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08.31.04 Mobile Software Defect Causes Ear Injuries

It probably will come as no surprise that some people feel that mobile phones are hazardous to health. Specialists have been warning of electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices with increasing frequency, but the latest warning surprised many.

Siemens warned recently of a software defect in a range of mobile phones that could cause hearing damage. In a laboratory test, company researchers discovered that when batteries in this series run down during a call, the disconnection warning tune can possibly play extremely loud. Siemens says an injury can only happen if users hold the device directly to their ear while the tune is playing. Siemens says a patch to fix the problem will be available for download on the company's Web site in the coming weeks.

08.30.04 PageGate and HP OpenView

PageGate for HP OpenView integrates with network monitoring software, notifying the network administrator should their be a network anomaly or problem. Error messages can be forwarded directly to pagers or cell phones.

08.28.04 Vonage Gets Venture Capital

VoIP, voice over IP, upstart Vonage has quickly amassed another $105 million from venture capitalists and is looking to Latin America and Asia to accelerate an already torrid growth rate. For most of its existence, Vonage founder Jeff Citron, a serial entrepreneur who previously ran online brokerage Datek, has bankrolled the company. But investors have taken notice, pumping $200 million into Vonage's coffers in four rounds. And New Enterprise Associates re-upped its commitment to Vonage, contributing another $40 million. more

08.27.04 Verizon Wireless And Sorrent Launch First Wireless Multiplayer 5-Card Draw Poker Game

Verizon Wireless, the nation's leading wireless service provider, and Sorrent Inc., a leading creator and global publisher of mobile entertainment, today announced the availability of 5-Card Draw Poker on Verizon Wireless' Get It Now service. Following the growing poker trend, 5-Card Draw Poker is North America's first multiplayer draw poker game for wireless phones, allowing Verizon Wireless Get It Now customers to wirelessly join tables of up to four players.

5-Card Draw Poker includes both single player and multiplayer modes, and offers customers several other features.

08.26.04 WebCam Virus Invades Homes

Ever get the feeling you are being watched? That may no longer just be paranoia. A variant of the Rbot worm is able to take over users’ web cams and use them to spy on unsuspecting computer owners.

For those who have the virus, they may be unaware their every move could be being tracked by remote hackers. An infected Webcam may show an "active light" when it's being used but for Webcams without such light, there's no giveaway the hacker is watching.

08.25.04 Cingular Wireless And AT&T Wireless Customers Capture And Share Special Moments

Two leading wireless carriers, AT&T Wireless and Cingular Wireless, announced the first agreement to offer intercarrier Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

Starting yesterday, Cingular and AT&T Wireless customers can share multimedia messages with each other from their wireless phones. As a result of this agreement, AT&T Wireless and Cingular customers can now send and receive messages that include text, photos, animated graphics, voice messages, music, and video clips with each other using the MMS feature of their phones -- quickly and conveniently. Integrated camera phones with MMS allow customers to capture unexpected moments and share them instantly with another compatible mobile phone or any email address.

With the growing popularity of camera phones and MMS-capable devices, the companies believe that this move will mark the beginning of a much broader industry trend. Both companies cite cross-carrier text messaging as a major reason for the explosive growth in text messaging over the past two years, and they view cross-carrier MMS as an essential element for widespread adoption of this service as well.

08.24.04 GetWeb Installation Details for PageGate; Send Text Messages from Web Pages.

We've recently added step by step instructions detailing how to install the PageGate GetWeb interface to the support section of NotePage's website.

The Getweb interface allows users to send text messages to pagers and cell phones from an Internet or intranet web page.

08.23.04 How PageGate is used at Universities

PageGate can be integrated with existing applications to add messaging or paging functionality to existing software. The most common use is to monitor networks and notify administrators of outages or network problem or security problems. This allows tech support and maintenance staff to work remotely about the campus. Messages can be sent from workstations on a network, or customers can send messages to agents via web pages or e-mail accounts. This software is modular and can be scaled to meet the size of the University.

08.21.04 Applachian Wireless TAP numbers

We recently added a large collection of TAP numbers for Applachian Wireless to the TAP number database. If you are aware of numbers for other local carriers please contact us. We make every effort to keep the database of TAP phone numbers up to date.

08.20.04 AT&T Wireless Clarification

A few days ago, we mentioned that AT&T had made SNPP and WCTP available to Enterprise clients. We have begun working with AT&T to test PageGate with their new network protocols. AT&T mentioned that these protocols are now available to ANY AT&T wireless subscriber. TAP is also supported but it is limited to 160 characters and only local numbers are provided. TAP is intended to only be used as a fallback to SNPP and WCTP. Additional details at

08.19.04 Limitations to Free SMS Software

As many of you are aware NotePager 32 is free, free to download, free to give to your friends, and free to use forever. The limitations are that the text messages can only be sent out via modem, this is the old traditional way of sending text messages to phones and pagers. If your carrier supports the newer protocols utilizing an internet connection you cannot use NotePager 32. In order to send messages using any protocol other than TAP (through the modem) you will need to upgrade to NotePager Pro. NotePager Pro allows for messages to be sent out to multiple carriers through both the Internet and/or a modem.

08.18.04 Sprint Supports Streaming Video and Multi Media

Sprint PCS launched a new multimedia messaging (MMS) and content service that will transmit more than 600 streaming audio and video clips per day. The service, called Sprint TV, features video streaming at 15-frames-per second and will be available only to Vision subscribers who use the Samsung MM-A700 handset. A basic package is available for $10 per month with four channels of content, including sports highlights and movie previews. Premium mobile channels featuring content from CNN, Fox Sports, and The Weather Channel will be available for $4 to $5 each per channel per month.

08.17.04 Sponsored Wireless Sites

NotePage advocates wireless connectivity and as a result sponsors a number of handheld sites. Palm sites we recommend are:

Palm Software -
Free Palm Software -

08.16.04 Sprint Guarantees Service

Sprint announced that will offer partial refunds to new wireless corporate subscribers if they report poor quality of service. Under a new program, corporate subscribers can monitor the quality of Sprint's network using a special Web site. If they report consistently poor service, business subscribers are entitled to a refund of up to 30 percent. Customers can request a 10 percent refund of charges for each of the following issues: if more than 2 percent of calls made within Sprint's coverage area don't connect; if more than 2 percent of completed calls are involuntarily disconnected; or if the carrier's network is not available 99.9 percent of the time.

08.13.04 Olympic Golds for Wireless Companies

Fans of the U.S. Olympic Team can stay abreast of the athletes in Athens via their wireless handsets through several new agreements between carriers, content providers and news services. From the Opening Ceremonies Friday night through the Closing Ceremonies Aug. 29, mobile users will have access to an unprecedented supply of Olympic news and entertainment content.

Italian content provider Acotel Group has partnered with the Associated Press to offer breaking news, previews, images and audio clips from the Athens Games. The service, is available to subscribers of all major U.S. carriers.

08.12.04 AT&T Enterprise Services

AT&T has added WCTP and SNPP access. This service is only available to Enterprise level clients. If you wish to utilize SNPP or WCTP you must be an enterprise clients.(There is an additional charge for this service sign up at )

The settings for AT&T Enterprise Clients are as follows:

SNPP: port 444 (300 Character Limit)
WCTP: (300 Character Limit)
SMTP: (300 Character Limit)

08.11.04 NotePage's News

Read the latest NotePage's news. It includes information on new integrations, TAP numbers, and the latest cellular articles. PageGate version 5 is due out in the near future if you are interested in beta testing please contact us!

08.09.04 - 08.10.04 FCC Bans Mobile Spam

The US Federal Communications Commission voted on August 4, 2004 to outlaw all unauthorized text messages to mobile phones and pagers unless the owner has given permission.

Violators of the FCC regulations would be subject to penalties under CAN-SPAM, which allows fines of up to US$6 million and up to a year in jail for some spamming activities.

Violators of the FCC regulations would be subject to penalties under CAN-SPAM, which allows fines of up to US$6 million and up to a year in jail for some spamming activities.

More on Mobile Spam

08.07.04 - 08.08.04 Personal Stock Streamer

NotePage is pleased to announce the integration with Personal Stock Streamer. Personal Stock Streamer is a desktop companion for online investors. It receives real-time streaming quotes from featured data services, organizes them into convenient views, and displays them in a scrolling desktop ticker bar. When you're at your desk, minimize Personal Stock Streamer's main window and let it work for you in the background. It will automatically inform you of events you're interested in based on rules you set, and it can even page you if you're away from your desk! Personal Stock Streamer includes a Quick Start Wizard and a Tour guide to get you up and running tracking your favorite stocks, funds, options or indexes in just a few minutes. Advanced charting includes end of day and streaming intraday charts with technical analysis. Set up multiple chart profiles with all your favorite indicators and switch between them at will! Use the built-in portfolio manager to automatically track the value of your holdings to show you how the days events are affecting your investments. An included asset allocation graph lets you see where your money is working for you. Internet bookmarks allow you keep pointers to key articles close by. monitoring your investments online much easier.

For beginners and professionals alike, Personal Stock Streamer makes monitoring your investments online much easier. Realtime quotes charts your online trading site, and many other useful features like stock alerts, makes Personal Stock Streamer an invaluable addition to your investment strategy.

08.05.04 - 08.06.04 NotePage News

NotePage periodically sends out an email newsletter with industry news, product updates, information on integration partners, beta releases and software tips. If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter please send an email to with 'subscribe' as the subject line.

08.04.04 Email Filtering and Alerts Sent to Cell Phones - Intro to Advanced Email Parser

With AEP, you won't have to process incoming mail manually any more, whatever number of mailboxes you have. Just imagine that you don't need to collect information from the reports sent to you and to import it to another application or database any more -- now, AEP is at your disposal to do the job for you.

AEP can be used to do the following jobs automatically: processing of order forms received via e-mail, sending replies to clients, filling order databases, processing new orders, sorting and redirecting e-mail message flows, compiling mailing lists, maintaining statistics of any kind, creating automatic answering services, mail robots, saving back-up copies of important messages. Also, AEP can be used as intellectual email autoresponder or message parser.

By using Advanced Email Parser in conjunction with NotePage's software individuals can set certain rules, and based on those rules email can be directed to an individuals pager or cell phone. more on the AEP integration!

08.02.04 - 08.03.04 Blackberry is Built-In

Through the Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry Built-In licensing program, Siemens was able to design a mobile phone with access to e-mail, calendar and corporate data. The handset supports synchronization with e-mail programs such as MS Outlook and Lotus Notes. "The steadily growing demand for unified communication solutions will dramatically boost the need for phones that utilize a broad range of office functionalities with convenient access to e-mail," Lothar Pauly, CEO of Siemens Communications Group, said during a press conference in London.

07.31.04 - 08.01.04 New SNPP Settings Added

We've recently added a number of SNPP addresses in the support section. The most recent addition is PagePlus / Mobilecomm Ohio which has just recently added SNPP as a delivery option.

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