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March 30, 2011 - Newsletter

Hi ,
Welcome to NotePage news. If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed online at:

The latest release version of PageGate is 5.0.93, make sure you have the current release.

PRTG Integration
How Can I send SMS Text Messages in PRTG? This documentation from Paessler explains how to use NotePage's software with PRTG.

Orion Integration
Are you using Solar Winds Orion in conjunction wih NotePage's software? This forum post will walk you through the setup.

PageGate Custom Training Webinars
Interested in one on one training for PageGate? Customized webinars are available for training staff $100.00 for .5 hour webinar or $150.00 for a 1.0 hour webinar. You can ask questions, have us train your staff, this is your opportunity to get training on the specific items you want. If you prefer customized training email with contact details and we'll schedule your training session.

Group Webinar
Sign-up for FREE PageGate webinars. Not interested in personalized training? Join one of our group training webinars, here is the schedule:

Session 1 - April 27, 2011 at 12:00 EST Why would I need to send SMS?

In this session, we'll go over the different reasons that SMS can add extra efficiency to almost any business model and provide examples of different implementations of SMS messaging with a healthy amount of time for Q&A at the end of the session.

Sign-up for session 1 by emailing with the name/date of the webinar.

Session 2: - May 11, 2011 at 12:00 EST What is PageGate?

In this session, we'll be going over the basics of how to use PageGate. We will cover how to install PageGate and configure it to send a basic page to a cel phone, pager, or email address.

Sign-up for session 2 by emailing with the name/date of the webinar.

Session 3: - May 25, 2011 at 12:00 EST What are the PageGate Interfaces?

In this session, we'll be doing an overview of what each of the different Interfaces for PageGate are and covering the basics of how they work. This session will provide key information on how PageGate can seamlessly integrate with other applications and alarm systems.

Sign-up for session 3 by emailing with the name/date of the webinar.

Session 4: - June 8, 2011 at 12:00 EST PageGate Q&A

Now that we've covered a lot of basic information, this session will be dedicated entirely to the questions you've submitted. This will be a freeform session where you, the participant, can guide the discussion.

Sign-up for session 4 by emailing with the name/date of the webinar.

Additional details on free PageGate Webinars!

SMS Education Center
Are you an independent learner? You can find SMS tips and tricks in the NotePage learning center.

Green Tips
Shut down, every night, at the end of the day shut computers down to conserve additional energy.

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Thank you
We'd like to thank you for your continued support. It is through customer support and your suggestions that we've been able to continually improve the NotePage product line.

Thank you for your continued support!
NotePage sales team
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