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12/31/2010 New Years Text

A kiss at midnight on New Years Eve is no longer enough for partygoers celebrating the turn of the year, with millions now sending text messages as well.

A bump in the number of texts is expected to be sent on Friday night, with over 25% more than last year predicted by the mobile phone networks.

12/29/2010 SMS Attacks

According to security experts, an SMS of death threatens to disable many current Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, Micromax and LG mobiles.

In recent months, the tendency has been for hackers and security testers to focus their efforts on smartphones such as the iPhone or Android-based phones. However, according to Mulliner, only 16 per cent of mobile phone users possess sophisticated handsets of this type. By contrast, worldwide, more than 4.6 billion people use simpler feature phones. These often have just a single processor, are unable to run external native applications, but are often able to run Java apps.

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12/29/2010 Pakistan Drivers to Recieve Text Messages

The National Highway and Motorway Police in Pakistan is going to launch a Short Message Service (SMS) from the new year to create awareness about road safety in commuters and inform them about weather conditions.

12/22/2010 Texting Invented by a Man According to Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher likes communicating via the written word.

We know he Tweets to and about wife Demi Moore, even when she's sitting right next to him. And now he's exploring the notion in an essay for Harpers Bazaar. He maintains that it is safe to say text messaging was invented by a man.

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12/20/2010 Blackberry News Feed

BlackBerry users, like everyone else, want to be kept up to date with the latest news, so having a decent RSS feed reader on the BlackBerry platform is a good thing. And we have just that with the BlackBerry News Feeds app.

12/09/2010 SMS and Conterfeit Medication

In the heart of Africa, where humanity wallows in poverty and access to health care is a dream, the fight against counterfeit drugs has been daunting.

But technology is coming to the rescue of millions of patients and consumers who face the risk of using counterfeit medicines each year.

Consumers will soon be able to countercheck genuineness of the drugs they buy via short text messages a platform dubbed mPedigree.

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12/08/2010 SMS Spammer Fined

The mastermind behind a SMS spam scheme that preyed on lonely hearts through dating websites has been fined $2 million.

Former porn site operator Scott Gregory Phillips was behind a Brisbane-based business which employed backupackers to create fake profiles on dating websites and send unsolicited text messages to victims.

SMS Spammer Fined

12/07/2010 Charity Text Donations

Four nonprofit groups are trying to attract $25 gifts through text messages this holiday season, an experiment that may increase the popularity of giving via mobile phones among charities.

One of the biggest limitations of such giving, which burst onto the scene earlier this year when nonprofits raised tens of millions of dollars through text-to-give programs after the Haitian earthquake, has been the small size of the donations charities could solicit, just $5 or $10.

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12/06/2010 Text Messaging Tip Line at School

The city of Brockton has launched a text messaging tip service in its public school system. On Wednesday, students in both middle and alternative high school were encouraged to begin using a text and web-based tip line to let school officials and police know about problems with bullying.  According to Jocelyn Meek, the communications officer for Brockton Public Schools, the system is an anonymous way for students to share their concerns on a variety of troubling issues.

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12/01/2010 Text Messaging Saves Lives

A 17-year-old boy and his grandfather were rescued from the icy marsh in Dutchess County after their canoe overturned, thanks to his text messages.  

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11/30/2010 SMS Alerts in Egypt

An Egyptian court overruled on Saturday a decision by the telecommunications authority to impose restrictions on media companies that send out news alerts to cell phones.

The Administrative Court said the governments action were a restriction on freedom of expression and an unjustified intrusion on the SMS alert services. It is not yet clear if the government will try to appeal the verdict.

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11/29/2010 911 Text Message

The way we reach 911 in an emergency could soon change. The Federal communications Commission is looking at the possibility of being able to relay messages to emergency services via text messaging, and even streaming video.

11/26/2010 Digital Forensics and Texting

In an effort to determine what Brett Favre did or did not text Jenn Sterger, the NFL is conducting high-tech forensic work to trace the electronic pathways and transmission of any photos or messages that might have been sent during communication between them, according to a source familiar with the situation.

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