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08/26/2006 Cell Phones Cutting in on Watch Sales

Ask graphic designer Parker Weintz the time and he doesn't look to his wrist, he pulls a cell phone out of his pocket -- and he's not alone....

08/26/2006 NotePage Knows Paging In and Out

Great forum plug in WhatsUp forum !

"We purchased a product a few years ago called PageGate by Notepager. These guys know paging in and out. PageGate will pick up an ASCII file and page it to the receipient listed in the first line of the file. Better yet, it can try to send it via SNPP or WCTP over the internet first and failover to TAP paging if the others fail. It will break large pages into multiple small pages for those of us that have phones with small character limits."

08/24/2006 Consumers More Critical of Cellular Services than Manufacturers

Motorola, a longtime maker of mobile phones, is one of the most trusted wireless brands, while Sprint and Samsung are among the least trusted by U.S. cellphone customers, according to a survey. The survey asked 4,700 consumers across the USA how much they trust major cellphone service and handset brands.

08/24/2006 Children Will Spend $ 30,000 On Mobile Services

A new study delves into how young people are shaping mobile technology markets, and you won't believe how much cash today's 10-year-olds are expected to spend on mobile services.

The average 10-year-old will spend almost $30,000 on mobile services in a lifetime and the youth market is shaping mobile technology markets, according to an annual study recently released by Wireless World Forum.

08/24/2006 New Cell Phones

Up until now, cell phones have always looked pretty much like, well, phones. But Synaptics is out to change all that with ClearPad, their next generation mobile phone interface that replaces the traditional button layout with a smooth, touch screen interface. Instead of punching away at function keys, ClearPad-enabled phones -– like the Onyx concept phone that Synaptics introduced -– will allow users to place and receive calls "with the touch of a cheek."

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08/23/2006 No Mobiles will Replace No Smoking

Overhead "no smoking" signs will be replaced by "no mobiles" messages on some planes next year when technology is introduced to make it safe for passengers to use mobile phones mid-flight.

08/23/2006 Cellular Blimps...

Bob Jones has a lofty idea for improving communications around the world: Strategically float robotic airships above the Earth as an alternative to unsightly telecom towers on the ground and expensive satellites in space.

Jones, a former NASA manager, envisions a fleet of unmanned "Stratellites" hovering in the atmosphere and blanketing large swaths of territory with wireless access for high-speed data and voice communications.

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08/15/2006 Telecom Carrier Settings

We have a great database of settings from carriers to assist individuals wanting to send text messages to specific carriers. The databases are segregated by the protocols that they use, making it easy to locate a carriers settings.

TAP / UCP - database of telelocator alphanumeric paging protocol for carriers (use alphabet to locate carriers)
SNPP - database of simple network paging protocols settings for carriers.
WCTP - database of wireless communication protocols ettings for carriers.
SMTP - database of simple mail transfer protocol settings for carriers.

08/15/2006 Hands Free No Better than Handheld for Drivers

Talking on a cellphone while driving sharply reduces brain activity needed to keep track of road conditions and leads drivers to gaze at things without their brains actually seeing them, according to a psychologist at the University of Utah. Hands-free phones pose the same safety hazards as handheld phones, says psychologist David Strayer.

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08/15/2006 Forensics and Text Messaging

Forensic experts say they are studying how text messages could be linked to crimes.

In a bid to make better use of the data mobile phones contain, psychologists at the University of Leicester in England are researching how individuals can be identified by their texting style.

"The smaller the text message the harder it is to find who said what. The police are able to tell where a phone is by triangulation but not who is holding it," Tim Grant, one of the researchers, told

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08/14/2006 Going Green Means More Green for Cell Phone Users

It's not easy being green. But for cell-phone companies like Nokia, Motorola, and Palm, the alternative seems to be going into the red.

New regulations about electronic waste in parts of the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere are forcing handset makers to pursue innovative recycling programs and consider introducing phones that contain less toxic material. Indeed, some countries are considering punitive fines for manufacturers of phones and other electronics that don't meet these standards.

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08/14/2006 XM and Alltel Make a Deal

XM Satellite Radio Inc. has made a deal with Alltel Wireless, a cell phone service provider, to distribute some of XM's commercial-free channels over cell phones.

08/13/2006 New York Has Cell Outage

Sprint Nextel Corp. said an outage of its cellphone service in parts of the New York borough of Queens on Thursday was caused by water damage to network equipment due to a burst pipe.

08/10/2006 Fire Employees Via Text Message

Katy Tanner's cell phone beeped with a startling message — you're fired. The 21-year-old had a migraine headache and took a sick day last week from her job at Blue Banana, a chain body-piercing studio in Cardiff, Wales, she said Monday. She turned on her cell phone the next day to discover she'd been terminated from her sales position.

Complete Article

08/17/2006 The Line Between Cellular and Podcasting is Blurring

Alltel Corp. the No. 5 U.S. cellphone provider, said on Tuesday it will provide a service to download audio clips from the Internet to cellphones in a bid to expand its business beyond voice services.

08/10/2006 Huge FCC Auction

The government is auctioning off rights to the largest chunk ever of mobile-phone-friendly airwaves.

The auction, was conducted 8/8/2006 by the Federal Communications Commission, prior to the auction it was predicted that it might bring in as much as $15 billion to the U.S. Treasury and lead to an expansion of advanced services for mobile wireless customers, like super-fast Internet access.

08/08/2006 Study Shows Texting Helps Grammar

Worried about your teenagers ruining their grasp of the English language by using instant messaging? Rest easy: New research shows it actually gives them a strong command of grammar.

University of Toronto researchers have found that teenagers are not losing what they learn in English class, but rather demonstrating a mastery of formal and informal language when chatting on-line with friends.

08/08/2006 Nokia Leads Stolen Phone List

Nearly half of all mobile phones stolen in 2005 were made by Nokia, a new survey has found.

The study, by the Midlands Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice at Loughborough University, used data from 100,000 reported phone thefts in London to compile the top 10 list.

08/02/2006 Cingular Increases Rates

Cingular Wireless, a venture of AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp. , said on Monday it would start charging customers with older phones an extra $4.99 monthly fee as early as September unless they upgrade their phones as it moves toward using a single network technology.

08/02/2006 Verizon Music

Verizon Wireless, the No. 2 U.S. mobile service provider, said on Monday it was offering wireless music customers to pay a low fee for the time it takes to download each song instead of a flat monthly charge, in the hope of improving its music sales.

08/02/2006 Verizon Competes with iPod

Verizon Wireless has announced a digital music player called "Chocolate" that uses a cell phone made by LG Electronics to play songs downloaded over Verizon's wireless network.

With its circular scroll pad, the device looks like Apple Computer's iPod MP3 player, adding another player to an increasingly crowded market. Microsoft announced July 21 it would soon release a digital music player called "Zune."

07/31/2006 Videocast Directory Open

The Videocasting Station is open, many newer cell phones now have the ability to view videos. Locate feature specific videocasts, or videos based on specific keywords.

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