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03.30.04 - 03.31.04 White Papers

NotePage is updating the white paper section if you are using NotePage's software in an innovative way and are Interested in being profiled on NotePage's website please drop us an email.

We will need you to answer the following simple questions:

I1.) Please describe what kind of business the your department is responsible for ?
2.) How does your business use PageGate?
3.) Describe how this makes day to day business operations run smoother
4.) Any quotes or comments you would like included.

Just reply to this email if you are interested in being involved.

03.28.04 - 03.29.04 Paper Delivery / Email Forwarding

A number of news papers use PageGate in order to send alerts out for paper redeliveries.

PageGate also has the unique ability of accepting messages in via one delivery method and resending the message via an alternative delivery method like email. PageGate is a multi-function program that allows for flexibility and control of messaging.

03.24.04 - 03.26.04 Fun Cell Sites

Check out these fun cellular sites. The following sites have ringtones to spice up your cell phone sound.

Ringtones Central
Ringtone Software


03.22.04 - 03.23.04 Econolite Pyramids Integration

NotePage is very pleased to announce the new integration with Econolite. Econolite Pyramids is a PC based advanced traffic control system, that combines many functions, all of which are available to each user on the system. The system is made up of PC-based servers and workstations interconnected via a local area network. The system allows for redundant systems to minimize disruption.
Econolite Pyramids Integration Details.

03.20.04 - 03.21.04 Verizon & Lucent

Verizon Wireless, the nation's leading wireless service provider, will continue to work with Lucent Technologies under a three-year agreement to provide wireless infrastructure technology for its BroadbandAccess service

03.18.04 - 03.19.04 Sponsored Site

NotePage is pleased to announce the sponsorship of a Small Business site. The site contains a daily blog with tips and information for small businesses, and a small business forum. Please feel free to ask and answer questions related to search engines, marketing, software and general business.

03.16.04 - 03.17.04 Protocol Problems

Trouble seems to be simmering in the push-to-talk house as Nokia Corp. has taken a different path from other major vendors and members of the Open Mobile Alliance on how to implement the pre-standard protocol.

Meanwhile, the other PTT vendors, Siemens AG, Motorola Inc., L.M. Ericsson and Sony Ericsson, conducted what they described as the first joint Push-to-Talk over Cellular interoperability test.

03.14.04 - 03.15.04 Billboards

A lot of people don't realize how the message changes on the large LCDs that are found on the highway that indicate "traffic ahead". The truth is that these LCD displays often are giant pager displays. Software is used to send the sign updated text messages, just as it would a pager or cell phone.

03.12.04 - 03.13.04 The Canadian Press Goes Text

The Canadian Press news agency and Atlas Telecom Mobile are teaming up to deliver news headlines via cellphones. The companies said yesterday CP will work with the national co-operative's member newspapers and broadcast clients to offer the service using Atlas's technology. Financial details were not released.

"For newspapers and broadcasters, it is a new way to interact with their audience and increase their revenues," said Atlas chief executive Paul Forostowsky. "Text messaging is an easy, fast and discreet way to share information with mobile subscribers."

03.10.04 - 03.11.04 Forum Support

When emailing or posting a question to technical support it is helpful to provide as much information as possible. Please explain in detail any error messages, including the software that you are using, your operating system and information regarding the carrier that you are sending to. This will assist us in providing prompt accurate support.

03.08.04 - 03.09.04 White Papers

Software is all about solving problems, improving efficiency and increasing productivity. NotePage has created a white paper section detailing how customers are using NotePage's software to solve real world problems. The white papers are divided by industry so that customers can easily find examples of how NotePage's software is used in a specific market segment.

03.06.04 - 03.07.04 Legacy Systems

Many customers do not realize the ease of integration with PageGate often legacy systems can inexpensively be updated providing notification of specific events. If you have a system that sends alerts to a printer, PageGate can intercept the alert and send it out to a maintenance worker, or support staff. Consider PageGate as an inexpesive alternative to replacing legacy systems.

03.04.04 - 03.05.04 Free Mobile / Cellular Content for Websites

In an effort to support mobile resellers or paging carriers, NotePage is providing the following three articles for syndication. What this means is the following articles can be reproduced in opt-in ezines or on websites free of charge, provided the about the author box remains intact.

What is SMS -

What are Ringtones -

Cellular Portability -

Notification of use is not required but would be appreciated, simply send an email to if you opt to use any of the above articles.

03.02.04 - 03.03.04 New Telecom Deals

New content deals are surfacing today. Vodafone has inked a deal to bring Mickey & Friends to its Vodafone live! customers, while content developer Summus Inc. has signed on to bring the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit collection to wireless phones.

Bundling continues to make strides in the telecom sector, and today's announcement from Qwest Communications International is no exception. The company is rolling out a national wireless offering that can be discounted when combined with another Qwest service.

02.29.04 - 03.01.04 Integration Relationships

NotePage is still looking for integration partners. Since January 1, 2004 NotePage has welcomed 6 new partners. If you are interested in partnering with NotePage in order to provide SMS or messaging functionality to an existing application please contact us. NotePage's integration program is extremely flexible, perks for developers include listings and promotion on a network of more than 60 websites. Details on NotePage's integration partner program can be found online.

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