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NotePage Green Efforts NotePage Green Efforts

NotePage's Green Efforts

NotePage is an eco-friendly business. In recent years, we have made a number of changes in an effort to become a more environmentally-friendly and conscientious business. Here are just a few of the things that NotePage has done in our effort to become a more "green" business...

1. Telecommuting Staff

Currently, the staff at Notepage can optionally choose to telecommute if and when they wish. Working from home reduces travel costs, emissions, etc.

2. Electronic Documents

Invoices, statements, receipts, and price quotes are all available in electronic (PDF) format. Customers can have such documents delivered to them via email, which results in less paper waste and reduced mail/delivery costs, as well as much quicker delivery.

3. Electronic Software Delivery Options

All software from NotePage is available via electronic delivery by default. Physical media can be optionally added to an order if desired.

4. Encourage Recycling

NotePage encourages all staff members to recycle.

5. Encourage Energy Conservation

Energy conservation not only reduces expenses, but it also leaves the environment in better shape. For example, many NotePage staff members have opted to use energy-efficient laptop computers rather than desktop PCs.

6. Collaborative Digital Tools

NotePage uses electronic collaboration tools, such as Google Docs and MS Groove, which eliminates those ever-changing printed paper drafts and mockups.

7. Green Tips

We have added a "green tips" section to both the FeedForAll and NotePage newsletters.

8. Energy Star Compliant

When new equipment is purchased, effort is made to purchase "energy star compliant" hardware.

Businesses have a responsibility to be good stewards of the environment, and to leave the world a better place for future generations. NotePage, Inc. is making every effort to be a responsible and green business.

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