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04/29/2009 Swine Flu Updates on Your Cell Phone

The CDC - Center for Disease Control and WHO - World Health Organization are putting out a lot of information about the Swine Flu. There are even Twitter accounts that keep update information on the Swine Flu. Also a number of RSS feeds for Swine Flu are available. All of these can be directed to your cell phone so you can get the latest information on your mobile phone!

04/28/2009 Cellular Patient Monitoring

Obstetricians today can monitor critical patients remotely using an iPhone, Blackberry or other portable communication device thanks to a software application developed by locally-based AirStrip Technologies.

The application sends real-time wave-form data and information to these mobile devices, giving the doctors the ability to make vital decisions on patient care without having to stand at the patients bedside.

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04/27/2009 Universal Cell Chargers

CTIA, the main industry association for U.S. mobile operators, has put its weight behind an initiative calling for a universal cell-phone charger.

04/27/2009 EU Cuts Texting Costs

The cost of sending text messages on your mobile phone while abroad in the European Union is about to fall sharply in July, when a new law approved Wednesday comes into effect.Similarly, the price of Internet downloads onto your mobile while you are traveling in the E.U. will drop, and calls made from abroad will be charged per second, rather than per minute. Currently European consumers are paying as up 24 percent too much because their calls are rounded up to the nearest minute, according to the European Commission, the regulatory and executive branch of the E.U.The European Parliament rubber-stamped the update of roaming laws Wednesday at a plenary meeting in Strasbourg.

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04/22/2009 Broken Phone Worth Thousands

Criminals are willing to pay thousands of euros for a discontinued Nokia mobile phone with a software problem that can be exploited to hack into online bank accounts, according to a fraud investigator in the Netherlands.

04/21/2009 Cellular Monitoring

One evening last winter, Mike Harris was watching his local TV news when he saw a segment that caught his attention: Parents were using software to monitor their kids cell phones.As more kids carry cell phones, some parents are using software to monitor their calls and texts.

Harris, an investigator for the Child Sex Internet Investigations Unit in Jefferson County, Colorado, thought the service could be a new tool for combating sexual predators.

Equipping his phone with the software, Harris posed as an underage child on social-networking sites and began luring pedophiles. He immediately got results. Since then, Harris has made 83 arrests of alleged sexual predators -- 44 of them with the help of the monitoring program.

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04/20/2009 Retain Harsh Penalties for Sexting

Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas says he does not want to change Vermonts laws to lessen the potential penalties for teenagers who use their cell phones to send sexually explicit pictures and messages.

The House is considering a Senate-passed bill that would remove the threat of a child pornography prosecution for a practice called sexting. Other laws with lesser penalties still could apply.
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04/17/2009 Website Review Webinar

We in partnership with Shareware Promotions are going to be running a Website Review Webinar. During the course of the 40 minute webinar we will be critiquing websites. You can submit your website for review or simply sit back and enjoy the commentary.

04/16/2009 Skype Spinoff

EBay Inc plans to spin off its Skype unit, acknowledging that the Web telephone service does not fit with the rest of the company, in an indictment of former CEO Meg Whitmans acquisition strategy.

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04/16/2009 Cell Phones the Drug of Choice in Prison

Drugs were once the contraband of choice of prisoners. These days, corrections officials across the country are on the lookout for a more high-tech scourge €” cell phones.

Cell phones have been used to help at least two inmates escape from minimum-security conservation camps. Prison investigators fear they also are being used by gang leaders to order assaults on other inmates and employees and to coordinate the timing of prison uprisings.

complete article

04/14/2009 Vermont Considers Legalizing Sexting

Sexting combines the words sex and texting, and essentially involves sending sexually revealing pictures of yourself via text message to someone. Of late, its hit the headlines because its become a teen fad, and some of those teens have been charged with trafficking in child pornography.

Some of these cases are ongoing, and Vermont is considering legalizing sexting between teens, with the proviso that the sexting be voluntary; the measure leaves intact penalties for those who coerce others to participate.

Vermont Considering Legalizing Sexting

04/13/2009 Vandals Effect Phones

Police had no suspects early on April 10, although it has been speculated by some authorities that the vandalism might be connected with a labor dispute. About 110,000 AT&T workers nationwide have considered going on strike. Five regional union contracts expired on Sunday, April 5.

Connectivity was restored April 10 to tens of thousands of land line, cellular and Internet customers of several telecom companies in the San Francisco Bay Area following the vandalism of underground fiber-optic telephone and Internet cable lines at four locations on April 9.

AT&T pledged a $100,000 reward, which was increased to $250,000 later on April 10, for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators of the felony vandalism.

complete article

04/13/2009 Space Age Cell Coverage

The vast, thinly populated expanses of the country that still lack cell phone coverage could be getting an interesting option next year: ordinary-looking cell phones that connect to a satellite when there's no cell tower around.

complete article

04/10/2009 Support Forum

If you have questions regarding NotePager Pro or PageGate check out the NotePage support forum.

04/07/2009 Mobile Marketing

The four major U.S. mobile operators have agreed to align their mobile marketing practices with a set of guidelines to be worked out with the Mobile Marketing Association, a move the industry group said will lead to a more consistent user experience and lower costs for marketing companies.

complete article

04/04/2009 Research in Motion Application Store

Research In Motion is launching an online application store that will let users of its BlackBerry smartphones download software for everything from news and entertainment to travel and games.

Unlike the iPhone application store of rival Apple Inc, which offers 70 percent of revenue from each piece of software to the developer of the software, RIM plans to offer 80 percent.

complete article

03/25/2009 EU Texting to Get Cheaper

The cost of calling, texting and accessing the Internet via mobile phones while abroad is about to get cheaper for European residents, following an agreement Tuesday among lawmakers over the shape of a new mobile roaming law.

Members of the European Parliament and representatives of the 27 national governments reached an informal agreement to cut prices from July 1. The compromise they struck must be rubber-stamped by both institutions, probably in April, but the hard negotiating is over, said Adina-Ioana Valean, a Romanian member of the European Parliament involved in the negotiations.

03/24/2009 Cellular Coupons

AOL has launched its coupon service on mobile phones, MediaPost reports, in an effort to let customers get discounts while in the grocery store or otherwise on the move. members can select coupons from their handsets, which will then load them onto grocery store shopping cards. Later, when the shopper swipes their discount card at the check-out machine, the system will recognize the coupon and deduct its amount from the total bill.

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