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02/12/2009 Mobile Phone and Fingerprints

Mexico will start a national register of mobile phone users that will include fingerprinting all customers in an effort to catch criminals who use the devices to extort money and negotiate kidnapping ransoms.

Under a new law published on Monday and due to be in force in April, mobile phone companies will have a year to build up a database of their clients, complete with fingerprints. The idea would be to match calls and messages to the phones owners.

Hundreds of people are kidnapped in Mexico every year and the number of victims is rising sharply as drug gangs, under pressure from an army crackdown, seek new income.

02/05/2009 Wonder What Privacy Experts Will Say - New Meaning to Big Brother is Watching

U.S. Internet search company Google Inc released software on Wednesday that allows users of mobile phones and other wireless devices to automatically share their whereabouts with family and friends.

Users in 27 countries will be able to broadcast their location to others constantly, using Google Latitude. Controls allow users to select who receives the information or to go offline at any time, Google said on its Web site.

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02/04/2009 Cost Cutting Cell Phone Measures

Consumer Action identified five ways that consumers often inadvertently spend too much money on cell-phone service.

1. Early Termination Fees
2. When you buy a new phone, perhaps because an old one was lost or stolen, operators typically they are required to start a new contract.
3. Some operators charge $.40 to $.45 per minute for calls that surpass a users monthly allotment for a postpaid plan.
4. Excessive text messaging charges.

02/03/2009 Nokia Fighting with Finland

Mobile phone giant Nokia threatened to leave its native Finland if a change to laws blocking companies from monitoring employee emails was not introduced, a respected Finnish newspaper said Sunday.

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01/26/2009 Inaugural Cell Phone Coverage

The history-making inauguration of President Barack Obama also was a cell-phone test. Wireless networks braced for an onslaught of photos, text messages, video and voice communications from the millions of people attending the inauguration.

Initial reports were that cell phones in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area were buckling under the strain, with some voice communications having trouble getting through, although text messages were doing fine.

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01/20/2009 Driving and Cell Phones

Many parents would love to be able to give their teenagers a cell phone that could not be used while driving. Now some inventors say they have come up with ways to make that possible, but they appear to be relying on wishful thinking.

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