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02/27/2007 Wireless US

One-third of U.S. Internet users have connected to the Web using a wireless network to send e-mails, check the latest news or read other things, according to a survey released on Sunday by the Pew Internet Project.

02/26/2007 Mystery Cell Phone Charges

Cell phone companies and third-party vendors, eager to pry more money from subscribers' wallets, are marketing extra services like ringtones, games, music, and more. But an increasingly angry chorus of cell phone customers complain that they're getting mysterious bills for monthly services that they did not intend to sign up for, and that then take months to cancel.

Customers are also upset about paying for spam text messages to their phones. And lawsuits and consumer groups are targeting the huge early termination fees most companies charge and the seeming myriad of taxes that can make up as much as a fifth of monthly phone bills.

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02/20/2007 Private Mobile Networks

The UK and US armed forces are trialling private mobile GSM networks. The system allows two armed forces to communicate with remote bases.

Additional Details

02/20/2007 New Cell Phones with Breathalyzer

From a cell phone with just six buttons to one that lets users dictate text messages and another that delivers the results of a breathalyzer test, mobile handset makers put their most eye-catching gadgets on display at this week's wireless industry conference.

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02/20/2007 Wireless Carriers Causing Industry Stagnation

In a report on the wireless industry released on Thursday, Columbia law professor Tim Wu argues that domineering wireless carriers are hindering innovation, to the detriment of consumers.

In the wired world, Wu says, the policies of mobile carriers "would, in some cases, be considered simply misguided, and in other cases be considered outrageous and perhaps illegal."

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02/20/2007 China and SMS

China's cellular operators estimate Chinese customers will send around 14 billion Lunar New Year text messages on their mobile phones during the week-long holiday, the Xinhua news agency said on Monday.

China SMS

02/19/2007 Deaf Signing Over Video Handsets

Deaf people could soon be using video mobiles to chat with their friends using sign language. Video compression tools made by US researchers make it possible to send live pictures of people signing across low bandwidth mobile networks.

Deaf Signing over Video Handsets

02/15/2007 Cellular Wallets

People already use their cellphones to surf the Web, take photos and text message - besides making calls. Now, a growing number of banks are also letting them pay bills and transfer money through their cellphones.

02/14/2007 Valentines Day Discount on SMS and Paging Software

Valentines Day Sale

We are running a one day only sale for Valentines Day. Customers can receive a $ 5.00 discount on NotePager Pro. Simply enter the coupon code valentines when purchasing and receive the discount.

This offer will expire at 12:00 PM on February 14th so do not delay in purchasing!

02/11/2007 Nefarious Cellular Use

Jealous teenagers often use cell phones and computers to harass and control their romantic partners, and most victims of the abuse are reluctant to discuss it with their parents, a survey showed on Thursday.

02/05/2007 Audio Recording and Editing Software

While this is not specifically related to text messaging. We wanted to let you know of a new application that NotePage has released.

NotePage, Inc. has  release of RecordForAll, audio recording and editing software designed specifically for podcasters. With RecordForAll, podcasters have the ability to record new audio files from scratch, or edit and enhance existing audio files.

Podcasts have evolved into a popular means for individuals and companies to expand their reach and improve communications by creating portable on-demand broadcasts.

One click audio recording easily records voices, music and other sounds. RecordForAll has reduced the learning curve, making audio recording easy even for beginners. RecordForAll allows podcasters to layer, synchronize and transition multiple audio tracks. Podcasters can now easily create transitional effects between show segments or insert advertisements into their podcasts. Existing audio files can also be imported into RecordForAll for editing. RecordForAll even has built-in filtering that helps eliminate extraneous background noises and distortions.

Simply put, RecordForAll is an all-in-one recording studio that assists users in recording, editing and mixing their podcasts, resulting in a professional podcast, even for beginners.

RecordForAll can be used in conjunction with FeedForAll, an easy to use RSS feed creation software, to publish all kinds of podcasts, including podcasts that are compatible with the iTunes Music Store.

Additional information and an evaluation download is available from RecordForAll .

02/05/2007 Maine Considers Restrictions on Text Messaging Between Lawmakers and Lobbyists

Wary of lobbyists calling signals from the sidelines, Maine is taking steps to ban text messages and e-mails to lawmakers in session as it becomes the latest state to address the ever-expanding use of electronic communications in statehouses.

Maine's proposed House of Representatives rule seeks to prevent abuse of "secret, instant communications" by lobbyists who closely monitor actions by legislators in session, said the sponsor, state Rep. Herbert Adams. Maine's proposed rule is one of farthest-reaching in the country, he said.

complete article

01/31/2007 Cell Phones Part of Life

Nguyen Huu Truc's trusty cell phone has revolutionized his small embroidery business — and his life.

When he bought his first mobile phone in 1995, Vietnam had just one fixed-line phone for every 100 people, and cell phones were a pricey novelty. Communication was difficult, forcing Truc to make time-consuming trips to suppliers and buyers.

But these days, Vietnam has 33 telephones per 100 people — and two-thirds of the phones are mobile. Now Truc can make calls on his cell phone from virtually anywhere in the country for about 10 cents a minute, saving him time and money and providing quicker access to information.

cell phones part of life

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