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12/29/2005 Mobile phones to announce You Have Been Indicted

South Koreans may look at their mobile phones with some trepidation in the new year because prosecutors will start telling people they have been indicted via text messages, an official said Monday.

In a country where about 75 percent of the population carries mobile phones, prosecutors felt it was time to move away from sending legal notices on paper and send them electronically instead, said Lee Young-pyo, an administrative official.

12/28/2005 Mood Phones The Next Big Thing?

Remember mood rings? Now we've got mood phones. Indian mobile services supplier Bharti Telesoft ( developed what it's calling a Color Ring Back Tone solution.

Developed by Polyhedra (, the technology uses a real-time database to derive its "moods." According to its developers, the database couples the benefits of an SQL database with built in fault-tolerance, data persistence, and event driven data change notification.

It's actually not as complex as it sounds. The Color Ring Back Tone solution lets users to vary their handset ring according to their mood, taste or current environment. You set the phone to display a particular color depending on who the incoming caller is.

12/27/2005 E-Carols For Cellular Phones In The Works

Music In Your Own Words (Miyow) Pty Ltd. is planning to develop a cellular phone application where consumers can purchase personalized tunes and send them as e-carol audio files to friends, the company said Thursday.

12/27/2005 Alltel's Camcorder Cell Phone Tunes into FM Radio

Alltel Corporation Inc. and Nokia Corp. have teamed up to offer customers Nokia's new 6235i CDMA phone with built-in FM tuner, the companies said Thursday.

Alltel's newest Nokia model offers a joystick keypad with five-way scroll and 128x128-pixel 65K color display.

12/23/2005 College Launches Cell Phone Film Contest

An Ithaca College dean is encouraging students to instead think small — and she's offering a $5,000 prize to do it. The school has invited high school and college students across America to submit a 30-second movie shot entirely with a cell phone.

It may come off like a gimmick, but Dean Dianne Lynch has no doubts about the contest's academic value.

In today's media marketplace — where cell phones can take pictures, play music and games and connect to Web sites — it's all about thinking small and mobile.

12/16/2005 US Carriers on The Fence About Standards?

North American telecom operators may end up shifting to the GSM mobile standard from the rival CDMA system, according to senior executive at Siemens.

CDMA (code division multiple access) technology was invented by San Diego-based Qualcomm, and the company delivers virtually all chips needed in CDMA networks and mobile phones used by some 500 million consumers mostly in the Americas and Asia.

The rival European-invented GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) has 1.6 billion users globally, according to the GSM Association.

12/16/2005 Drivers On The Phone Increasing

number of people who use their cell phones while driving continued to increase in 2005, according to a government survey released on Thursday.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey found that 974,000 vehicles - or 10 percent of those on the road during the day - are driven by someone using either a handheld or hands-free phone.

The figure is up from 8 percent in 2004. And the use of cell phones increased among both young and old drivers in 2005, and among both men and women, the survey found.

12/14/2005 Regulators Warn of Text Message Stock Scam

Securities regulators are warning investors about a new twist on the "pump and dump" stock-fraud scam that uses text messaging on cell phones to tout stocks.

The National Association of Securities Dealers, the brokerage industry's self-policing organization, issued an "investor alert" Tuesday advising people to ignore such messages with "hot" stock tips on their cell phones.

12/14/2005 There is Money in Cellular Pornography

Quickly developing into big business overseas, cellphone pornography is a step closer to taking off in the USA.

Cingular Wireless, the nation's largest cellphone service provider, quietly has launched filtering devices and password-enabled blockers that help thwart underage consumers from buying adult content.

The absence of V-chip-style parental controls largely has kept U.S. consumers from using cellphones to access porn, but Cingular, along with rivals, could launch a huge new porn platform.

12/13/2005 Full Length Films on Cell Phones

Sprint Nextel was set to launch a service Monday that would deliver full-length films to cell phones, the Reuters news service has reported.

The service will offer television shows and movies for $6.95 a month in addition to regular voice and data charges, Reuters reported. Initial films will include older releases, Reuters said.

12/08/2005 Welcome To The Technology Everywhere Generation

About half of all 12- to 14-year-olds own mobile phones, one indication that today's youngsters are the first "technology everywhere" generation, according to a survey released Tuesday by Forrester Research.

The survey covered more than 5,000 youths in the U.S. and Canada between the ages of 12 and 21 who are regular Internet users. The results show that mobile technology is considered essential to young people.

12/08/2005 Cell Phones In NYC Subway? Expect Delays

Commuters hoping for cell phone service on the New York City subway system should expect delays.

Plans to add cell phone reception to the city's subway system are on hold.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is extending the deadline for providing cell phone service in 277 stations. Cellular companies have concluded that adding service to the stations, without providing reception in the city's tunnels, will not be worth the $250 million cost, according to news reports published this week.

The MTA is extending the deadline until the end of the month but officials deny that the plan is the problem.

12/07/2005 Nokia Adds Mobile Search To Cell Phones

Nokia has added 4INFO Inc.’s mobile search service in the United States, the company said Tuesday. The service is free; 4INFO's revenue comes from advertising.
Customers with a Nokia handset can now download the application to query millions of U.S. local directory listings, real-time sports scores, player statistics, local weather forecasts, and detailed movie show times and reviews through 4INFO’s free plug-in.

12/06/2005 Interested in Learning How Real Companies are Using SMS and Text Messaging to Solve Real Problems?

The following directory of white papers details how real companies are using SMS and text messaging to respond to critical issues and increase productivity.

Or learn how various industries use text messaging as a tool in business operations.

12/06/2005 Cingular Joins Push-To-Talk Party

Cingular Wireless, the largest mobile operator in the U.S., said Monday that it will finally offer push-to-talk service, claiming its service has several advantages over its competitors.

In a statement, Cingular claimed its PTT network is unique because of how it combines PTT with standard cellular phone calls. The operator also claimed it has the largest PTT footprint in the U.S. and unique features such converting PTT sessions into standard cell phone calls, the ability to see who is available for PTT conversations and the ability to quickly create group PTT calls with as many as 20 participants.

Cingular is the last of the three largest U.S. cellular operators to offer PTT service. It claimed that its customers will find the wait worthwhile.

12/05/2005 China Wants Cell Phone Registration

China will soon require all mobile phone users to register with telecom providers or face a cutoff in service, state media reported Friday.

The new rule, announced by the Ministry of Information Industry, is part of a crackdown on telephone fraud and illegal text-messaging practices, and the country's thriving trade in counterfeit and otherwise illegally obtained mobile phones.

It is also expected to help authorities control "improper political commentary," the news report said.

12/03/2005 French Mobile Firms get a Big Bill

In a victory for consumers, the French government on Thursday fined the country's three main mobile telephone operators a record 534 million for colluding to set prices for phone calls for five years starting in 1997.

The ruling was the biggest regulatory crackdown on the European mobile industry, but experts said consumers are unlikely to see much reimbursement for the higher prices they paid, a result of a complicated French legal system.

12/01/2005 Cingular tests unlimited calls to AT&T home phones

Cingular Wireless, in a bid to improve customer loyalty, is testing a service that allows unlimited calls between its cell phones and the home phones of AT&T Inc.'s local telephone customers, Cingular said on Wednesday.

The test program, dubbed Mobile2Home, comes as local phone operators face increasing competition from cable providers, and as mobile providers have to fight harder to win new mobile users and hold onto existing ones.

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