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01/31/2006 Balloons to Improve Cell Coverage

Why put up costly cell phone towers in thinly populated areas, when a few balloons would do? In North Dakota, former Gov. Ed Schafer is backing a plan to loft wireless network repeaters on balloons high above the state to fill gaps in cellular coverage.

"I know it sounds crazy," said Schafer, who now heads Extend America Inc., a wireless telecommunications company. "But it works in the lab."

01/30/2006 Sprint Nextel Sues

Sprint Nextel Corp. on Friday said it sued the parent company of four data brokers it said used fraudulent means to obtain and sell wireless customer call records.

Sprint said the company, 1st Source Information Specialists Inc., had its employees pose as customers seeking information about their own accounts, to get access to cell phone logs and phone numbers.

01/27/2006 RIM Says BlackBerry Work-Around Is Ready If Needed

While the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected Research In Motion Ltd.'s request to hear its case, the BlackBerry maker says it has a technology work-around ready to go in the event a U.S. District Court imposes an injunction.
RIM says it would pre-load a software work-around on new BlackBerry devices that avoids any alleged patent infringements before they're shipped to customers. "Work-arounds are a legitimate strategy respected by the courts, so RIM would be fully entitled to alter its software with a non-infringing work-around and continue shipping," said Mark Guibert, RIM's VP of corporate marketing, in a prepared statement.

01/27/2006 Cellular Pornography

Dial P for porn? It may never be quite that easy. But cell-phone pornography is a fast-growing business that analysts expect will generate about $2 billion in global revenue by 2009.

01/26/2006 Beachfront Spectrum

The U.S. government announced last month it was vacating a swath of spectrum, which it would put it on the auction block, perhaps this coming June.

The government estimates auctioning the spectrum will more than recoup the $936 million it will cost to relocate the wireless services of more 2200 systems spread across 12 federal agencies. While the U.S. Commerce Department won’t speculate how much the auction will generate, the last major spectrum auction raised more than $2 billion.

But is the 1710-1755 MHz portion of spectrum that the government will make available, which it described as "beach-front" property, really that desirable for cellular operators? And what will all this mean for cellular users in terms of wireless services and prices?

01/25/2006 Looking for Ringtones?

Try these ringtone resources:

Ringtones Central - New and popular tones and collaborations to make your phones ring distinct. Ringtones Central is your premier source for locating ringtones for specific brands and carriers, finding cellular acessories, cellular software and a myriad of other items that will make your cell phone unique and customized to meet your personal needs and tastes.

Ringtone Software - Explains how ringtones work, explains RTTL and general information about ringtones.

Free Ringtones Online - Browse the directory of FREE ringtones, cellular accessories, cellular phones, cellular software and cellular graphics.

01/25/2006 FTC Says Cell Phone E-Mail Is Hoax

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) tried to calm jittery cell phone users by issuing an advisory last week telling them that they don't need to register their mobile number with the agency's Do-Not-Call Registry.

A heavily circulated e-mail that claims cell phone numbers will be for sale to telemarketers has gained so much traction that the FTC felt it necessary to debunk the hoax. "Contrary to the e-mail, cell phone numbers are NOT being released to telemarketers, and you will NOT soon be getting telemarketing calls on your cell phone," the FTC said in the advisory published on its Web site.

01/25/2006 T-Mobile Seeks to Halt Access to Cell Records

T-Mobile, the No. 4 U.S. wireless carrier, said on Monday it asked a Washington state court to prevent companies from allegedly using fraudulent means to obtain and sell T-Mobile customer call records.

German-owned T-Mobile said it asked the court for an injunction against Data Find Solutions, 1st Source Information Specialists and related firms and individuals. T-Mobile said the companies ran or owned Web sites such as and that offered such services.

01/25/2006 Cingular Wireless Posts 4Q Profit of $204M

Cingular Wireless LLC's position as the nation's largest cell phone company is threatened by the growth of rival Verizon Wireless, despite strong subscriber and revenue gains that led Cingular to report Tuesday it swung to a profit in the fourth quarter.

The Atlanta-based company said it earned $204 million in the three months ending Dec. 31, compared to a loss of $495 million in the same period a year ago.

01/23/2006 Cell Phones Pose No Risk Of Brain Cancer

A four-year study of brain cancer patients in the U.K. found there is no increased risk of the illness traceable to the use of mobile phones.
The study of 966 brain cancer patients was conducted by London's Institute of Cancer Research and three major British universities. The results were released Friday in a report in the British Medical Journal.

"There was no relationship for risk of glioma (brain cancer) and time since first use of a mobile phone, lifetime years of use and cumulative number of calls and hours of use," the report stated.

01/20/2006 Devious Tactic Snags Phone Data

Online information brokers pried thousands of private cell-phone records from Verizon Wireless by posing as speech-impaired customers and company employees, court documents show.

The charges, which appear in a civil suit filed by Verizon in Florida late last year, shed a rare light on the shadowy world of online phone-record vendors -- a cottage industry among private investigators that has operated below the radar for years but is now in the spotlight amid a flurry of private suits and calls for laws restricting phone-record sales.

Complete Article

01/20/2006 Cingular to sell phone with Microsoft software

Cingular Wireless, the No. 1 U.S. cellphone service provider, said on Wednesday it would begin selling a mobile phone running the latest Microsoft Corp. software for mobile phones.

The Cingular-branded 2125 Smartphone, made by High Tech Computer Corp. will go on sale for $199 on Wednesday.

It will be the U.S. first phone based on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software that has a typical cellphone dial pad instead of a tiny computer-style keyboard.

01/18/2006 SMS Forum Support

Reminder - there is a well developed forum on the NotePage site, that includes detailed answers to support questions. Be sure to search the forum if you have any questions related to the NotePage product line.

01/18/2006 Convergence, Not Consolidation, In Cellular Future

By the end of the year, we'll start seeing services that merge cellular voice and voice-over-IP, according to predictions released today by Pyramid Research. In addition, the research firm said that, contrary to predictions by other researchers and industry ovservers, there won't be much more consolidation in 2006 in the U.S. cellular market.
Converged cellular and VoIP services will start appearing that will enable users to seamlessly switch between cellular and Wi-Fi networks, according to Pyramid. One driving force will be that phone vendors will start including the technology for such convergence in their phones. That technology will primarily be in the form of UMA, which converges GSM-based cellular networks with Wi-Fi networks.

01/17/2006 Night Time Calls Corrupting Youth

Bangladesh has told phone companies to stop free late-night mobile phone calls, arguing that they corrupt its youth -- making them speak vulgarly, hitting studies and promoting chit-chat between boyfriends and girlfriends.

In the mainly Muslim and deeply conservative country, where dating is discouraged, parents complained to the telecoms regulator, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC), that the free night calls were changing their children's behavior.

01/17/2006 CBS Developing Soap Opera For Cell Phones

CBS is developing a soap opera specifically for broadcast to cell phones, the entertainment industry site reported Wednesday.
The publication said that the network plans to run between five and seven original episodes of the unnamed soap opera a week. Each episode will be between three and five minutes long, according to the publication.

01/17/2006 Your Old Cell Phone Could Lead To Charitable Causes

The next time you decide to upgrade your cell phone, think twice before throwing the old one into a storage closet or the trashcan. You can donate it to a charity.

Cell phone recycling programs are popping up everywhere, with good intentions in mind. Best Buy this week launched a mail-in recycling program at its stores that lets people donate used or unwanted cell phones. The retailer is giving free pre-paid envelopes to customers who buy cell phones or related equipment, so they can mail-in their old cell phone when they get home.

More on Recycling Cell Phones

01/16/2006 US Federal Agencies Probing Sale of Cell Data

A U.S. Congressman said on Friday that federal agencies were looking into whether telephone companies were sufficiently protecting consumers' records amid concerns that Internet sites were selling cellphone call information.

Rep. Edward Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, said the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) told him the agency was investigating whether phone companies were adequately protecting consumer records. He said in a statement "the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission were coordinating efforts to combat this rising fraud."

01/16/2006 IBM, Toshiba, Sony to renew Cell partnership

IBM, Sony and Toshiba will renew a five-year partnership that produced the Cell microprocessor, the heart of Sony's PlayStation 3 game console.

Terms of the renewal weren't disclosed. The companies said Wednesday they plan to develop new chip technology for a variety of consumer electronics uses such as televisions, audio equipment and video games.

01/13/2006 Nokia Settles Patent Dispute With Kyocera

Nokia Corp. said Tuesday it has resolved a dispute with Kyocera Corp., allowing the Japanese company to use some of the world's largest mobile-phone maker's patents.

According to an agreement between the two companies, Kyocera will pay royalties on "Nokia's essential patents, and some additional patents," Nokia said.

01/11/2006 ABC to Distribute BBC News video reports to online, cellphone subscribers

The British Broadcasting Corp. will make about 40 video news clips available daily in the United States and Canada for Internet and cellphone subscribers through a deal with ABC News.

BBC News producers will choose segments on top world and U.K. news, along with topical items such as entertainment, business and technology news. ABC did not say when it will begin offering the clips.

01/11/2006 Vonage Blending Wireless and Cellular

Vonage Holdings Corp. is working to make a connection between wireless and cellular phone services. It's working with partners to develop a line of phones and network platform that would allow consumers to switch automatically between Wi-Fi and cellular communication modes, a company executive told TechWeb.

01/09/2006 Yahoo Content Services

Yahoo Inc. is expanding its presence beyond the PC, moving onto Web-enabled cell phones and other mobile devices so users can access their customized content while untethered.

Yahoo Go Mobile, a new service set to be launched Friday at the International Consumer Electronics Show, is the latest example of the growing trend of get-your-information-anytime-anywhere.

01/09/2006 SouthPark and Chappell Show going Mobile

"South Park" and "Chappelle's Show" are ready to make their cell-phone debuts.

Comedy Central has signed a deal with Amp'd Mobile to make both programs available beginning later this month. Content including ringtones, ringbacks, voicemail, wallpapers, video and games will be accessible through major carriers. Among the programming included in the deal is a sneak-peek clip of "Chappelle's Show" footage that will be rolled out as part of its final season

01/09/2006 Motorola to Add Google Button to Phones

Motorola Inc. will soon begin selling Web-enabled cell phones that feature easy access to Google's search engine by clicking on a button on the phone's keypad, the world's second-largest maker of cell phones said.

The company said in a statement late Thursday it will integrate a Google icon onto certain Internet-optimized handsets that will be distributed starting in the first quarter this year.

01/06/2006 Cell Phones Tied to Family Tension

The round-the-clock availability that cell phones and pagers have brought to people's lives may be taking a toll on family life, a new study suggests.

The study, which followed more than 1,300 adults over 2 years, found that those who consistently used a mobile phone or pager throughout the study period were more likely to report negative "spillover" between work and home life -- and, in turn, less satisfaction with their family life.

01/05/2006 For 2006, Mobility's On The Move

What a difference a year makes. Last year, the IT department of information storage provider EMC supported only about 200 BlackBerrys in a company of 23,000 employees. Today, EMC supports roughly 5,000 of the popular handheld wireless devices—a number that continues to grow daily.

Mobility Moving

01/04/2006 Motorola Unveils New Music Radio Service

Motorola Inc., after nearly a year of vague pronouncements, unveiled Tuesday an ambitious music radio service for cell phones that also plays over car and home stereos.

Motorola iRadio, featuring 435 channels, would be sold by wireless service providers to their subscribers for between $7 and $10 per month — a few dollars cheaper than the satellite radio networks that would be among the phone-based service's immediate rivals.

01/03/2006 China Cracks Down on Cell Phone Spam

China will begin requiring prepaid cell phone subscribers to register their devices using their real names in 2006, the country's Minister of Information Industry said Tuesday.

The goal, Wang Xudong told the official Xinhau news agency, is to cut down on surging cell phone spam and fraud, most of it delivered via text messaging.

Complete Article

01/03/2006 Boyfriend Charged In Cell Phone Assault

Crazy things....

The Missouri woman who was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Blue Springs with a cell phone lodged in her throat may not have voluntarily swallowed the device.

“Subsequent investigation found that she didn’t swallow the cell phone voluntarily,” Police Sgt. Allen Kintz told the Associated Press. “Our initial press release was that she had swallowed a cell phone.”

Complete Article

01/02/2006 Cell Phone Popularity in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted Friday he does not have his own mobile phone in a meeting with Telecommunications Minister Leonid Reiman but 120 million others Russians now do.

"Mobile phone ownership among the population has reached 84 percent... We are at a good European level,"

01/02/2006 Communist rebels destroy another mobile phone tower in Philippines

Communist guerrillas have burned a Globe Telecom cellular phone tower on the Philippine island of Mindoro, the 23rd attack on the company's facilities in the past six months, the military has announced.

About 20 members of the communist New People's Army (NPA) attacked the Globe Telecom site in Magsaysay town late Friday, burning it down. There were no casualties.

The 8,000-strong NPA, which is the guerrilla arm of the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines, has repeatedly attacked Globe Telecom cellular towers in recent months, blasting them or burning them down.

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