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05/26/2009 NotePager Pro Tutorials

We have just added some new tutorials for using NotePager Pro text messaging software. There is a setup and installation tutorial, adding carriers tutorial, and adding recipients tutorial.

05/24/2009 Cellular Rattle

When Annamarie Saarinen needed to soothe her ailing daughter, she used a rattle €” downloaded to her iPhone.

Jeff Hilimire uses a white noise application on his phone to make shushing noises for his infant daughter. And Tracie Stier-Johnson lets her young daughters answer trivia questions on her phone while waiting in the doctors office or at parent-teacher conferences.

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05/26/2009 Cell Blocking

Gov. Martin OMalley said Monday he would consider going against federal law to hold a cell-phone jamming demonstration at a Maryland prison to help stop illegal cell phone use by prison inmates, but he hopes that won't be necessary.

O'Malleys spokesman, Rick Abbruzzese, said the administration plans to send a request to the Federal Communications Commission for permission to hold a demonstration, but has not yet. The FCC has said the Communications Act of 1934 doesn't allow state and local agencies to use the technology, which prevents cell tower transmissions from reaching phones.

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05/25/2009 iPhone Fees

If you want an iPhone but are turned off by the high monthly service fees, some good news may be on the horizon. According to BusinessWeek, AT&T Wireless may offer lower-priced plans as early as late May. If the report is true, the starter iPhone plan would cost about $60 a month.

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05/19/2009 US Cellular with Free Batteries

US Cellular is poised to become the first carrier in the States to offer a free battery swap program for customers that are loyal enough to hold on to their handset.

Starting last week, customers with dead or dying batteries can walk into any US Cellular store and receive a fully-charged replacement for free.

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05/14/2009 Transit Drivers in Mass Are Banned From Cell Phones

Transit officials in Massachusetts are banning train, trolley and bus drivers from carrying cell phones while they are behind the wheel after one operator crashed a street car while text-messaging his girlfriend.

05/12/2009 EU Looking to Cut Mobile Termination Rates

The European Commission launched a new assault on what it considers to be rip-off costs in mobile telephony Thursday, this time setting its sights on mobile termination rates.

Unlike earlier moves against mobile roaming charges, which involved setting price caps, the latest initiative recommends that national telecom regulators in the 27 European Union member countries take action.

05/11/2009 Google Will Recognize Stars

New Google software will identify stars and planets via mobile phone pictures. Stargazers will soon be able to identify stars and planets in the night sky via their mobile phone and Google.

The search engine is pioneering software which can identify distant planets and galaxies from a photo taken on a mobile.
The Google Earth technology, called Star Droid, will use GPS mapping systems which are now in most new handsets, to identify the position of the user and compare it with existing maps of space.

05/07/2009 A Fifth of US Homes Cellular with No Landlines

For the first time, the number of U.S. households opting for only cell phones outnumber those that just have traditional landlines in a high-tech shift accelerated by the recession.

In the freshest evidence of the growing appeal of cell phones, 20 percent of households had only cells during the last half of 2008, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey released Wednesday. That was an increase of nearly 3 percentage points over the first half of the year, the largest six-month increase since the government started gathering such data in 2003.

The 20 percent of homes with only cell phones compared to 17 percent with landlines but no cells.

05/06/2009 World Phone

AT&T has grabbed the spotlight from competitors before the summer rush. The wireless carrier will offer Research in Motion's BlackBerry Curve 8900 in early summer, it announced Monday.

The silver smartphone with black finish is the slimmest of the BlackBerry devices with QWERTY keyboards. Touted by AT&T as a world phone because it allows customers to access data in more than 170 countries and make calls in more than 200.

complete article

05/05/2009 No Such Thing As Safe Sexting

Teens sending nude or suggestive photos of themselves over their mobile phones are being warned that sexting can damage their future.

Australias state government of New South Wales launched an education campaign this week to combat the growing practice of sexting, saying these images or sexually explicit text messages can be posted on the Internet or forwarded to others, which can end up in harassment or even sexual assault.

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05/03/2009 Motorola Losses

Cell phone maker Motorola Inc posted a smaller-than-expected quarterly loss thanks to cost cuts that helped offset a sharp drop in cellphone sales.

While it said losses would narrow in the current quarter, the cellphone makers shares fell 9 percent after it also announced its cash position fell about $1 billion in the last three months.

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04/29/2009 Swine Flu Updates on Your Cell Phone

The CDC - Center for Disease Control and WHO - World Health Organization are putting out a lot of information about the Swine Flu. There are even Twitter accounts that keep update information on the Swine Flu. Also a number of RSS feeds for Swine Flu are available. All of these can be directed to your cell phone so you can get the latest information on your mobile phone!

04/28/2009 Cellular Patient Monitoring

Obstetricians today can monitor critical patients remotely using an iPhone, Blackberry or other portable communication device thanks to a software application developed by locally-based AirStrip Technologies.

The application sends real-time wave-form data and information to these mobile devices, giving the doctors the ability to make vital decisions on patient care without having to stand at the patients bedside.

complete article

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