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11/30/2006 The Problems PageGate Solves

This interview addresses some of the day to day problems that PageGate solves. The TUCOWs interview discusses various integrations and how businesses use PageGate to save time and money.

11/28/2006 Tips to Prolong Your Cellular Battery

1. Turn off your Bluetooth “ I find Bluetooth to be the most power hungry application; turn it off when you don't use it

2. Disable sounds and vibrating alert “ you don't really need keypad tones to be on, do you? What about vibrating? It is surely useful on the meetings or in a cinema but most of time you'll do just fine without it; I usually set up a vibrating profile to be used in places like cinema or theatre and in all other profiles I have vibrating turned off

3. Brightness “ lower the brightness of your screen; not too low, otherwise you'll destroy your vision

4. Setting the Power - saver time-out and the Light time-out to the low values will help too (you'll find them in the display settings)

5. If you are not using an application switch it off you will get a list of all active applications by long pressing the menu button; this is a general rule that can be applied to any device

6. Games It is fun to play games on your way to school but they are power-hungry beasts; I can't tell you not to play games but think about your battery when you are playing

7. Turn off your phone when you don't use it “ I know that for many of you this is not an option and I'm not sure if turning it off and on is even good for your battery but I heard this tip from so many people that I just had to mention it

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11/20/2006 Cingular Banking

Cingular will have to sign up financial institutions willing to open their online banking services to mobile phones, but the wireless carrier believes the time is right to begin moving ahead with its plans.

11/20/2006 Sprint Mobile Search

Sprint said it will place Microsoft's search engine on its mobile phones, marking the software maker's most significant step to gain a U.S. foothold in mobile Internet search.

11/19/2006 Mexican Cellular Portability

A plan allowing Mexican cellphone users to keep their old numbers when they switch carriers has been delayed from May to November 2007, a telecommunications watchdog official said.

11/16/2006 Blackberry Addiction Affliction

A new university study and the ever- increasing use of wireless devices, such as the BlackBerry, could result in a flood of lawsuits against employers for creating an allegedly dangerous environment where unpaid overwork is required for success, promotion, and job security, a leading law firm warns.

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11/21/2006 In Flight Phone Calls

Dubai-based Emirates Airline announced that it would become the world's first airline to introduce in-flight mobile phone use across its fleet. It has beat rivals Ryan Air and Air France to the post.

11/13/2006 High End Cellular Phones

Cell phone makers want to sell pricier models, but the dearth of 3G, or third-generation, wireless networks limits their opportunities.

About 75% of the world's wireless networks have yet to be upgraded to 3G, the speedy technology that lets cell phones surf the Internet and download music or video. Areas without 3G include the four fastest-growing wireless nations: Brazil, Russia, India and China, known by the initials BRIC.

11/12/2006 Motorola Buys Mobile Software Company

Cell phone maker Motorola Inc. said Friday it is buying privately held Good Technology, which provides mobile computing software and services.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

11/08/2006 Leap Wireless Jumps on Google

Customers of Leap Wireless's Cricket mobile cellular service will soon be able to enjoy a variety of Google-based products, such as Gmail, Google Maps, and the company's popular search engine– all on their cell phones.
On Monday, the wireless provider announced a new partnership with Google that will deliver access to many of the company's most popular Internet services.

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11/08/2006 Verizon Near YouTube Content Deal

Verizon Communications Inc., the No. 2 U.S. telecommunications company, is in advanced talks with YouTube Inc. to bring the Web site's videos to cellphones and television sets, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

A deal may give Verizon a marketing edge over its rivals in the wireless and cable industries, furthering the company's efforts to expand into Internet and entertainment services, the Journal reported.

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11/07/2006 Yahoo to Expand Mobile Advertising

Yahoo Inc. this week will expand a test of its mobile telephone advertising network to include more visually appealing messages.

The addition of graphical ads, scheduled to be announced Tuesday, comes a month after Yahoo began delivering short, written messages to mobile phones, relying on some of the same algorithms used by its Internet search engine. That, too, is being done on an experimental basis for now.

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11/01/2006 Cellular Security

A new mobile phone in Japan takes security pretty seriously: It can recognize its owner, automatically locks when the person gets too far away from it and can be found via satellite navigation if it goes missing.

11/01/2006 Updating Cellular Contacts

Customers of Verizon Wireless, the No. 2 U.S. mobile provider, can now have the contacts in their phones automatically updated without manually entering the data, according to Plaxo Inc, which created the service.

10/27/2006 Draw Your Text Message

Pantech's PG-2800 phone allows users to text-message others by drawing out characters with their fingers, which the software then translates into numbers and letters, depending on what the user was trying to draw out.

10/26/2006 NotePage Knowledgebase

A knowledgebase to assist with troubleshooting issues with PageGate and NotePager Pro. The knowledgebase also addresses common issues that are faced when sending text messages.

The NotePage knowledgebase is also available via an RSS feed.

10/24/2006 Softbank to Undercut Rivals Cell Phone Fees

Softbank Corp., the smallest of Japan's three cellphone operators, on Monday said it will offer cheaper fees than NTT DoCoMo Inc. and KDDI Corp. and is willing to cut prices further to compete.

10/24/2006 Prepaid Cellular Limited

WalMart Stores Inc. plans to limit each customer to two prepaid cell phones per purchase amid complaints that entrepreneurs are buying the subsidized handsets by the hundreds to resell at a profit, according to people familiar with the matter.

The new limit on the phones, effective last week, was disclosed to The Associated Press by persons at two national cell carriers. They spoke on condition of anonymity because WalMart's policy hasn't been announced.

10/24/2006 Text Messaging still King With Mobile Phones

Text messaging remains the most dominant mode of mobile data communication, as high costs and cumbersome procedures keep customers from fully embracing fancier applications, industry players say.

10/24/2006 Cell Carriers Target Hispanics

Cingular,  is converting signs, pamphlets and other information in about 420 stores nationwide to both English and Spanish. The project began in June and is expected to be complete by the end of the year. And they are  not alone in targeting the Hispanic population for cellular services.

10/20/2006 1 Billion Cell Phones?

Cell phone shipments rose 21 percent in the third quarter, putting the industry within reach of exceeding 1 billion mobile phones worldwide this year, the technology research firm IDC reported Thursday.

10/18/2006 AT & T Looking to Make Concessions

After AT&T and BellSouth had their merger approved by the Department of Justice, the deal looked all but done. The only obstacle remaining was a vote at the FCC, which many observers expected to go AT&T's way last Thursday. But the meeting was cancelled, and now AT&T has offered some concessions and some cash in an effort to get the deal approved.

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10/17/2006 Cell Phone Mergers Gone Awry

A week ago, the AT&T-Bell South merger appeared on track, , all but certain to receive final governmental approval. Even the Department of Justice approved the merger without conditions. Yet after Friday's postponement of the FCC's vote, the final approval of the merger seems more remote and tenuous than ever. What happened?

Complete Article

10/16/2006 Cell Phone Accessories Booming

Cellphone accessories from decorations, to holsters to handsfree devices bring in $1 billion a year at the retail level in the U.S. and the market is growing 10% to 15% annually, said Roger Entner, a Boston-based analyst with the market research firm Ovum.

10/13/2006 Cell Phone Disables

A cellphone that automatically disables itself when separated from its owner for too long is to be launched by Japan's leading mobile telephone operator, NTT DoCoMo.

10/12/2006 Hotel Phone Use Down

A growing number of business travelers are using their cellphones and other technology to avoid extra charges for Internet access and telephone calls. For hotels, a once-lucrative profit center is disappearing.

10/12/2006 Cingular Wireless Sues Telemarketers for Unsolicited Calls

Cingular Wireless, a joint venture between AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp. , on Tuesday said it filed three lawsuits in a U.S. federal court against telemarketers to stop them from making unsolicited and illegal calls to Cingular customers.

10/11/2006 Mobile Phones Taking Over

Mobile phones have eclipsed landlines as communication methods of choice for Americans, according to an online survey by Harris Interactive.

The survey found 58 per cent of people had a landline, while 74 per cent of people owned a mobile phone.

10/09/2006 Cashing in on Text Messages

A new cell phone service from MasterCard sends users the location of the nearest ATM via SMS text messaging.

Cashing in on Text Messages

10/09/2006 T-Mobile Expanding Service

T-Mobile USA is set to launch by year's end a new breed of mobile phones that can pass live phone calls between cellular and Wi-Fi networks, a top executive told The Associated Press on Friday.

10/07/2006 ESPN Shutting Down Service

ESPN is closing down its cellphone company for sports fans after less than a year, planning instead to forge deals with other wireless operators to offer Mobile ESPN's multimedia content, the majority-owned subsidiary of Walt Disney Co. announced Thursday.

The Bristol, Conn.-based company will continue providing wireless service and content for its subscribers until the end of the year, refund the purchase price for handsets and assist customers with transferring their phone numbers to other carriers, ESPN executives told The Associated Press.

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10/05/2006 PageGate - Brand Destruction

NotePage has maintained the brand PageGate since 1996. Now with the DC Foley scandal heating up, the press is referring to the scandal as PageGate. :-(

PageGate is network software for sending text messages to wireless devices (pagers, cell phones etc...).

10/03/2006 Screaming Cell Phones!

Now if your mobile telephone is stolen, you can scream — and your phone can, too. A new service launched Monday is designed to deter mobile phone theft by equipping telephones with an ear-piercing scream.

The screaming won't stop unless the battery is removed. Even if the thief replaces the phone's SIM card, the handset will not work.

Complete Article

10/03/2006 Alltell and Midwest Wireless

The Federal Communications Commission on Monday approved rural telephone operator Alltel Corp.'s  $1 billion acquisition of Midwest Wireless Holdings.

Last month, the U.S. Justice Department said it would not oppose the deal after imposing conditions which require Alltel to sell some assets in four areas of rural Minnesota.

10/02/2006 Cingular Lawsuit

Cingular Wireless LLC, the nation's largest cell phone provider, on Friday sued a private eye caught up in the scandal over the  HP leak investigation, seeking to make him pay for allegedly obtaining customer call records under false pretenses.

Complete Article

09/29/2006 Japanese Coke machines to accept cellphone credit payment

US soft-drink giant Coca-Cola has said it will equip its vending machines in Japan to accept credit payment through mobile telephones, an increasingly popular money option in the country.

09/27/2006 Cell Phone Vending Machines

Shoppers craving the latest Motorola Inc. cell phones and accessories will be able to buy them at automated sales machines being installed in nearly two dozen malls and airports nationwide.

09/26/2006 Nokia Is Socially Conscious

Nokia said on September 21, it and other mobile industry players have agreed on measures to reduce pollution from the manufacturing and disposal of mobile phones.

The group has agreed to reduce energy consumption, stop using some hazardous materials, improve the amount of phones collected through take-back schemes and recycled, and give consumers more environmental information about products.

09/25/2006 Phone Trading

While the market has been slow to adopt cell phones usage for accessing their portfolios and trading securities on the go. But it appears that things are changing, the emergence and more widespread use of new technologies have been gradually raising investor awareness. And some are into the newly gained flexibility, reaping handsome rewards.

Global mobile trading could be texting a message: The future is now.

09/25/2006 Nokia to Put Microsoft Search on Cell Phones

The world's top handset maker Nokia said on Thursday it has agreed with Microsoft to integrate Live Search capabilities into Nokia's Mobile Search.

This would enable phone users access to Live Search directly from their Nokia N-series multimedia phones and other compatible Nokia phones using Series 60 software.

09/24/2006 Approval for AT&T Deal

The chairman of the FCC is said to have approved AT&T's 67 billion dollar purchase of Bell South.

09/17/2006 Text Message Helps Locate Girl

A kidnapped 14-year-old girl texts her mother from her keeper's cell phone. Authorities rescue her, using the message to help target their search area.

09/12/2006 Nokia, Motorola to cooperate on mobile TV

The world's top mobile phone maker Nokia said on Monday it will cooperate with Motorola  on mobile television interoperability and expects more than 50 million DVB-H devices to be sold globally by 2010.

09/07/2006 NotePage Knowledgebase

New PageGate and NotePager Pro knowledgebase .  Updated on a regular basis the knowledgebase contains information related to PageGate and NotePager Pro. If you prefer an RSS feed of the NotePage knowledgebase is available.

09/05/2006 Cell Phones a Treasure Trove of Personal Information

Most used cell phones and PDAs contain personal information that their former owners neglected to adequately delete, according to security company Trust Digital. Trust Digital examined a small sample of used phones and PDAs purchased from sellers on eBay and recovered data from nine out of 10 of the devices.

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