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11/30/2004 RingBack Tones, Could It Be The Next Thing for Cellular Companies?

Ring tones are so yesterday. If wireless companies have their way, the next multibillion-dollar surprise in the cellular business will be "Ringback" tones.

Instead of the usual dialing noise that people hear when phoning someone, callers to Verizon Wireless subscribers may soon find themselves listening to a song until the phone is answered.
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11/29/2004 WCTP Benefits Over SMTP

In comparison to other protocols such as SNPP, WCTP is more robust but more difficult to implement. WCTP supports full two way, and allows for flexibility. While SNPP enjoys wider adoption, WCTP is becoming increasingly more popular.

11/28/2004 After AT&T merger, Cingular Wireless expects to cut 6,800 jobs

With its acquisition of AT&T Wireless Services Inc. complete (see story), Cingular Wireless LLC is preparing to lay off about 10% of its 68,000 workers over a 12-to-18-month period starting next year.

11/24/2004 Exploding Cell Phones a Growing Problem

Curtis Sathre said it was like a bomb going off. His 13-year-old son Michael stood stunned, ears ringing, hand gushing blood after his cell phone exploded. Safety officials have received 83 reports of cell phones exploding or catching fire in the past two years, usually because of bad batteries or chargers. Complete Article

11/24/2004 Cell Phones, Text Messaging and Google

Google has come to cellphones -- the cheap ones, not just the fancy color-screen models with Web access. Over the last month, the popular search engine company
has quietly turned on a new service that lets people use most newer cellphone models to get snippets of information by sending short text messages to a special
five-digit number, 46645, which spells GOOGL on a phone keypad.

People looking for a list of pizza or Chinese restaurants in Back Bay, for example, just have to send the message "pizza 02116" or "Chinese 02116." Within 10 seconds or so, Google shoots back one or more text messages listing restaurants with addresses and phone numbers from its Google Local page.

11/21/2004 SBC, Yahoo Extend Partnership To Cellphones, TV

SBC Communications Inc. said it has extended its 3-year-old partnership with Yahoo Inc., and plans to use the Internet portal company in its ambitious plans to integrate entertainment and communications and extend those services beyond the PC to cellular phones and television.

The San Antonio, Texas, telecommunications company announced the multi-year extension a day after announcing a 10-year, $400 million deal with Microsoft Corp., which is providing SBC with its digital TV software platform.
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11/19/2004 Web Accessing from Cell Phones

U.S. Cellular, in conjunction with wireless software developer Novarra, launced nweb, an Internet browser that provides access to the Web over cell phones. Available exclusively from U.S. Cellular, nweb may be purchased on a daily or monthly basis through easyedgeSM, the company's wireless data service. The nweb application enables customers to surf anywhere on the Web and easily link to an extensive number of sites specifically designed for cell phone screens. Additionally, the new service includes a first-of-its-kind password protection for cell phones, at no additional charge, enabling parental control of Web sites intended for mature audiences.

"Unlike other mobile browsers designed for cell phones, nweb gives customers complete control over the content they choose to view and not be limited to Web sites selected by their wireless providers," said Alan D. Ferber, vice president of marketing for U.S. Cellular.

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11/18/2004 Nokia - Mobile Internet Protocol v6

Nokia has developed a prototype handset that supports Mobile Internet Protocol version 6, a version of the protocol that will help to improve the quality of voice over IP, streaming video, and other applications delivered to wireless devices, the company says. Complete Nokia Article

11/17/2004 Ringtone and Mobile Resource Sites

Occasionally we like to mention some of the sites that NotePage sponsors. Please have a look at:

Ringtones Central - Ringtones Central is a great place to find ringtones or cellular accessories.

Mobile Phone Software - Mobile Phone Software is a terrific resource for finding mobile and gaming software applications.

11/16/2004 Mobile Phones and Expanded Use

Software downloads for mobile phones are finally starting to move beyond simple ring tones.

The growing adoption of smart phones, which marry cell phones with handheld computers, is fueling the shift. Smart phone users are adding programs to open Microsoft Office files, get maps and directions, secure data and do other tasks.

This is so even though the array of devices, operating systems and carriers has hindered the market for mobile phone software from third-party providers.

11/15/2004 White Papers - Practical Business Use of NotePage's Software

Interested in being profiled on NotePage's website? If you use NotePage in an innovative way and would like to appear on the NotePage website answer the following questions.

1.) Please describe what kind of business the your department is responsible for ?
2.) How does your business use PageGate?
3.) Describe how this makes day to day business operations run smoother
4.) Any quotes or comments you would like included.

Just reply to this email if you are interested in being involved. As always thank you for your continued support!

11/12/2004 SMS Crossword

Nifty SMS Innovations for Newspapers A Swedish newspaper group has come up with the "SMS crossword." This is a newspaper crossword contest in which a successful solution produces a code that is sent by the reader via SMS (cell-phone text message) to the newspaper, where the results are then sorted into a database and a winner is selected.

11/11/2004 Nextel Adds Spectrum; Verizon Withdraws Complaints

Verizon Wireless on Tuesday withdrew its opposition to a plan that would give Nextel Communications Inc. valuable new wireless airwaves, sending Nextel's shares up as much as 5 percent.

In return, Nextel said it would forego ownership rights to the "push to talk" phrase used for its walkie-talkie style feature, which Verizon Wireless and others have added to their services.

11/10/2004 USA Mobility = Arch + Metrocall

Metrocall Holdings, Inc. and Arch Wireless, Inc. announced that their respective stockholders approved the merger agreement pursuant to which Metrocall and Arch will merge and each company will become a subsidiary of a new company called USA Mobility, Inc.

11/09/2004 New Mobile Phone Virus Website

The first site of its kind dedicated to Mobile Phone Viruses has been launched. Mobile phone virus news, reviews and alerts. The site contains downloads, a forum, and related topics.

11/08/2004 Kiwi Syslog

Kiwi Syslog Daemon is a freeware Syslog Daemon for Windows. It receives, logs, displays and forwards Syslog messages from hosts such as routers, switches, Unix hosts and any other syslog enabled device.

Kiwi Syslog monitors and easily informs users of system problems. By using NotePager Pro in combination with Kiwi Syslog, alerts can be sent to pagers and cellular phones, adding another level of notification to network management.
Additional Details

11/07/2004 More Wireless Industry Consolidation

Verizon Wireless said Thursday that it had signed an agreement with NextWave Telecom to purchase all of its airwave licenses for $3 billion.

Verizon said the licenses cover 23 markets around the United States, and would be acquired through the purchase of NextWave after it completes its bankruptcy reorganization, when Verizon says it will have no assets other than the licenses.

11/05/2004 How SMS Could Save a Life

Fascinating article about How SMS saved a life.

"How do you make the expertise of two doctors and two nurses spread far and wide enough to take care of more than 500 HIV/AIDS patients? In this gritty township, the answer is text messaging."

11/04/2004 NotePage News

A new NotePage newsletter has been sent out. The newsletter includes information on:

- Information on AT&T and Puget Sound
- New RSS Communciation Application
- Telecom/Paging Newsletter
- RSS Feed for Blog
- AT&T / US Cellular & T-Mobile TAP numbers
- Forum Reminder
- Recycling Cell Phones
- Partnerships

11/03/2004 SearchGuy Goes Mobile

SearchGuy Mobile's on-the-fly conversion technology allows handheld users to search the web easily and effectively. SearchGuy Mobile will serve has a destination for wireless users to retrieve and share data through the SearchGuy Mobile network.

The company has created its proprietary solution to be compatible will a multitude of handheld devices. Spanning the globe, SearchGuy Mobile's technology will be superior in both relevant data -- and delivery time.

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