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01/27/2010 NotePage News Now Available

NotePage Newsletter has been posted. Read the latest SMS and Text Messaging News.

01/27/2010 Hands Free

A bill that would impose a fine on motorists in Pennsylvania who use a cell phone without a hands-free device easily cleared a hurdle Monday in the state House of Representatives.

The House gave preliminary approval to the bill, 156-40. A final vote on the bill could happen as early as Tuesday.

Under the bill, a $50 fine would be imposed on anyone talking or sending text messages on a cell phone, or otherwise using an electronic device for most other purposes. Using an electronic navigation system would remain legal, as would calling 911 while driving.

complete article

01/25/2010 SMS Learning Center

NotePage has recently introduced an SMS learning center to assist customers in sending text messages to mobile phones and wireless devices. The SMS and text messaging center includes interactive video tutorials, educational articles and support resources all pertinent to the sending of text and SMS messages. NotePage, Inc. has long been a leader in wireless communication and the SMS learning center expands on their commitment to educate users about messaging technologies, procedures and protocols.

The SMS learning center and videos are freely available, and no login is required. Additional details can be found at:

01/21/2010 China Restores Texting Capabilities

China has restored mobile text message services in a Western province where they were suspended for months following unrest. Limited Internet access is also returning to the region.

Residents in the Xinjiang region, which is home to Chinas Uighur ethnic minority, can now send up to 20 text messages a day but are still barred from making international phone calls unless they register with authorities, the official China Daily newspaper said Monday. China cut off virtually all Internet, text message and international call services in the region after deadly ethnic riots there claimed nearly 200 lives last July.

complete article

01/20/2010 Mobile Price Wars

The two largest U.S. wireless carriers, Verizon and AT&T, cut their rates on Friday, escalating a price war that began with smaller carriers.

Verizon Wireless, the biggest U.S. mobile service, said it would cut prices 30 percent for voice customers. It was followed by similar price cuts from its main rival, AT&T Inc.

Mobile Price Wars

01/19/2010 Texting Raised 11 Million for Haiti

Cellphone users in the United States have contributed more than $11 million to Haitian earthquake relief through text messages in what is being hailed as an unprecedented mobile response to a natural disaster.

complete article

01/17/2010 Technology Helping Haitians

Online maps, mobile phone donations, wikis and a slew of websites are being deployed as telecoms firms, technology giants and startups set aside their rivalries and put the latest tools to work to help earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

complete article

01/18/2010 Text Messaging Resumed

Text messaging services restarted with some restrictions Sunday for cell phone users in far western China, more than six months after deadly ethnic rioting prompted the government to shut them down.

Users are once again able to send text messages throughout China, but sending texts to overseas numbers remains prohibited, a staffer with the information office of the Xinjiang provincial government said. She declined to give her name as is customary.

complete article

01/13/2010 Mobile Phones May Help Alzheimers!

Long suspected of causing brain tumors, mobile phones are now being eyed as key allies in the fight against Alzheimers disease, US researchers said in a study.

Researchers at the University of South Florida found, to their surprise, that 96 mice they zapped twice daily for an hour each time with electromagnetic waves similar to those generated by US mobile phones benefited from the exposure.

complete article

01/13/2010 Apple Buys Quattro Wireless

Apple has acquired Quattro Wireless, according to an item posted Tuesday on the mobile advertising companys blog.

Quattro has an ad serving, tracking and analytics platform to help advertisers engage with mobile consumers. Its Q Elevation platform can be used to target ad campaigns based on consumer demographics, location, time of day and other factors.

complete article

01/12/2010 Taser Goes Mobile

Stun gun maker Taser wants to help parents, not with jolts of electricity but with a tool which allows parents to effectively take over a childs mobile phone and manage its use.

Taser Goes Mobile

01/11/2010 Developing Nations

Nokia chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo praised the mobile phone on Friday as a history-changing tool and challenged developers to create programs for poor countries.

These little devices have done more to improve peoples lives than perhaps any technology in history, the head of the Finnish mobile phone giant said in a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show.

complete article

01/07/2010 Medication Reminders by Text

Text messaging has been blamed for all sorts of woes in recent years, from distracting drivers and walkers to causing chronic pain and promoting less personal communication. But a pediatrician now suggests that these quick messages have a bright side: They can remind us to take our medication.

Research has shown that up to half of patients may fail to take their daily medication properly, with forgetfulness being a top reason for non-adherence. So at least in some cases, sending a text message reminder may be all that a patient needs, said Robotham, who has encouraged the use of appropriate texting among doctors at her hospital.

Texting to Remind You to Take Your Medication

01/05/2010 2009 Reflections and 2010 Predictions

Another year has rolled by marked by miracles, political milestones and tragedies alike. 2009 was the year of financial uproar with bailouts and ponzi schemes dominating the news on a regular basis. Chrysler and GM stalwart car giants struggled to survive. Bernie Madoffs financial pyramid came tumbling down, taking average citizen's retirement plans with it, emptying the coffers of trusting non-profits and celebrities alike.

The United States democratically dominated political landscape juggled health care reform, accusations of death boards, raucous town hall meetings and tea parties from coast to coast. The Swine Flu was quickly renamed H1N1 so that the pork industry would not suffer, and the politicized name change did little to calm pandemic worries.

2009 was also marred by a number of notable deaths. Farrah Fawcett, the charming Charlies Angel, battle with cancer came to an end. The controversial but talented Michael Jackson succumbed to what appeared to be a fatal drug cocktail. Eunice Kennedy Shriver, known for the creation of the Special Olympics, passed on. Ted Kennedy, the patriarch of the Kennedy clan, and another controversial and historic figure, succumbed in his battle against a brain tumor. Walter Cronkite, the most trusted voice in America, died, bringing about the end of an era in journalism. Patrick Swayze who danced his way into our hearts, left us with nothing but sadness over his untimely death.

Some may see, the most noticeable death, as the death of capitalism. The bailouts, the governments role in the car companies, big government and what some seem to feel are steps toward socialism, have caused an unprecedented divide in the US.

2009 Reflections, 2010 Predictions

01/04/2010 Mobile Phones in Prison A Security Concern

Mobile phones smuggled into British prisons could be used by Islamist militants to spread their extremist ideology and threaten national security, Conservatives claimed today.

Tory security spokeswoman Baroness Neville-Jones quoted official Justice Ministry figures which show that more mobile phones and SIM cards than ever are being secretly brought into jails, despite a ban on their use.

complete article

01/01/2010 NotePage Launched New Initiatives

Projects that NotePage has launched in 2009

Follow NotePage on Twitter @notepage

NotePager Pro Tutorials

Green Tips  

Green Policy  

New Integration partner Simple Server Monitor

Green Efforts and Policies -

Launched Text Messaging Learning Center

Launched Video Tutorials

12/30/2009 Drivers Who Text

People who send text messages while driving are six times more likely to crash, a new study finds.

The research adds to a mountain of evidence showing that texting or talking on mobile phones while driving is dangerous. Texting seems to be the worst.

The new study was done in a driving simulator, however, so it's not known exactly how the results would translate to the road. Still, the results were stark.

complete article

12/29/2009 Texting Growth Surging

Americans punched out more than 110 billion text messages in December 2008, double the number in the last month of 2007, as the shorthand communication becomes a popular alternative to cell phone calls.

The nations 270 million cell phone subscribers each sent out an average of 407 text messages in December 2008, according to government statistics released Tuesday by the Census Bureau. That is more than double the 188 messages sent by the average cell subscriber during the same period in 2007. The figures did not break down the texting by age, but the overall numbers understate the thousands of texts sent each month by many teens €” balanced out by older folks who don't text as much.

complete article

12/29/2009 Allied Wireless

A wireless company that will serve more than 800,000 former Alltel Corp. subscribers announced Tuesday it will locate its corporate headquarters in Little Rock and hire more than 200 workers.

complete article

12/28/2009 Blackberry Outage

For the second time in a week, BlackBerry users found themselves without e-mail and Internet service, refreshing their screens in futility on Tuesday night as they languished in an agonizing information vacuum.

Some BlackBerry users continued to experience intermittent service disruptions on Wednesday after a major failure shut down the popular wireless e-mail service throughout North and South America.

complete article

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