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10.31.04 Anonymous Text Messages

The ability to send anonymous messages, could damage the wireless industry.This will give spammers free reign of text messaging without having to face consequences.

The following is an excerpt from a press release I read.
" launched today by Beep Interactive Pty Ltd. 19secret is a service that allows people to send anonymous and masked (“spoofed”) SMS messages from their mobile phone. Usually when you send an SMS, the sender’s number is displayed and the recipient can identify whom it is from. With 19secret you can hide the sender’s number (an anonymous SMS) or replace it with another name or number."

10.29.04 Mobile Gaming Explodes

Video game and mobile phone companies are set to make money this year as customers use phones to zap space invaders or sink game-winning golf putts, pushing the mobile gaming market over $1 billion, a study said.

According to London-based consultancy Screen Digest, mobile phone gaming also will grow by more than six times to $6.4 billion between 2004 and the end of decade. more info

10.28.04 Yahoo supports Mobile Searching

Mobile search gained another convert as Yahoo Inc. on Wednesday extended Web, local and image search to wireless devices.

Yahoo has focused on bringing a slimmed-down version of its search interface to mobile browsers. Yahoo Search for Mobile requires color and data-enabled wireless phones with either an HTML or WAP 2.0 browser installed. While local and image search works on either type of mobile browser, Web search only supports HTML browsers, said Thad White, Yahoo's director of mobile products. more info

10.27.04 SMS Price Comparison Service.

Aaron Osgood from Streamline Solutions gave us the heads up about new SMS price comparison service. Thanks Aaron. has announced the beta launch of its free shopping service via SMS, according to Geek Zone. " returns the lowest price found for a specific product amongst hundreds of merchants.

Consumers can access the free Smarter SMS service by text messaging product names or SKUs to (610) SMARTER or (610) 762-7837. Consumers are free to search using generic keywords like ‘mini ipods’ or ‘dell dimension’, but are recommended to be as specific as possible, using the SKU number for best results." has announced the Beta launch of its free shopping service via SMS (Short Messaging Service). returns the lowest price found for a specific product amongst hundreds of merchants.

10.26.04 Emergency Communication Plans

Considering all of the hurricanes that have occured recently I thought I'd take a moment to mention emergency communcation plans.

Be sure to choose an out-of-town contact that your family or household can call should a disaster occur. Your selected contact should live far enough away that they would be unlikely to be directly affected by the same event, and they should know they are the chosen contact. Make sure every household member has that contact's, addresses and telephone numbers (home, work, pager and cell). Be patient and understanding phone calls may not get through but pages or email might be sure to explore all avenues of communication.

10.24.04 Traditional Home Phones a Dying Breed

The fixed line phone in your home could soon be an endangered species. Research by handset maker Nokia shows that more and more people are using their mobile phone for every call they make or take. According to the study, more than 45 million people in the UK, Germany, US and South Korea now only use a mobile. It showed that people keep their fixed line phone because call charges are lower, but most of those questioned said the future was definitely mobile. more info

10.22.04 Live Digital TV to Your Cell Phone

Addicted to reality TV programming? It won't be long before you can watch your favorite real-life TV broadcasts on the go, thanks to a chip Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is developing for cell phones.

Texas Instruments today announced development of the wireless industry's first digital TV on a single chip for cell phones, which will capture broadcast signals and allow cell phone users to watch live broadcasts ranging from their favorite reality TV shows to major sporting events and breaking news. more info

10.21.04 SMS / Paging White Papers

We have found that our white paper section detailing real-life experiences of how customers are using NotePage's software, in different industries is quite popular.

If you are interested in being profiled on NotePage's website? If you use NotePage in an innovative way and would like to appear on the NotePage website send us answers the following questions.
1.) Please describe what kind of business the your department is responsible for ? 2.) How does your business use PageGate?
3.) Describe how this makes day to day business operations run smoother
4.) Any quotes or comments you would like included.

10.20.04 Highspeed Mobile Modem

A top networking gear producer plans to offer a speedy new cellular technology that's an alternative to DSL and cable Internet access with the added advantage of being available on the road.

NetGear Inc. is designing a broadband modem for use with a long-range wireless data service called Flash-OFDM that is currently being trialed by Nextel Communications Inc., T-Mobile International and Vodafone PLC. more info

10.19.04 VOIP is the Rage - PBXpress

VOIP is the latest online communication rage. If the telephone system in your organization is based on a legacy PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that uses old style telephone lines then PBXpress can offer a range of affordable products that will enhance your corporate telephony infrastructure while dramatically reducing overall capital and operating costs. PBXpress products are at the forefront of the next generation of VoIP based PBX replacements that offer tremendous benefits by consolidating your organization's data and telephony capabilities to a single network.

10.18.04 Globe Telecom Transfers Money Using SMS

Globe Telecom has started to offer money transfer service through short message service (SMS), two months after its rival Smart Communications Inc. launched a similar service.

In a newspaper advertisement, Globe said the cash transfer service also allows its subscribers to use their mobile phone handset to pay for movie tickets, medicine, books and fares. With a subscriber base of more than 12 million, Globe is looking at expanding its wireless services and not relying solely on subscriber additions and traditional phone services to help boost revenues. more info

10.17.04 Tumors from Cell Phones ?

Ten or more years of mobile phone use can dramatically increase the risk of developing a benign tumor on the auditory nerve, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by the Institute of Environmental Medicine at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm found that the risk of developing the tumors, known as acoustic neuromas, almost doubled for persons who started using their mobile phone at least 10 years before diagnosis. more info

10.16.04 Data Loss With RIM

Research in Motion has challenged a risk advisory from security firm HexView that it put out this week about RIM's popular Blackberry handheld device, which prompted a new advisory from HexView.

The HexView advisory on Tuesday claimed that the RIM Blackberry could potentially suffer data loss and be at risk of a denial of service attack as the result of a buffer overflow and other vulnerabilities. It also said the issue could "easily be reproduced" by sending a long string meeting request via Microsoft Outlook. more info

10.15.04 Motorola Turns Cell Phone into Credit Card

Motorola is the latest cell-phone manufacturer to take steps to add a payment function to its phones.

The U.S. electronics company said that it plans to carry out a trial of cell phones incorporating MasterCard's PayPass contactless payment technology. The cell phones will enable customers to make payments by positioning the handset next to a PayPass reader equipped with Near Field Communications technology. more info

10.14.04 Wireless Week

Wireless Week - Wireless Week is the Wireless Authority. Its twice-monthly newsmagazine that follows wireless industry developments, offering in-depth analysis, perspectives and insights on trends. The articles encompass business, financial and technical developments related to service providers, retailing, networks, content, applications, and hardware. The second issue of the month includes the Wireless Internet Magazine super-section.

10.13.04 Campus Texting

Look around your campus this fall, and you'll find that not only does virtually every student have a cell phone, but that many students are sending SMS text messages and mobile instant messages from campus dorms, dining halls and hangouts -- even from the classroom.

Texting is on the rise, with an explosion in popularity taking place all across the nation. At the forefront of this text messaging boom are trend-setting teens and young adults. In fact, more than one in three college-age students (ages 18-21) send mobile messages from their cell phones, according to a recent study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation. more on Texting on Campus

10.12.04 Verizon vs Cingular

The deal is expected to close by the end of the year. But even if the merger's generally considered a foregone conclusion, Verizon Wireless--a joint venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone --isn't going to give up the top spot easily.

The company has a loyal customer base, solid network and fast data services, and will put up a hardy fight. The buyout is also likely to cause defections as customers question whether they want to stick with Cingular or move to a new provider. That churn, the industry name for customers discontinuing service, may help build Verizon's base, as well as that of competitors including Sprint and T-Mobile USA, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. More on Verizon vs Cingular

10.11.04 FCC chairman gives support to Cingular, AT&T Wireless merger

FCC Chairman Michael Powell recommended that his agency support Cingular Wireless' proposed merger with AT&T Wireless. Powell will back the deal if the two companies agree to sell off some assets, including spectrum. Cingular still needs formal approval from both the FCC and the Department of Justice before the deal can close.

10.09.04 Beta Google SMS

Google SMS (Short Message Service) enables you to easily get precise answers to specialized queries from your mobile phone or device. Send your query as a text message and get phone book listings, dictionary definitions, product prices and more. Just text. No links. No web pages. Simply the answers you're looking to find.

Google SMS gives you access to information that's especially helpful when you're out and about. This includes:

Phone book listings for US residence & businesses
Online product prices for comparison shopping
Dictionary definitions

Ok, so whats the catch??? My guess is after the beta period there will be a fee, or ads will be attached to messages responding to queries.

Google's privacy policy as it realtes to Google SMS says -
When you send a message to Google SMS, we log an encrypted version of the incoming phone number, the wireless carrier associated with the number, and the date and time of the transaction. We use this data to analyze the message traffic in order to operate, develop and improve our services.

Google will never rent or sell your phone number to any third party, nor will we use your phone number to initiate a call or SMS message to you without your permission. Your wireless carrier and other service providers also collect data about your SMS usage, and their practices are governed by their own privacy policies.

10.08.04 Resource for Carriers

Steve Walters from Zetron recently pointed me to a really great newsletter. Paging carriers and telecom providers should consider subscribing to Brad Dye's weekly newsletter. An archive of previous issues are available online.

The newsletter is without a doubt, the most comprehensive newsletter in the paging industry.

10.07.04 Rival Alliances Formed in Wireless Industry

Nokia and Symbian, a software company in which Nokia has a big stake, agreed to cooperate with Intel in developing technology for more advanced mobile phones in a bid to increase their lead over Microsoft.

PalmOne, meanwhile, said it had signed a licensing deal with Microsoft - a longtime foe - that will allow the next generation of PalmOne's Treo smart phones to work directly with Microsoft's Exchange e-mail system. more info

10.06.04 Nokia Phone with Virus Protection

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia will offer mobile antivirus software through F-Secure as one of the features in its new Nokia 6670 smart phone when it is released in October, the companies announced this week. Advertisement The Symbian OS smart phones will provide on-device protection, similar in fashion to antivirus protection programs for PCs, with automatic over-the-air antivirus updates for a monthly fee. The software will not come loaded into the device, but can be downloaded from the F-Secure Web site, according to Nokia spokesperson Karoliina Lehmusvirta. more info

10.05.04 SBC to Combine E-Mail, Voicemail, Faxes

It's what executives of SBC Communications Inc. call their vision for the future: combining voicemail, e-mail and incoming fax messages in one system that can be accessed on the Web or on the phone.

The San Antonio-based company was expected to announce Monday that it is melding home and wireless voicemail and the other components to eliminate having to check messages on multiple systems. more info

10.04.04 Increase Communication - Make RSS Feeds

Increase the way you communicate with colleagues and customers. RSS Feeds contain headlines and descriptions. Users opt in, only subscribing to feeds of interest. Consider adding an rss feed to your methods of communication to increase your exposure.

FeedForAll is an easy to use software application that makes rss feed creation very easy. Beta testing of FeedForAll is currently underway, comments and suggestions are welcomed.

10.03.04 Regulation Changes Mean In-flight Access?

According to professionals in the aviation and wireless industry, it is clear that by 2006, people will be able to fly in commercial US airplanes will be able to use cell phones, PDAs and laptops wirelesslessly. AirCell, a Colorado company that sells cellular and satellite communications system for airplanes, is working on changes to current regulations.

10.01.04 College Admission Exams on Phones?

For all those parents and grandparents looking for a reason to justify that smartphone their teen is begging for, leading test prep provider Kaplan and software company Handmark may have just come up with the "killer app": a better college education.

Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions, the world leader in test preparation, and Handmark, a leading developer and publisher of software for smart mobile devices, just announced the debut of Kaplan Mobile SAT/PSAT-ACT 2005 for mobile phones and PDAs, giving on-the-go students a powerful advantage in preparing for their all-important college admissions exams. more

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