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02.29.04 - 03.01.04 Integration Relationships

NotePage is still looking for integration partners. Since January 1, 2004 NotePage has welcomed 6 new partners. If you are interested in partnering with NotePage in order to provide SMS or messaging functionality to an existing application please contact us. NotePage's integration program is extremely flexible, perks for developers include listings and promotion on a network of more than 60 websites. Details on NotePage's integration partner program can be found online.

02.27.04 - 02.28.04 NotePage News

Check out the latest news from NotePage. If you wish to subscribe and recieve NotePage news via email. Simply send a blank email to with "subscribe" as the subject line.

02.25.04 - 02.26.04 What is SMS ?

NotePage has sponsored a new article on Ringtones Central. The article explains: What is SMS ? A brief clip of the article is below click the link to read the rest.

SMS, also known as short messaging service, is the rage in Europe and parts of Asia. Gradually SMS is gaining momentum in the US as a low cost messaging solution. SMS is defined as text messages, up to 160 characters in length, sent to mobile phones. In recent months SMS has become synonymous with any text message sent to a cell phone.

02.23.04 - 02.24.04 Kiwi Syslog Integration

NotePage is very pleased to announce a new integration with Kiwi Syslog. Kiwi Syslog Daemon is a freeware Syslog Daemon for Windows. It receives, logs, displays and forwards Syslog messages from hosts such as routers, switches, Unix hosts and any other syslog enabled device. Additional information on the Kiwi Syslog Integration is in the Integration Section

02.21.04 - 02.22.04 What are Ringtones?

A new article has been posted to Ringtones Central. The article explains what ringtones are and why they've become popular. NotePage makes the effort to sponsor sites that provide content relative to our customers.

02.19.04 - 02.20.04 Wireless Blogging

WaveMarket, a pioneer in location-based blogging, today introduced the first comprehensive location-based blogging system that enables users to broadcast and share location-time information from their cell phones with friends, affinity groups or the world.

02.17.04 - 02.18.04 Qwest Lost Bid for Texas Telco

Qwest Communications lost a bid to buy bankrupt Allegiance Telecom, after a flurry of bidding and negotiations stretched through Thursday and into the early morning hours Friday. XO Communications, controlled by financier Carl Icahn, agreed to pay $646 million in cash and stock for Allegiance, a Dallas- based company that specializes in selling telecommunications services to businesses in 36 metro markets.

02.15.04 - 02.16.04 Importing

What many customers don't realize that it is often very easy to import recipients and carriers into the PageGate or NotePager Pro's database. In fact NotePage has even created a database converter for those customers using old versions of Silverlake Communications Airsource products, that includes the OEM version PageNet Pro. If you have an existing datavase that requires importing check the forums or FAQs or drop us an email and we will assist you in transferring the data.

02.13.04 - 02.14.04 TrapSnap Integration

We are very pleased to announce a great new integration with TrapSnap. The integration allows for TrapSnap, and SNMP monitor to send alerts to pagers. TrapSnap is a flexible program that can "watch" for open doors, snap an image of the violated area and then through PageGate send an alert to security staff. Recently TrapSnap's flexibility has increased beyond, image capturing and it is now able to runs any action (program or script) upon receipt of a particular SNMP trap. Details on the Trap Snap integration can be found in the integration section.

02.11.04 - 02.12.04 Verizon SNPP & HP Openview's Integration

Verizon Pagers SNPP is down again. is not working anymore as of this AM.

Recently Hewlett Packard included NotePage's profile detailing NotePage's integration with HP Openview network node manager in their recent developer newsletter. HP made note of NotePage's detailed integration profile.

02.09.04 - 02.10.04 911 and FCC

The Federal Communications Commission should avoid forcing carriers who have chosen to deploy a handset-based solution to comply with the wireless enhanced 911 Phase II mandates to switch out handsets if they have not reached the 95 percent threshold by the end of next year, said a report commissioned by the National Emergency Number Associationís Strategic Wireless Action Team.

02.07.04 - 02.08.04 News - Bundling Telecom Services

Faced with a continuing drop-off in land-line customers, telecom companies have decided to go even further, rolling out partnerships with digital television providers so the services would include video as well. SBC Communications, working with EchoStar Communications, is debuting a service called SBC Dish. Last week Verizon Communications announced its own venture with the top U.S. satellite television provider, DirecTV. The telecoms hope that, by bundling phone service with beamed-in entertainment, they can stop cable companies from making further inroads into their business.

02.05.04 - 02.06.04 Searchable Support Forums

NotePage's support forums have grown into a great searchable database. If you have questions regarding NotePage's operation and functionality search the forum for a quick answer.

02.03.04 - 02.04.04 Discounts

NotePage offers discounts to all non-profit organizations. If you are a non-profit or government agency simply request discount pricing when ordering.

As a result of the integration relationships that NotePage has established it is clear that NotePage has become a leading provider of wireless messaging software solutions in the non-profit and public safety sector.

Orders can be placed by ordering via telephone at 781-829-0500.

02.01.04 - 02.02.04 Telecom News Alerts

Google is testing a new site feature that allows for users to receive industry specific news alerts daily. Sign-Up for Telecom News alerts. This service is in beta but it appears to provide information in a timely concise format.

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