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07/01/2010 Cell Phone Etiquette - Part 2

Cellular telephones, or cellphones, are an important part of modern society. When Miss Manners wrote about good manners and etiquette, mobile phones did not exist nearly to the extent they do in our society today. In an effort to assist cellphone users, we have written up some guidelines to help people use their mobile phones appropriately while navigating in polite society.

Cell Phone Etiquette - Part 2

06/29/2010 Texting Ban Being Enforced

When Michigans ban on texting while driving takes effect Thursday, police will be able to pull over motorists solely for using their cell phones to send or look at text messages or e-mails.

Some in law enforcement say the similarities between dialing a cell phone, which remains legal, and texting, which will cost drivers $100 for a first offense, will make the ban difficult to enforce. Others, however, say it will be relatively straightforward for officers to spot and ticket violators.

complete article

06/28/2010 Learning through Texting

Teachers and principals at Norwich Free Academy find the constant text-messaging by students to be the most disruptive problem in their classrooms, so now it's their turn.

Throughout the summer, NFA is sending one text message per weekday to students who have signed up - or whose parents have signed them up - for the new Learning Does not Take a Vacation program. The text messages started last week with vocabulary on Monday, science on Tuesday, math on Wednesday, history on Thursday and cultural literacy on Friday.

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06/17/2010 SNPP and WCTP Settings

Collection of settings for sending SMS and text messages to cell phones. Refer to the SNPP and WCTP settings for each carrier.

06/16/2010 TAP Terminal Phone Numbers

When sending text messages to pagers and cell phone, the terminal phone number is required we have listed the most commonly used numbers along with the settings. Please let us know of any additional modem numbers that you would like to have added to the database.

06/15/2010 How Messaging Works

A visual look at how text messaging works.

06/14/2010 SMTP Setting to Send Text Messages

Telecom SMTP settings for sending text messages via email to mobile phones

06/11/2010 Fines Via SMS

The Ministry of Interior is to introduce a new service by which people, both Saudis and expatriates, will be informed of traffic fines and sent SMS text messages that their ID documents or resident permits need renewal.

06/10/2010 Techno Toddlers

Parents of young children have particular cause to be concerned, especially now that internet access is fast becoming a basic feature on mobile phones. Phones are tools; they give children access to information which otherwise they would not have had access,says Yinka Awobo-Pearse, a Montessori trained educationist who runs a nursery school in Lagos. What we have to realise is that they open up a world to the children which you have no control over. Normally it was on the PC at home, and you could see them doing it, now it's in their hands.

complete article

06/09/2010 Text Emergencies

It is common knowledge that in case of emergency, you call 911. But what if you can not call out?

What if you are in a hostage situation, or hiding from a burglar in a closet at home? Such questions have floated around local law enforcement agencies for years as wireless phones continue to flood the market.

Taking advantage of the latest trends in technology, Marion County, Fla., has become the latest in the country to accept distress calls via text message. By texting a message to a Sheriffs Office phone number, residents who are in danger can reach emergency responders through the Communication Center.

complete article

06/08/2010 Text Message Alibis

On the night Michelle Lee was murdered, a text message was sent from her phone to Gary McGurkhers: Out walking trying to think. You want me to stop by? said the message to her on-and-off boyfriends phone.

The next day, April 27, 2009, Ms. Lee, a 24-year-old criminalist with the New York Police Department's forensic laboratory, was found dead inside her Queens apartment.

complete article

06/07/2010 Software Industry Conference

We will be presenting at this years Software Industry Conference July 15-17th in Dallas, Texas join us there!

06/04/2010 New Version of PageGate

A new version of PageGate text messaging software is available. The update is minor with a few fixes.

06/03/2010 Saucy British Text Messages

Almost two thirds of Brits have sent a naughty phone picture of themselves to the wrong mobile number, according to a survey.

The saucy snaps are normally meant for partners they are sexting, but have ended up with strangers or, even worse, their parents.

And 72% of mobile owners have received steamy shots of people they do not know.

Saucy Text Messages

06/02/2010 SMS Slander Trial Postponed

Trial of former political secretary to former Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh who was charged with making a criminal threat via SMS to three assemblymen in April last year, was postponed as the accused Datuk Dr Ahmad Ramzi Mohamad Zubir was on medical leave.

complete article

06/01/2010 Blocking IPhone SMS Messages

I have an iPhone 3GS. I haven't paid for a texting plan.The problem is that advertisers have found my phone number and text me. I receive from five to ten unsolicited texts each month. Is it true that AT&T charges 20ยข for incoming text messages when you don't have a text plan? And how can one block receiving all text and messaging to the iPhone?

complete article

05/27/2010 Crime Tips via Text Message

Starting at 8 a.m. Wednesday, citizens who have information on a crime will be able to provide Buffalo police with information through text messaging.

05/26/2010 Google and Mobile Advertising

US antitrust regulators gave Internet search titan Google a green light to acquire mobile advertising network firm AdMob, saying the deal was unlikely to harm competition.

complete article

05/25/2010 Passenger Texting

The common fear about phone texting while driving is that you may not see a car coming and will get into an accident. This 21-year-old patient, however, was the passenger. So what's wrong with that? I asked. What' is wrong with texting if you are the passenger?

Well, my professor said, this young lady became another casualty of the texting epidemic because she didn't see the collision happening and couldn't brace herself. The angle of her head was such that the airbag hit her obliquely and blinded her to some extent in both eyes.

complete article

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