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01/22/2008 Germans Upset with Nokia

German anger over plans by Nokia to close a plant escalated on Friday, with the finance minister accusing the cellphone maker of caravan capitalism and others vowing to replace their Nokia phones.

Nokia, the worlds top cellphone maker, said earlier this week it would close the plant in the western city of Bochum because it was not competitive and move production to Romania.

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01/22/2008 Cellular Health Risks

With the proliferation of mobile devices and their extensive use, past studies on health risks related to cell phone radiation need to be re-examined, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which this week asked the National Research Council to identify further research that shows the effects of long-term exposure to these devices.

Cellular Health Risks

01/21/2008 Sprint Suffering

Sprint Nextel Corp.s stock plunged Friday after the wireless carrier said it will cut 4,000 jobs and close 125 retail locations in response to a steep drop in its customer base.

Sprint shares plummeted nearly 25 percent, prompting analysts to forecast even more cuts in the coming months as the nations third-largest wireless carrier struggles to compete with AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless.

01/15/2008 Recellular Recycles

The green computing trend is in full force, driven by the need to cut costs on energy on one hand and the need to get rid of old machinery on the other.

As old mobile devices begin to pile up inside companies, they will need a place to get rid of phones just like they do with PCs. One company aims to make it easy, safe and profitable to recycle those old cell phones.

It does not matter what kinds of devices companies are trying to recycle, ReCellular will recycle them.

01/13/2008 GPS on Blackberry

Flowfinity Wireless, a provider of mobile enterprise productivity applications, on Thursday rolled out a tool for BlackBerry smartphones that adds GPS-location information to every transaction and tells where the data originated from.

01/08/2008 Al-Qaida Videos Now on Cell Phones

Al-Qaida video messages of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahri can now be downloaded to cell phones, the terror network announces as part of its attempts to extend its influence.

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01/07/2008 Motorola Device

Motorola Inc, which has recently lost cell phone market share, is introducing a mobile device for playing live television to expand its reach in portable consumer electronics.

Motorola said on Thursday that its DH01 device, to be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show  in Las Vegas this week, will also play on-demand video clips and programs saved on digital video recorders.

01/04/2008 Cellular Commutes Longer

Drivers talking on cell phones are probably making your commute even longer, concludes a new study.

Motorists yakking away, even with handsfree devices, crawl about 2 mph slower on commuter-clogged roads than people not on the phone, and they just do not keep up with the flow of traffic, said study author David Strayer, a psychology professor at the University of Utah.

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01/02/2008 RIM Angling for New Keyboard

Just when you have gotten to the point where you can type on your BlackBerry upside down in the dark, they are thinking about changing the keyboard.

A patent application filed on behalf of Research in Motion was recently revealed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and it describes an angular keyboard where the keys are set at a 45-degree angle to the base of the unit.

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01/01/2008 NotePage a Year in Review

2007 ushered in some new releases. Including a major overhaul to PageGate. The long awaited PageGate v5 launched with a big splash mid-summer. We also expanded our support offerings offering priority support to customers who rely on PageGate for the daily operations. In addition to enhancing our software and support offerings NotePage, Inc. expanded its educational offerings by adding a knowledgebase to the website.

As we look ahead to 2008 we have a number of plans on to enhance the NotePage product line. Stay tuned and Happy New Year!

01/01/2008 Cellular Entertainment

All of the entertainment options that are hot on the PC—social networking, web video, user-generated content—are downright torrid on the smallest of screens, the cell phone. New research from Deloitte & Touche finds that 47 percent of 25-41 year olds use their cell phones for entertainment, a massive surge from the 29 percent who said they did so only eight short months ago. And where the eyeballs go, there go both the ad dollars and the aspirations of many businessmen.

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12/27/2007 Nokia Pushing Back Dates

Nokia has again pushed back the launch of its gaming service N-gage due to delays in software testing, a spokesman said on Thursday, in the latest blow to the Internet services ambitions of the worlds top cellphone maker. The gaming service, together with a music shop and mapping services, is one of the cornerstones of Nokias drive into mobile Internet services under its new Ovi brand.

12/29/2007 Cell Phones are for Safety

Most parents who bought cell phones for their children this Christmas are doing so for safety reasons, according to a new survey.

An online poll of 339 parents found that 78 percent were considering getting a cell phone for their children so they could be in contact with them in case of an emergency.

Cell Phones are for Safety

12/28/2007 Chicago Cellular Ban Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit was filed this week against the city of Chicago by an attorney claiming that arrests of drivers talking on their cell phones made by the citys police officers were illegal.

The lawsuit states that Chicago police officers have been arresting and ticketing thousands of drivers violating the citys cell phone ban, which was imposed almost two years ago. Drivers are typically fined $75 if caught talking on their cell phones or up to $200 if they are involved in an accident.

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