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09/30/2010 Football Fans Can Text Police

Football fans at Ross-Ade Stadium can send text messages to report problems during football games, thanks to a new system operated by Purdue Police.

09/29/2010 Texts are Not Phone Calls

T-Mobile argued in a court briefing today that text-messaging services are not subject to the same regulations as voice services, in defending itself against a lawsuit filed by a text-message marketing company.

Last week T-Mobile was sued by EZ Texting, a company that runs marketing campaigns for various clients that want to send group text messages. In the suit, EZ Texting claimed that T-Mobile pulled the plug on its service after learning it was running a campaign for a client called

However, T-Mobile said it yanked EZ Textings messaging code because it was supposed to get prior approval for all marketing campaigns run over its network, as specified in its agreement with the marketing company. In addition to, EZ Texting also failed to get approval for two other services involving party rentals and church services, T-Mobile claimed in its answer to EZ Textings complaint.

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09/28/2010 SMS and Facebook

Recent research has found people want to respond to advertising via their mobile phones and that SMS messages are the preferred method. It makes sense, then, that Facebook users would also like to be communicated with via SMS - at least thats what outfits like TextualAds are hoping.

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09/27/2010 Customers Suffer From SMS Ban

Shivani Anand, 28, was mystified when she didn't receive transaction alerts after swiping her credit card in a shopping spree.

A concerned Shivani called up her banks helpline, only to find out she would not be getting any updates or alerts from the bank on her transactions till Sep 30.

The bank's automated voice response system informed customers that they would not be receiving any alerts in the in the wake of the government banning bulk SMS service across the country.

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09/22/2010 Google Apps and SMS

Google Apps users authorizing access from other applicationsā€”email clients, calendar apps, and the likeā€”may soon need to verify both their password and phone access, under a new two-step authorization being pushed by Google. Administrators need to enable it for their domains, but it's a feature that will likely make its way to general Google apps for the public like Gmail. Do you want two-step, SMS-based verification for your Google accounts, or is it a step too far into inconvenience?

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09/21/2010 SMS Replier

The worlds infatuation with texting has grown from 4.1 trillion text messages per year in 2008, to more than 1.6 trillion text messages per day in 2010, and in order to raise awareness of the dangers associated with Texting While Driving TWD, Iconosys, the creator of the smartphone safety app-SMS Replier,- has taken to the roads starting Sept. 9, 2010.

Over the next two months, Iconosys, CEO and founder Wayne Irving II, a pioneer in next-generation telecom concepts, will lead a cross-country tour of major college campuses with scheduled stops on specific days. Departing from California, Iconosys plans to visit every college en route and also other locations that would be announced subsequently. The tour will culminate in Washington DC on September 21st at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's second annual National Distracted Driving Summit.

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09/20/2010 T-Mobile Sued

T-Mobile is being sued by EZ Texting  which claims the fourth-largest U.S. carrier was unfairly blocking its SMS delivery service due to connections with medical marijuana groups.

The company, which offers groups and organizations way to have mass SMS campaigns, said T-Mobile was concerned about its connections to a legal in the state it was located marijuana dispensary group. EZ Texting said it severed ties with this marijuana group but its short code capabilities were revoked anyways.

T-Mobile Sued

09/13/2010 Text First, Talk Second

Text messages use a system that is different than the wireless or land-line connections and is faster than a call. It also uses a fraction of the bandwidth; 800 people can send a text message in the bandwidth used by just one phone call.

In the event of an emergency, set up a texting plan with your friends and family.

09/09/2010 Comcast Offers Support via SMS

Comcast today announced  that the company is deploying support via SMS, allowing users to get account help by sending a text to COMCAST4U (short code 266278). Users can send a variety of messages (listed in the link above) like CALLME, which prompts a call from Comcast support, NOAPPT, which cancels scheduled service calls, or BAL, which provides users with their account balance.

09/08/2010 Tips to Control Mobile Spending

Are you one of those who feel dizzy each time you look at your monthly mobile bill? Well, join the club. No matter how hard many of us try to curb our bills, we invariably end up in the same situation month after month wondering where we went wrong. It seems like the mobile phone has become an efficient tool of siphoning our hard-earned money. The bills have so much of technical jargon and fine print that it only serves to add to the confusion.

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09/07/2010 Adult Texting on the Rise

The number of Americans under the sway of the text message has increased again, says the latest Pew Resarch study called Cell phones and American Adults. Still, as you might expect, adults still trail teens by a the considerable number.

The rise, year-over-year, is quite interesting. About 72 percent of adult cell phone users send and receive text messages; last year at the same time the number was 65 percent. Meanwhile, 87 percent of teen cell phone users text, but the percentage hides a much higher number: teens send and receive about 50 SMS messages per day, while adults send and receive five times less, or about 10.

Adult Texting on the Rise

08/30/2010 Tips for Integrating NotePage Pro with IPMonitor

Tips for Integrating NotePager Pro with IPMonitor

08/20/2010 Mastercard SMS Controls

New York-based Citi will be the first U.S. bank to deploy MasterCards inControl service to consumers, adding new functionality for cardholders by the end of this year. The new service will give cardholders the ability to set spending limits, set budgets and rules for when and how their card can be used, and set up realtime SMS and email alerts based on spending activity.

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