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06.30.04 - 07.01.04 SMTP Additions

We have recently added a number of SMTP settings for international carriers. If you know of others that we have overlooked please drop us an email.

06.28.04 - 06.29.04 AT&T Tap Number

We have located an AT&T Tap number. If you require this number please contact us via email and we will provide it. The number has been tested and at this point and time will allow text messages to be sent from a computer to an AT&T phone!

06.26.04 - 06.27.04 How Paging / SMS Work

How Paging and SMS Messaging Works. We frequently receive queries from individuals or businesses interested in understanding how messaging actually works. As a result we created a 'walk-through' that helps explain ...

How Paging / SMS Works

06.24.04 - 06.25.04 Tech Grants

Many NotePage customers are government agencies using NotePage's software in creative ways to make life and communication easier. The following might be of interest to agencies using technology in innovative ways.

PostNewsweek Tech Media is calling for nominations for the GCN Awards. These awards will be conferred on government organizations with a demonstrated record of excellence in applying IT.

They will be presented at The GCN Awards Gala on October 27, 2004. Nominations for the Agency Awards will be accepted through July 14, 2004 and final selections will be made by PostNewsweek's awards selection panel.

Post Newsweek Awards

06.22.04 - 06.23.04 Text Messages & Court

Cell phone text messages could some day be as important in criminal trials as DNA evidence is now — and the Kobe Bryant (search) rape case might be the first major test. A private cell-phone text message exchange between the basketball star’s accuser and her ex-boyfriend has been ruled “relevant for discovery” in the case, and Judge Terry Ruckriegle (search) has ordered it released to the defense and prosecution.

The judge also told attorneys not to talk about the contents of the messages, which were subpoenaed by the defense last October.

06.20.04 - 06.21.04 FCC Auction

The Federal Communications Commission is reportedly planning to auction more than 150 PCS licenses early next year that would include licenses returned to the government agency by NextWave Telecom Inc. as well as other licenses returned to the FCC or that have failed to sell in previous auctions. The licenses are expected to include a number of top markets including Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Seattle.

06.18.04 - 06.19.04 Universities Using NotePage's Software

PageGate can be integrated with existing applications to add messaging or paging functionality to existing software. The most common use is to monitor networks and notify administrators of outages or network problem or security problems. This allows tech support and maintenance staff to work remotely about the campus. Messages can be sent from workstations on a network, or customers can send messages to agents via web pages or e-mail accounts. This software is modular and can be scaled to meet the size of the University.

White Papers detailing - University Messaging (located on bottom as links)

06.16.04 - 06.17.04 Verizon E911 Issues

E911 is a hot issue with everyone from folks in the wireless sector to the federal government, so when a glitch hits emergency calls, it attracts attention. Verizon Wireless has been alerted to a "handful" of calls that have hiccupped during 911 calls placed by some of its subscribers.

The glitch has occurred when the caller location technology used by Verizon Wireless attempts to communicate with GPS to determine a caller's location. "The good news is, the calls remain fully connected," Verizon Wireless spokesman Jeffery Nelson tells news@2. "The issue is with a handful customers, who are in a Phase II capable area and have a GPS-enabled phone, that are in a location where it is difficult for the phone to connect with the satellite," he says. The customers are experiencing some voice-in and voice-out problems, which means the voice blanks a few seconds to find the satellite, but it doesn't lose the transmission. "No calls have been lost," Nelson says.

06.14.04 - 06.15.04 Ringtones

In addition to SMS messaging a number of NotePage's customers use ringtones on their cell phones. As a result NotePage sponsors a number of ringtone related sites. If you are looking for unique tones take a look at:

Ringtones Central -

06.12.04 - 06.13.04 Support Forums

Visit NotePage's support forums and search the archives to find the answer to your questions. You will find lots of information, related to integration, protocols and messaging in general!

06.09.04 - 06.11.04 Nextel / Verizon War

The FCC may have put off any decision on what to do with in the jumbled 800 MHz band, but the move seems to have turned up the heat among opponents who remain at odds on the issue. The latest: Nextel Communications and Verizon Wireless continued to duke it out this week in hopes of swaying the FCC to their point of view. On Friday, Nextel offered up an additional two MHz of 800 MHz spectrum to give to public safety. In a letter to the FCC, Nextel senior vice president Robert Foosaner said the move would "nearly double the amount of 800 MHz band spectrum Nextel would contribute to public safety under the Consensus Plan to a total of 4.5 MHz -- a nearly 50 percent increase over today's public safety 800 MHZ allocation of 10 MHz."

Nextel reinforced its latest proposal with another follow-up letter to the commission yesterday. Verizon Wireless vehemently opposed Nextel's latest proposal in a biting letter of its own to the commission. "Nextel's new proposal is far more beneficial to Nextel than public safety," the letter said. The letter went on to say that Nextel's new proposal does nothing to ensure sufficient and legally sustainable funding for solving the public safety interference. "Nextel has not offered one additional cent to public safety," it says. (from Wireless Week)

06.07.04 - 06.08.04 NotePage News

The latest issue of NotePage News has been distributed and can be viewed online. If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter please send a blank email with 'subscribe' as the subject line to

06.05.04 - 06.06.04 NetIQ Integration

NetIQ systems management solutions allows for reduced downtime. The combined analysis, reporting and automation make for a powerful management solution. PageGate easily integrates with NetIQ using the commandline ASCII interface.

More on NetIQ

06.03.04 - 06.04.04 Persistech Infrature Contact Center

Infrature Contact Center software dramatically improves service and support by maximizing company resources. It allows people to contact you via phone, e-mail, and web submissions. A triage system, identifies and prioritizes submissions. The tickets are assigned to the appropriate person based on job function and skill. Tickets can be scheduled, suspended or closed due to non-responsive contacts. Triaging enables less experienced personnel to handle customer assistance.

More on Infrature Contact Center

06.01.04 - 06.02.04 OneRain DiadVisor Integration

OneRain provides high-quality data to customers who need accurate rainfall information to make high-value decisions. The vertical involvement in rainfall assessment, from gages through remote sensing and storm analysis, enables OneRain to collect and distribute the best real-time and historical rainfall data available. Used in conjunction with PageGate, alarm conditions can be defined for any data point and for synthetic or derived data points to automatically trigger operations such as local sounds, email, paging and running outside programs.

More on DiadVisor

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