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04.29.04 - 04.30.04 AT&T Wireless / Rogers

Canadian telecommunications provider Rogers Communications Inc. said it received a notice from AT&T Wireless Services Inc. on its intent to “explore options to monitize its stake” in Rogers Wireless Communications Inc.

04.27.04 - 04.28.04 7-Eleven

7-Eleven isn't just for soda and hot dogs anymore. The retailer is now peddling its own brand of prepaid wireless in 14 markets. The move, according to the company, marks the first time a retailer is offering of a store-branded wireless service. The 7-Eleven Speak Out wireless initiative will feature Nokia handsets.

Initially two different phones will be offered, the Nokia 3560 for $89.99 (after a $50 rebate) and the Nokia 2260 for $49.99 (after a $50 rebate). Minute plans will feature a rate of 20 cents per minute for days, nights and weekends. Refill cards can be purchased at participating 7-Eleven stores in $25, $50, $75 and $100 denominations. If accounts are refilled within 120 days, customers will be allowed to roll over any unused minutes.

04.25.04 - 04.26.04 Nextel

Nextel Communications Inc. Thursday said it would take too long and would not survive a legal challenge for the Federal Communications Commission to seriously consider giving it spectrum in the 2.1 GHz band instead of the 1.9 GHz band as part of a plan to solve public-safety interference in the 800 MHz band.

04.18.04 - 04.19.04 Kiwi Syslog & NPP

Its official! Kiwi Enterprises has partnered up with NotePage to provide a robust solution that allows for syslog monitoring and sending alerts to wireless devices. Read the latest press release!

04.16.04 - 04.17.04 SBC Addition / Tracking Runners

It appears that SBC has added SNPP delivery. The new settings for the SBC gateway have been added to the support section. A quick setting reference is

Tracking Boston Marathon runners on race day has become even easier with the introduction of the Athlete Alert Program. Designed by Verizon Wireless, the official telecommunications sponsor of the Boston Marathon®, the Athlete Alert Program allows Marathon participants to register friends, family members, colleagues and sponsors to receive automatic updates on their wireless phone of a runner's progress along the route.

04.14.04 - 04.15.04 Australian Spam

On Monday, it became illegal to send spam from or to Australia. And Down Under, their definition of spam is a little tougher than U.S. laws have gotten us used to.

The Spam Act 0f 2003 covers all electronic communications, other than telemarketing or faxes. That means e-mails, mobile phone text messages (SMS), multimedia messaging (MMS) and instant messaging (IM). Any unsolicited commercial message is now considered spam, unless the sender is accurately identified and the message has a functional unsubscribe address.

04.12.04 - 04.13.04 Affiliate Program

NotePage's affiliate program allows webmasters, paging carriers, resellers, software sites, and medical content sites with an Internet presence, the opportunity to advertise and promote software and other downloadable products from NotePage, Inc. Each referrer will then earn a percentage of the sales that they help generate.

When a user clicks on a banner or button or link from your site to NotePage's affiliate software site the link is tracked. Even if the user purchases months later the purchase will be credited to the your organization.

It is really that simple. It costs nothing to join, there is no risk, and it really works. Not only can you earn revenue, but since the software can be downloaded and tried before purchase it is a terrific way to at add content to an existing website.

Consider becoming an affiliate

04.10.04 - 04.11.04 How Software Helps

If you are unsure how NotePage's software can benefit your organization take a look at the white papers . The white papers detail real world situations and how text messaging software has resolved communication issues faced by businesses. The white papers are segmented by industry which makes it easy to find relevant profiles.

04.08.04 - 04.09.04 Spice Up Your Phone

Are you contemplating adding some flavor to your cell phone? With spring approaching consider living up the tune your phone rings to alert you to an incoming call. Find great ringtones at these locations:
Ringtones Central
Ringtone Software

04.06.04 - 04.07.04 Arch & Metrocall

Arch and Metrocall have announced a merger. The FCC still must approve the merger but it looks two of the larger paging carriers are looking at forging an alliance in order to survive the industry changes.

04.03.04 - 04.05.04 Updated Site Design

A number of the protocol sites that NotePage sponsors have been updated to reflect a new look. The protocol sites, define the protocols and provide resource information relating to how the actual protocol works. Details can be found at:
simple network paging protocol - SNPP
wireless communication transfer protocol - WCTP
telelocator alphanumeric protocol - TAP-IXO

04.01.04 - 04.02.04 Settings

NotePage maintains settings for many carriers. The settings section contains listings for various carriers using the common protocols including SNPP, WCTP and SMTP. If your carrier is not listed and you know what their settings are, please let us know. If you determine that any listings are outdated, we would appreciate a notification. Thank you for assisting us in maintaining this useful resource.

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