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04/29/2006 Nokia Patent Suit

Finnish cell phone giant Nokia agreed to pay U.S.-based InterDigital Commmunications $253 million to quash a long-running patent dispute over 2G handsets.

04/26/2006 Mobile Voice Over IP

Phone users will be a step closer on Wednesday to being able to make on-the-move calls over the Web in the latest effort by Internet-based telecoms firms to grab a share of the market from mobile operators.

04/26/2006 AT&T Profits Up

AT and T, the new name for SBC Communications, said quarterly profits rose 63 percent to 1.445 billion dollars on merger-related savings and growth in wireless and broadband services.

04/24/2006 InPhonic To Sell Cellular Phone Plans On

InPhonic Inc. plans to start selling cellular phones and service plans on Inc. in the third quarter, the first such deal for the online retailer.

The multi-year deal announced Thursday makes the Washington, D.C., company the first reseller to sell mobile phone service plans in's wireless store.

04/23/2006 Sprint Nextel Buying Ubiquitel

Sprint Nextel Corp. has agreed to acquire UbiquiTel Inc. for $1 billion, continuing a campaign of buying up regional affiliates that have sued over last year's merger between Sprint and Nextel.

Conshohocken-based UbiquiTel provides wireless service under the Sprint brand name to 452,000 subscribers in medium-sized cities in California, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Ubiquitel Sale

04/17/2006 Sprint Tracks Kids Via GPS Cell Phones

Sprint Nextel Corp. on Thursday launched a new service that locates children through their cell phones, the first U.S. mobile carrier to offer tracking using standard hardware.

Dubbed "Family Locator Service," the $9.95 per month service relies on GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to pinpoint up to four cell phones, and then maps their locations on a PC or a parent's own cell phone.

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04/17/2006 Dial for Dollars

Forget about cash and credit cards. There's a new payment alternative for buying CDs, DVDs and other such entertainment pleasures -- your cell phone.

Online payment specialist PayPal, a unit of Internet auction giant eBay, has introduced PayPal Mobile to North America. The wireless version of its service enables users to buy goods and exchange money using their phones. Transactions are conducted by secure text message.

Complete Article

04/16/2006 High-tech Bullying May Be on the Rise

Bullies have plied their trade in the school yard, on the school bus and, more recently, on the Internet. Now research suggests that mean girls, at least, are keeping up with changing times: They're text-messaging their threats.

In a small-scale study presented at a meeting of the American Educational Research Association here this week, researchers surveyed 65 girls ages 15-18 in an upscale Sacramento suburb in 2004 and found that self-identified female bullies most often text-messaged harassment by cellphone, preferring it nearly 2 to 1 over e-mail, websites and instant messaging. About 45% had been victims of cyber-bullying.

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04/15/2006 Sprint Tracks Kids Via GPS Cell Phones

Sprint Nextel Corp. on Thursday launched a new service that locates children through their cell phones, the first U.S. mobile carrier to offer tracking using standard hardware.
Dubbed Family Locator Service, the $9.95 per month service relies on GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to pinpoint up to four cell phones, and then maps their locations on a PC or a parent's own cell phone.

Privacy safeguards, said Sprint, include parent-child permission to track phones, and text messages that are sent to the child's phone whenever the parent requests his or her location. Parents can also authorize others, such as a sitter, nanny, or other relative, to access a phone's location.

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04/14/2006 Air France Allows Text Messaging

Air France is to allow passengers to use their mobile phones once airborne on certain flights, though only for text messaging and data applications, the airline announced last week - voice calls will be interdit for the time being.

The service will kick off in March 2007, three months after Air France takes possession of a new Airbus A318 aircraft. No surprises then to hear that the aeroplanes use the OnAir cellular system, which has Airbus's backing.

Air France Allows Text Messaging

04/11/2006 Ringtones

New and popular tones and collaborations to make your phones ring distinct. Ringtones Central is your premier source for locating ringtones for specific brands and carriers, finding cellular acessories, cellular software and a myriad of other items that will make your cell phone unique and customized to meet your personal needs and tastes.

more on Ringtones Central

04/10/2006 Blocking Access

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has filed legal briefs and evidence in an effort to put a stop to AT&T routinely giving the US government direct access to Americans' Internet communications.

04/09/2006 RIM Partnering with Yahoo

Research In Motion Inc. on Wednesday said it plans to add Yahoo Inc. Web services to the BlackBerry, including email, instant messaging and search.

Later this year, new BlackBerries will include icons that will give users of the mobile device single-click access to Yahoo services from the Blackberry's main screen, a Yahoo spokesman said. Current BlackBerry users will be able to download the services in a couple of weeks.

04/04/2006 .Mobi Coming Soon

Mobile Top Level Domain (mTLD), the company behind the .mobi domain, will begin registering Internet addresses in May geared toward mobile devices, a company executive said Wednesday.

The domain suffix comes with a new set of design standards that dotMobi chief executive officer Neil Edwards said will make the Internet more accessible on tiny, portable screens.

04/04/2006 Mobile Mapquest

AOL unit MapQuest on Monday unveiled a mobile map service that customers can use on their cellular phones, complete with voice directions, text and maps in a bid to expand on the popularity of its Internet maps.

Mobile Mapquest

04/04/2006 Cell Phones are Annoying

According to a Canadian Poll:

Even cellphone users get irritated at others who yak on their portables about their personal business in public.

An AP-AOL-Pew poll found the offended don't think they are among the callers who get on other people's nerves. Most cell users find their phones very useful, with half keeping them on all the time. But almost nine in 10 say they encounter others using those phones in an annoying way. Only eight per cent of cell users acknowledge their own use of cellphones is sometimes rude.

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04/03/2006 Motorola Focuses on Cellular

Motorola Inc. said Monday it is selling its automotive electronics business to German tire company Continental AG for about $1 billion, enabling the cell-phone maker to focus more exclusively on communications technology.

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