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01.30.04 - 1.31.04 Ringtones

We frequently receive requests from customers wishing to personalize their mobile phones with ringtones. As a result we've sponsored the following resources:

Ringtone Central
Ringtone Software
Free Ringtones Online

Enjoy! These fun site!

01.28.04 - 1.29.04 NotePage Newsletter

A few times a year we email subscribers a newsletter that includes discounts, tips, tricks or information regarding new releases or feature additions. If you wish to receive this you need to opt-in by sending a blank email to with "subscribe" as the subject line. This is a great way to stay informed. Past newsletters can be viewed online.

01.26.04 - 1.27.04 Navicare Integration

We've had a number of recent inquiries regarding the announcement of Navicare Integration. An overview is detailed below:

Navicare's hospital system uses real-time communication and workflow tools to improve patient throughput efficiencies across organization. More than just a scheduling or patient-tracking tool, NaviCare provides actual, detailed information reflecting what is happening throughout the organization at any given time. NaviCare provides immediate patient flow information, utilizing PageGate for notification of alerts or status changes, thus smoothing out the patient flow process within a facility. By using PageGate in conjunction with Navicare's system alerts can be immediately sent to physicians and support staff's pagers and cellular phones.

01.24.04 - 01.25.04 Identity Theft & Phones

Keep a watch out for people standing near you at retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, etc., that have a cell phone in hand.  With the new camera cell phones, they can take a picture of your credit card, which gives them your name,number,and expiration date. Identification theft is one of the fastest growing scams today, and this is just another example of the means that are being used. Be aware of your surroundings.

01.22.04 - 01.23.04 T-Mobile & TAP / Navicare

One of our support technicians was able to track down a TAP number for T-mobile! This number has been tested and works. Please contact us in order to get the TAP number.

We've just launched an integration profile detailing how NotePage's software works with Navicare details can be found in the integration section.

01.20.04 - 01.21.04 Verizon SNPP Down

We've received reports that the SNPP for Verizon Pagers ( / is down and has been for a few days. I don't have any details as to when they expect to resolve this issue.

01.18.04 - 01.19.04 Limitations

As many of you are aware NotePager 32 is free, free to download, free to give to your friends, and free to use forever. The limitations are that the text messages can only be sent out via modem, this is the old traditional way of sending text messages to phones and pagers. If your carrier supports the newer protocols utilizing an internet connection you cannot use NotePager 32. In order to send messages using any protocol other than TAP (through the modem) you will need to upgrade to one of NotePage's other titles.

If you require assistance determining which application would best suit your business or individual needs please feel free to email us, phone 781-829-0500 or post in the forum! We'd love to hear from you.

01.16.04 - 1.17.04 New Integration Profile

Novar Controls allows for building and facility management. By using PageGate in conjunction with Novar Control applications alerts and status can be sent to managers allowing them to be aware of any critical issues in a timely fashion. A new profile for Novar Controls has been posted.

In NotePage's effort to continue to promote messaging and wireless applications we've sponsored and launched a new site. Check out Palm Software !

01.14.04 - 1.15.04 Vonage

VoIP or voice over IP has gained momentum with businesses and individuals who have a lot of long distance bills. The voice over ip allows individuals to call parties using the internet, meaning that they can call abroad at a fraction of the cost. Vonage appears to be the market leader and is gaining momentum as the leading VoIP solution.

01.12.04 - 1.13.04 Faxing & Integrations

The latest version of PageGate v5 will include an option for delivering faxes! We are very excited about this expanded functionality and we are really looking forward to feedback from customers about the different ways this functionality assists them in resolving problems they face. If you are planning on deploying PageGate in an innovative way, please tell us about it. We'd love to hear from you!

In the very near future we will be announcing additional integration relationships, be sure to check back soon to hear the latest on integration news.

01.10.04 - 01.11.04 Verizon & Support Feeds

Customers surveyed about their wireless service gave Verizon the thumbs up. Across the board Verizon Wireless was thought to be the best available cellular service.

As part of the continuing effort to provide top notch technical support we've added RSS feeds for the forum topics. The feeds are located on the bottom of the NotePage support page.

01.08.04 - 01.09.04 Building Controls

Honeywell's building control software works in conjunction with PageGate to send alerts to pagers and cell phones. In laymans terms this means if the elevator gets stuck between floors the maintenance department is immediately notified so that the problem can be resolved in a prompt fashion.

01.06.04 - 01.07.04 Integration

One aspect of our business (NotePage) that we are focusing on for the coming year involves expanding our integration relationships. NotePage works with a number of other developers to provide an added level of notification (specifically paging, text messaging and SMS capabilities) to existing software applications. The program is free to participate in and is extremely flexible. We promote our partners through our network of 60 websites, and have found that the relationships are mutually beneficial. The applications that tend to have the most success (or need for added notification) usually involve some sort of monitoring or tracking. If you have an application that you feel would benefit from integration please contact us or review the general information found in the integration section.

Rarely are coding changes required, and we will work with you inorder to facilitate setting up a profile and marketing information for existing NotePage customers.

01.04.04 - 01.05.04 AT&T

AT&T's stock rose nearly 3 percent to be the top percentage gainer on the Dow Jones Industrial average on Friday, one day after the telecommunications company began charging basic-rate customers a monthly fee.

Found some great resources for SNPP & WCTP

01.02.04 - 01.03.04 Predictions for 2004

The following include a handful of industry predictions for 2004.

- there will be a significant number of mergers & acquisitions in the Telecom arena
- the number of ways that text communication is used will expand into a number of markets
- phone carriers will move away from SMTP as a delivery means and towards either SNPP, WCTP or SMPP
- functionality of cell phones will expand
- functionality of home appliances will expand and be well received by consumers
- there will be significant growth in the area of children carrying wireless devices; with a heightened sense of security parents will want to reach them immediately

Will be interesting to see how accurate our staff was in their predicting...

12.31.03 - 01.01.04 Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and yours wherever you might be located. Here is to health and happiness in 2004.

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