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08/31/2005 ITunes Music Phone Set to Launch

A long-delayed cell phone from Apple Computer Inc. and Motorola Inc. that can play iTunes music downloads is finally set to debut through Cingular Wireless, a research analyst said.

The new phone will be equipped with software that would allow it to play songs purchased at Apple's iTunes Web site, according to Roger Entner, an analyst for research firm Ovum who said he learned of the plans from an industry executive.

08/30/2005 U.S. Cellular Offers Downloads in Spanish

U.S. Cellular and Univision Movil, an offshoot of Univision Online, announced this week a partnership to extend service to Hispanic cell phone users by offering expanded multimedia content and wireless services in Spanish.

The newly added Spanish content is available through U.S. Cellular Corporation's easyedge suite of data applications and can be downloaded directly to the consumer's wireless device.

08/30/2005 Cell Signal-jamming Firm Seeks Relaxation of Jamming Laws

A company that makes cell phone jamming equipment is asking U.S. lawmakers to change federal laws to allow broader use of jamming equipment by law enforcement officials in the United States.

Howard Melamed, CEO of CellAntenna Corp., said the change is needed to address the threat of cell phones being used as detonation devices for improvised explosive bombs in the U.S.

In a statement Monday, CellAntenna urged lawmakers "to adopt measures that allow for the use of jamming equipment by police and federal law enforcement officials.” Also in the statement, Melamed further described the legalization of cellular jamming is “the first step in preventing an IED attack in the United States.”

08/30/2005 Storm Hampers Long-Distance, Cell Services in Gulf

Cell phone service was spotty and long-distance callers met busy signals on Monday as Hurricane Katrina knocked out key telecommunications hubs along the Gulf Coast.

Most long-distance and cellular providers reported trouble, while the dominant local phone provider for the hurricane zone, BellSouth Corp., did not immediately quantify the extent of storm-related service disruptions.

Sprint Nextel Corp.'s long-distance switch in New Orleans failed soon after the storm hit, meaning no long distance call could be placed into or out of the area, said company spokesman Charles Fleckenstein. Customers who tried got busy signals or recordings informing them that all circuits are busy, he said.

He attributed troubles to flooding and power loss.

08/30/2005 Sprint Nextel may buy two affiliates

Sprint Nextel Corp. (NYSE:S - news) is close to buying two of its small wireless affiliates for a combined price of about $700 million, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

Citing people familiar with the situation, the newspaper said the third largest U.S. wireless company was near to a purchase agreement with IWO Holdings Inc., an Albany, New York wireless operator with 237,000 subscribers, for about $400 million.

It also was close to a $288 million acquisition of Gulf Coast Wireless, a closely held company based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with some 93,000 subscribers, the Journal said.

08/29/2005 Cell Phone Service Coming to New York Subways?

New York this week started seeking bids to extend cellular phone service to its subway system, the New York Times reported Thursday.

The Times reported that all four national cellular operators -- Cingular, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile -- are among the vendors considering submitting bids for a system that will provide service in 277 or New York's 468 subway stations. The bids are due October 12.

08/29/2005 Cell Phone 'Most Indispensable' Tool For Financial Execs

A survey released Friday found that cell phones remain the most indispensable tool for financial executives, although a small minority found their music players more important.

About 44 percent of the 1400 chief financial officers (CFOs) participating in the survey said their cell phones were the most important portable technology they use. The survey was conducted by Robert Half Management Resources, a specialized staffing firm.

08/29/2005 Software Will Play Podcasts On Cell Phones

Dial-a-pod service gets something new to offer alongside ring tones and wallpaper.

Mobile software vendor Melodeo said Friday it is developing software that will locate and download podcasts to cell phones.
The company said its Mobilcast software can be added to cell phones, although it did not say which phones would be supported.

"The mobile phone is the perfect tool for finding and listening to Podcasts," Don Davidge, the company's senior vice president of sales, said in a statement.

08/30/2005 Hampster Powered Cell Phones

Peter Ash, 16, from Somerset, realised that Elvis's fave activity of playing on his wheel could be used to create electricity to charge his mobile.

As part of his GCSE coursework, he created a device where he gets 30 minutes of talk time for every two minutes that Elvis goes for a spin.

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08/26/2005 LaundryView Sends Dirty Clothes Status To Cell Phones

In the old days, you put your dirty clothes in a washer or dryer, then came back a while later to see if they were done. That uncertainty is becoming a thing of the past as a vendor announced Thursday that its coin-operated washer and dryers installed on college campuses are getting Internet connections.
Mac-Gray, which claims to be the biggest supplier of coin and card-operated laundry facilities on college campuses, said it has launched LaundryView, which enables users of its facilities to check on the status of their clothes via their cell phones, PDAs or Wi-Fi enabled laptops.

In a statement, the company said LaundryView "provides a way for college students to communicate with washers and dryers in campus laundry rooms."

08/26/2005 Cell Phones Will Let Parents Monitor Kids

Motorola Inc., the world's third-largest mobile phone manufacturer, plans to make phones that would let parents monitor their children's whereabouts and censor obscene content, Chairman and CEO Edward Zander said.

While parents need to adapt to the emerging youth culture surrounding mobile phones, adults are right to be concerned about what their kids are listening to, watching and reading, he said.

To meet those concerns, the Schaumburg, Ill.-based company is planning models that would inform parents of their children's whereabouts and carry censorship software, he said.

08/24/2005 Companies Offer Cell-Phone Comics in Japan

Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. will almost triple the number of comic books it formats for viewing on cell phones in a move that will make it the No. 1 provider of popular Japanese "manga" comics for cell phones, a company official said Monday.

The Sony Corp. unit will increase the number of titles it offers to 300 over the next year.

08/23/2005 Cell Towers Hit 'Not In My Back Yard' Syndrome

After two years of boisterous meetings and litigation, the 150-member Southampton Presbyterian Church surrounded by closely-spaced red-brick homes is at odds with its neighbors over an issue that has nothing to do with theology.

T-Mobile plans to construct a cell phone antenna along the chimney of the two-story, 89-year-old white-stone building. In return, the company will pay rent to the church.

08/23/2005 Indonesia launches text message hotline to keep tabs on disease

Indonesia's health ministry launched a hotline to let the public report disease outbreaks and lodge complaints about health care using mobile phone text messages (SMS), a report said.

Health minister Siti Fadillah Supari admitted that her ministry had been slow in tackling some outbreaks of disease as it took time to get information about them, according to the state Antara news agency.

Indonesia, where mobile phone usage is skyrocketing, is in the midst of a struggle to halt outbreaks of polio, bird flu and dengue fever.

"With this SMS service, we hope that the health ministry will not be less informed than journalists," Supari was quoted as saying.

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08/22/2005 Debate Over Cell Phone Towers Growing

After two years of boisterous meetings and litigation, the 150-member Southampton Presbyterian Church surrounded by closely-spaced red-brick homes is at odds with its neighbors over an issue that has nothing to do with theology.

T-Mobile plans to construct a cell phone antenna along the chimney of the two-story, 89-year-old white-stone building. In return, the company will pay rent to the church.

"That revenue is in exchange for our potential well-being, our peace of mind and our property values," said David O'Brien, 33, who lives two homes down and remains unconvinced by studies downplaying the health threat of low-level radio-frequency emissions.

08/22/2005 Nokia Says No Deal With Apple on New Music Phone

Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia said on Thursday it had no agreement with Apple Computer Inc. for the iTunes music service to be included on its upcoming N91 multimedia phone.
But Nokia said that because of the design of the new N-series phones, software developers could readily produce programs to allow the gadgets to use services like iTunes.

08/22/2005 Listen to Podcasts on Cell Phones

Mobile software vendor Melodeo said Friday it is developing software that will locate and download podcasts to cell phones.
The company said its Mobilcast software can be added to cell phones, although it did not say which phones would be supported.

"The mobile phone is the perfect tool for finding and listening to Podcasts," Don Davidge, the company's senior vice president of sales, said in a statement.

According to a demonstration on the company's Web site, the software will connect to a server and look for updated podcasts. The software will display all available podcasts and the user can select the one he or she wants. The company's Web site said the Mobilcast software will be available in September.

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08/17/2005 Sprint cell phones to ring with NFL content

What do football fans and cell phones have in common? Lots, if you happen to be a Sprint (S) customer.

Starting this fall, Sprint subscribers can use their cell phones to gain access to a range of exclusive content from the National Football League.

Offerings will run the gamut, from instant game highlights to customized statistics, live video feeds and archival material from the NFL's video library.

08/17/2005 Cell Phone ICE

In case of emergency, put your cell on ICE!

A movement is underway to turn the ubiquitous cell phone into a source of information for paramedics and other emergency personnel responding to accidents, crimes and disasters.

A British paramedic came up with the idea of asking cell phone users to input an entry into their cellular phonebook called ICE for "in case of emergency." Accompanying that acronym would be the name and phone numbers of the person who should be called if something has happened to the owner of the phone.

08/15/2005 Music Phones Competing with iPod

Music Phones are said not to measure up to the iPod.

The first-generation of music phones lack the sound quality and ease of use to take on Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod, the market-leading digital music player, a research firm said Thursday.

Strategy Analytics compared the four most advanced music phones in the United Kingdom and Europe with the iPod. High-speed wireless networks in the United States lag behind Europe, and are not yet ready to handle a mass market of music downloads. Therefore, it made more sense to do the comparison first across the Atlantic, the research firm said.

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08/12/2005 Cell Phone Bells Not Happy Sound for Many

The complaints are familiar and frequent: People on cell phones talk too loud, they use them at inappropriate times, and they just don't seem to care if they are bothering anyone.

The horror stories are famous too. Cell phones at funerals. Cell phones at weddings. Cell phones in class. And of course, cell phones in restaurants.

President Bush has a well-known low cell phone tolerance. He gives a withering evil eye to those whose cell phones ring during his public appearances.

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08/11/2005 Opera Mobile Browser

Opera Software ASA on Wednesday announced a new version of its Internet browser that allows Web surfing from almost any mobile phone, even inexpensive ones with little built-in memory.

Accessing the Internet has largely been restricted to higher-end mobile phones with the memory capacity to run a browser.

The Oslo-based company said its new Opera Mini browser can allow surfing from 700 million low-to-medium cost phones without space for a traditional browser.

08/11/2005 In-Flight Cell-Phone Use Closer To Technical Feasibility

As the debate about whether to allow cell-phone use on airplanes rages on, technology providers continue to make progress on systems that will enable in-air conversations in the near future as airlines brace for the eventuality of in-flight phone use.

Last week, Qualcomm Inc. and Connexion, the Boeing Co. unit that sells a system for in-flight Internet connectivity, successfully tested cell-phone standards on a Boeing 737 by using a small in-cabin cellular base station called a "pico cell" to connect the signal to an air-to-ground satellite link.

08/11/2005 New Sprint Nextel will focus on 3rd screen

Sprint and Nextel have a game plan for the future, and it's not what you might think. The playbook goes like this: Merge the two companies to create a wireless giant, then transform the combined company - yet again - into a broadband Bigfoot that can compete head-on with Verizon and SBC Communications.

No kidding.

"It's all about the third screen," says Sprint CEO Gary Forsee, referring to the pint-sized video screens on wireless phones that are fast becoming ubiquitous.

08/10/2005 Cisco Mulls Acquiring Nokia

Cisco Systems is said to be mulling buying Nokia, the world's largest wireless handset maker, according to a report in the U.K.-based Sunday Business newspaper this weekend.

The newspaper reported that Cisco was interested in merging with a wireless infrastructure company, and that "Nokia has been identified as the most likely target."

08/09/2005 Rogers Wireless's new Firefly mobile phone aimed at pre-teen market

Rogers Wireless said Monday it is introducing a cellular phone aimed at the pre-teen market and at parents concerned about keeping in touch and keeping a lid on phone bills.

08/09/2005 Nokia Unveils Search Software For Smartphones

Nokia Monday unveiled free software to enable users of its smartphones to search the Web using commercial search services.

So far, the software works with Yahoo!, as well as British and Scandinavian search engines such as Eniro and The software will eventually be included with a number of Nokia smartphones, including the Nokia 6680, 6681 and 6630.

08/09/2005 Qualcomm, Boeing Test In-Flight Cell Phone, Data Service

Qualcomm and Connexion, the Boeing Company's in-flight service provider, announced Monday that they have successfully tested CDMA and GSM standards in Connexion One, a Boeing 737 aircraft.

Voice calls were made over GSM and CDMA2000, the firms said, adding that data tests were conducted over CDMA2000 1X and CDMA2000 1xEV-DO. UTStarcom provided on-board infrastructure and integration support.

08/08/2005 FCC Eases High-Speed Internet Rules

Federal regulators on Friday eased rules governing high-speed Internet services offered by phone companies, saying they hope it will speed Internet growth.

The Federal Communications Commission's 4-0 vote means that phone companies delivering Internet access via digital subscriber lines, or DSL, eventually will no longer have to lease access to their networks to competitors at deep discounts.

08/08/2005 Cisco mulls buying Nokia-paper

Cisco Systems Inc. is considering buying the world's top mobile handset maker Nokia in a bid to gain its wireless infrastructure technology, the Business newspaper reported on Sunday.

The paper, which did not reveal the source of its information, said U.S.-based Cisco had traditionally concentrated on acquisitions of niche technology players, but its Chief Executive John Chambers is believed to be interested in merging with a wireless infrastructure company.

08/05/2005 Cellular Connection Problems Decreasing, Study Finds

The number of problems getting connected while making cellular phone calls has dropped in half compared to last year, according to a study by J.D. Power and Associates. The study also found the number and duration of calls is increasing.

The study found that about three percent of all calls have at least one problem making the initial connection, the research firm said in a statement. That is down from about six percent in last year's survey even though the sheer quantity of calls has increased in that time, the company said.

08/05/2005 Cell phones? Over there, next to the nachos

7-Eleven and other companies have started their own mobile phone services, reflecting the ease of repackaging.

Jeanne Yanaro long associated 7-Eleven with Big Gulps and last-minute groceries. But late last year she turned to her local convenience store for a more substantial purchase: a cell phone.

08/02/2005 RadioShack Inks Long-Term Deal with Cingular

RadioShack has inked a long-term agreement with wireless carrier Cingular and will end its relationship with Verizon Wireless has the electronics retailer seeks to broaden its mobile-phone strategy.

In addition to creating the 10-year pact with Cingular, RadioShack extended its partnership with Sprint for another 11 years. Cingular and Sprint will support RadioShack's efforts to expand retail distribution outside of the company's stores.

08/02/2005 Use of mobile helped police keep tabs on suspect

The arrest of Hamdi Adus Issac, who goes by the name of Hussain Osman, is the latest in a long line of police investigations helped by the suspect's use of a mobile telephone.
Italian police revealed yesterday that the initial tip that allowed them to track Mr Issac's cell phone came from their British counterparts.

On July 26, the UK authorities notified those in Italy that a suspect going by the name of Hussain Osman had left the UK.

The next day the cell telephone that British police had linked to the suspect was switched to the Italian telephone system. On July 28, police discovered the destination of Mr Issac and his brother was put under surveillance in Rome.

08/02/2005 Nextel to seek more time for locating 911 callers

Nextel Communications Inc. plans to ask for a waiver from a December deadline that 95 percent of its customers' wireless phones be capable of identifying the location of a caller to emergency personnel.

Nextel, being acquired by the No. 3 U.S. wireless carrier Sprint Corp., said it will ask the Federal Communications Commission for the waiver, according to a July 26 letter made available on Monday.

The FCC set Dec. 31 as the deadline for 95 percent of all wireless handsets to be able to pinpoint the location of a caller to 911 emergency services. Nextel said it could take up to an extra two years to reach that goal.

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