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07/01/2009 Sprint Court Case

A U.S. district judge ruled that Sprint Nextel Corp will not face a nationwide class-action lawsuit that claims the No. 3 U.S. mobile company overcharged customers for taxes and refused refunds, court documents show.

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07/01/2009 Mobile Money

Being able to use a mobile phone for money transfers, bill payments and even savings would give some of the world's poorest people the chance to become part of the financial system, telecom providers and bankers have said.

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06/30/2009 Cell Phone Disaster Alerts

Tens of thousands of mobile users in Bangladeshs flood and cyclone-prone areas will now receive advance warning of an impending natural disaster through an alert on their cell phones, a government official says.

Bangladesh -- one of the worlds most densely populated countries -- is highly vulnerable to natural disasters, including cyclones, storm surges, droughts, floods and earthquakes, which often affect millions of people.

06/29/2009 Wireless Messaging Glossary

Glossary of Wireless Messaging Terms.

06/25/2009 Time Management Tips

Managing your time and using it wisely is a journey, and not something that can be easily mastered overnight. Implementing a plan will help, but it is not going to be a sure cure. Time management requires a significant amount of self-discipline.

Here are some tips to assist you with time management...

06/22/2009 Exclusive Deals Harmful?

The Federal Communications Commission will open an investigation into whether exclusive cell phone deals are harmful to consumers, acting Chairman Michael Copps said Thursday.

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06/18/2009 Cellular Tax Repeal

The Obama administration on Tuesday said it will back repealing a hard-to-enforce tax on personal use of work cellphones, appeasing the business community, phone makers and users.

A 1989 law requires companies seeking to deduct worker cellphones as an expense to track personal use with painstaking documentation of minutes. The government, in a notice last week sought public comment on making compliance easier, but now says the law should be scrapped altogether.

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06/18/2009 Text Message Price Collusion Possible

U.S. wireless carriers Verizon Communications and AT&T took issue with assertions that they colluded in setting prices for text messages, saying on Tuesday that prices for most customers had fallen and the market was competitive.

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06/17/2009 Web Review Webinar

Join us June 23rd for the 2nd Website Critique and Review Webinar. Subjects covered include the initial impression created by a website, structure, navigation, communication, SEO setup and more. The second website critique will be taking place on Tuesday June 23rd at 12:00 EST. Sign-up to have your website reviewed.

06/16/2009 Driving While Texting

The vast majority of US mobile phone users know that making calls, texting and using other features while driving is dangerous, but admit doing so anyway, a poll showed Tuesday.

Seventy-two percent of people who drive and own a cellular phone admitted that they use their mobile while driving, even though more than eight in 10 said they thought that doing so was dangerous, the Harris Interactive survey of 2,681 adults showed.

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06/16/2009 T-Mobile Breach

T-Mobile is investigating a claim that a massive amount of internal data has been stolen from the telecommunication operators servers, a company spokesman said Monday.

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06/15/2009 Pandemics Limited By Cell Phones

A few months from now, a highly contagious disease will spread through a Japanese elementary school. The epidemic will start with several unwitting children, who will infect others as they attend classes and wander the halls.

If nothing is done, it will quickly gain momentum and rip through the student body, then jump to parents and others in the community. But officials will attempt to stymie the disease and save the school €” using mobile phones.

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06/10/2009 Common GPS for Flights

Get lost in the woods and a cell phone in your pocket can help camping buddies find you. Drive into a ditch and GPS in your car lets emergency crews pinpoint the crash site. But when a transcontinental flight is above the middle of the ocean, no one on the ground can see exactly where it is €” in the air, or worse, in the water.

The disappearance of Air France Flight 477 and its 228 passengers over the Atlantic Ocean this week has critics of radar-based air traffic control calling on the U.S. and other countries to hasten the move to GPS-based networks that promise to precisely track all planes. Current radars are obsolete more than 200 miles from land.

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06/09/2009 Greener Cell Phones

Cellphone maker Sony Ericsson unveiled on Thursday two handset models it said are more eco-friendly, adding that the company will push greener features across its product line in the next two years.
The new models, C901 GreenHeart and Naite, will be sold in smaller packages and have user manuals that are electronic. The devices use more recycled materials and consume less energy.

Greener Cell Phones

06/08/2009 Plants Can Send Text Messages

Technology that lets plants send text alerts when they are running dry may someday reduce overwatering, says a Discovery Channel report. A chip about the size of a clip-on earring can be attached to a plant leaf and linked to regular cell-phone networks, sending a text message when it is time to irrigate. Watering only when necessary could save water and energy, especially in the arid West. A company called AgriHouse is marketing the chip, which is based on technology developed by NASA for long space trips.

Plants Can Send Text Messages

06/03/2009 Student Discount at Software Conference

Student Discount for Software Industry Conference in Boston MA July 16-18th. Only $50.00 with student ID normally $249.00! Educational sessions for software developers and marketers.

06/02/2009 The Future of Mobile Phones

Few companies innovate with the intensity and frequency of those working in mobile, and todays present is a future that only a handful of people would have predicted just a few short years ago. While most of us happily soak up rampant innovation as mere consumers, a handful of people in the hallowed corridors of mobile R&D labs are already working on the next big thing -- the phones we'll be carrying around in our back pockets in 2012 and beyond.

Very occasionally we get a glimpse of this future. Nokia recently went public with their morph concept phone -- an idea which seems so crazy and off-the-wall it might actually be possible.

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05/31/2009 Jitterbug Recall

GreatCall and Samsung jointly recalled 160,000 easy-to-use Jitterbug cell phones after the phones carrier discovered the units could not make 911 calls in a small rural carriers coverage area.

06/01/2009 Software Industry Conference Participation

Join us at the Software Industry Conference. The conference is a premier event for software developers and software marketers. We will have speakers presenting and participating in the conference.  There is even a Student Discount for Software Industry Conference admission is only $50.00 with student ID normally $249.00! Educational sessions for software developers and marketers. The conference is in Boston MA July 16-18th.

05/26/2009 NotePager Pro Tutorials

We have just added some new tutorials for using NotePager Pro text messaging software. There is a setup and installation tutorial, adding carriers tutorial, and adding recipients tutorial.

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