. Now Truc can make calls on his cell phone from virtually anywhere in the country for about 10 cents a minute, saving him time and money and providing quicker access to information.

cell phones part of life

01/30/2007 Thief Returns Cell Phone Because of Text Messages

A Chinese thief has returned a mobile phone and thousands of yuan he stole from a woman after she sent him 21 touching text messages, Xinhua news agency said on Monday.

Pan Aiying, a teacher in the eastern province of Shandong, had her bag containing her mobile phone, bank cards and money snatched by a man riding a motorcycle as she cycled home on Friday, Xinhua said, citing the Qilu Evening News.

Pan first thought of calling the police but she decided to try to persuade the young man to return her bag.
She called her lost phone with her colleague's cell phone but was disconnected. Then she began sending text messages.

complete article

01/29/2007 Text Message Novel

A novel whose narrative consists entirely of mobile phone text messages has been published in Finland.

"The Last Messages" tells the story of a fictitious information-technology executive in Finland who resigns from his job and travels throughout Europe and India, keeping in touch with his friends and relatives only through text messages.

complete article

01/28/2007 2006 Cell Phone Shipments Top 1 Billion

Cell phone makers shipped more than 1 billion handsets for the first time in 2006, driven by a strong holiday season in which shipments rose nearly 20 percent to a record 295 million devices, the technology research firm IDC reported Thursday.

01/23/2007 RSS as a Communication Tool - New Software for Businesses

NotePage is pleased to announce a new release of FeedForAll. FeedForAll is software that allows webmasters and publishers to create, edit and publish: RSS feeds, podcasts, and video podcasts.

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, a standard for Internet content syndication. FeedForAll enables users of all abilities to develop personalized RSS feeds, podcasts and videocasts.

The newest version of FeedForAll includes a built in validator, advanced publishing features, and full support for RSS extensions including : Apple iTunes, Dublin Core, Content and Syndication. FeedForAll's integrated support for Apple iTunes allows publishers to easily create an audio podcast or video podcast that can be added to Apple's popular iTunes Music Store. FeedForAll's extension support for all RSS namespaces makes RSS feed expansion a snap for webmasters and publishers.

FeedForAll's new release now supports unified publishing, making it easy for users to upload any audio, video or images associated with their RSS feed, podcast, or videocast.

FeedForAll can be used to create and maintain an unlimited number of RSS feeds and podcasts, making it easy for users to maintain and distribute multiple streams of content simultaneously. Existing RSS feeds that are improperly formatted are automatically repaired by FeedForAll, ensuring that all feeds used with FeedForAll conform to the RSS specification.

FeedForAll's built-in wizard helps users efficiently create and maintain RSS feeds. The wizard's new extended support walks users through the creation of various RSS feeds types including podcasts for the iTunes Music Store.

The new enhanced WYSWIG HTML editor allows content publishers to personalize feeds with images and enhance the appearance of the RSS feed's text. Integrated tools like live spell checking, image and link support delivers a powerful tool for both webmasters and content publishers.

FeedForAll requires Windows 2000 or newer and 20 Mb of free hard disk space. FeedForAll costs $39.95, and may be purchased securely online at

As an added benefit, registration for FeedForAll or FeedForAll Mac provides publishers complimentary access to the RSS Scripts directory, that contains powerful PHP scripts for managing and manipulating RSS feeds. You can download a free fully-functional 30-day trial of FeedForAll from the same web address.

01/22/2007 More Motorola Layoffs Planned

Motorola Inc., the world's second-largest mobile phone maker, announced 3,500 job cuts after reporting a sharp fall in earnings due to an industry price war.

The US company's revenues surged by 17 percent to a record 11.8 billion dollars in the fourth quarter through December, thanks to robust worldwide demand for the latest cellphones.

But its net profits slumped 48 percent to 624 million dollars, as the company was forced to slash prices to keep up with competition for share of a market that is dominated by Nokia.

01/22/2007 Cellular Price Cuts Hitting New Models

The wave of cell phone price cuts already has hit Research in Motion's newest BlackBerry model, the Pearl.

T-Mobile USA slashed its Pearl price from $199 to $149 this month. The move matches recent Pearl price cuts from Verizon Wireless and RadioShack.

01/21/2007 Smelly Phones Premier in Japan

Apple is not the only kit maker causing waves with its latest device. Japanese mobile giant NTT DoCoMo has launched handsets promising scents and a double screen.

The DoCoMo mobile smelly phone is the SO703i from Sony Ericsson, which uses scented sheets that produce an aroma when the device is opened.

complete article

01/20/2007 Cell Phones Are Dirtier than Shoes

The irradiated warmth of a cellphone's interior is a vile, germ-infested bath loaded with more pathogens than any surface in your home, according to a study conducted by cell phone retailer Dial-a-Phone.

Dial-a-phone swabbed everyday household objects from toilet seats (which are actually very clean) to keyboards and the bottoms of shoes (which are not.) The results indicate that every time you heft that slab of plastic and silicon to your head, you're not only risking a Scanners-like explosive demise, but a genuine risk of illness.

Cell Phones Dirtier than Shoes

01/17/2007 US Man Burned By Mobile Phone

A US man has been badly burned in a fire resulting from a spontaneously-combusting mobile phone.

Tweedy confirmed that "from the burn patterns on Picaso's clothes and body, it was clear the fire began in the right front pocket of his polyester-blend slacks". He elaborated: "There were no matches. There were no lighters. He wasn't smoking. The only source was the phone that was in his pocket. I know he didn't spontaneously combust."

complete article

01/16/2007 AT&T to Rebrand Cingular

AT&T Inc.'s planned rebranding of Cingular Wireless cellphone service under the AT&T name - not AT&T Wireless - is slated to start next week with a multimedia ad campaign announcing what's expected to be a multi-month transition.

01/16/2007 Land Line Phone Carriers Fighting Back

If you're ditching your home phone to go wireless only, your local phone company has your number. The problem, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile say, is the local phone giants don't want to give that number up.

In a recent petition to the Federal Communications Commission, the two cellphone carriers say local phone companies are making it difficult for consumers to transfer land-line numbers to wireless phones. And they say that's dissuading many people from using mobile phones exclusively.

complete article

01/15/2007 3,000 Nuisance Text Messages = $256

A court has ordered a Chinese production company to pay $256 to a man who received over 3,000 text messages after his phone number was used in a TV show.

complete article

01/09/2007 Live Mobile Television

Verizon Wireless, said on Sunday it would bring live television to its handsets this quarter using a network run by Qualcomm Inc., as it seeks new revenue beyond phone calls.

01/09/2007 Nokia Numbers

Nokia said yesterday that it had sold close to 40 million multimedia phones in 2006 and nearly 70 million music phones.

01/08/2007 Skinny Handset

The largest cell phone maker, Nokia, unveiled slim new multimedia handsets at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in an answer to stiff competition from rivals such as Motorola.

01/09/2007 Nokia Heading to WiMax

Nokia will provide wireless network infrastructure and develop WiMax-enabled mobile devices, including multimedia computers and Internet tablets.

01/08/2007 Cingular Raises Pay-As-You-Go Rates

Cingular Wireless is raising the text messaging rate for customers without a monthly texting plan to 15 cents per message sent or received, an increase of 5 cents.

The increase comes two months after an identical move by Sprint Nextel Corp., which also raised the rate for pay-as-you-go texting from 10 cents to 15 cents per message.

complete article

01/08/2007 Motorola Cuts Views

Motorola Inc., the world's No. 2 maker of cell phones, lowered its forecast for quarterly results on Thursday due to a shortfall at its mobile devices unit.

The earnings warning made late on Thursday fell far below Wall Street expectations and could be the result of a fiercer price contest between Motorola and its larger rival,
complete article

01/02/2007 Cell Phones Test Intoxication

Japanese drivers wondering whether they had too much to drink can now seek advice from their mobile telephones.Japan's second largest mobile operator KDDI Corp. has helped develop a combined breathilizer and telephone that will let bus and taxi companies know if their drivers can take the wheel.

complete article

01/02/2007 Cabs to Test Cell Signal Strength

Ever wanted to stuff that "Can you hear me now?" guy into the trunk of your car and take him on a tour of those maddening spots where your cell phone won't work? One telecommunications company has a plan to do the mechanical equivalent.

complete story

01/01/2007 FCC Aproved AT&T and BellSouth Merger

Yesterday afternoon, the FCC voted to approve the massive AT&T and BellSouth merger. The vote came only after AT&T offered a range of additional conditions meant to satisfy the Democratic commissioners.

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