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09/29/2005 FCC Uncertainty

The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) rules on Voice over IP (define) wiretapping accessibility is likely to set off another round of regulatory uncertainty, all in the name of regulatory certainty.

Since the FCC began investigative proceedings on VoIP almost two years ago, the agency has promised a light regulatory approach but stressed that Internet telephone services would have certain legal obligations, particularly in the areas of law enforcement and public safety.

09/28/2005 Text Messages You Train For Your Thinking

Sending text messages via SMS may be a popular activity for some, but for others typing the alphabet on a numeric keypad is somewhat of a challenge.

Tegic Communications, subsidiary of AOL, is aiming to make text input easier with a new product announcement and a new partnership that will add speech and handwriting recognition to mobile devices.

Complete Article

09/27/2005 Industry Group Calls For Lower Taxes On Mobile Phones

The GSM Association has called for the high taxes levied on the mobile phone industry in many developing countries to be reviewed as they have made mobile communications unaffordable for hundreds of millions of people, holding back social and economic development.

The call came as the Association unveiled a detailed study into the problem which showed that in 16 of the 50 developing countries surveyed, taxes represent over 20 percent of the total cost of owning and using a mobile phone. In 14 of the developing countries, the average mobile phone user pays more than $40 a year in taxes on handsets and mobile services.

09/27/2005 Smart Phone Taps Blackberry Space

Microsoft teamed up with mobile computer maker Palm and telecom giant Verizon on a new "smart phone" aiming to grab market share from the popular Blackberry device.

The world's biggest software group and the two partners will combine their marketing clout to take on established "smart phone" devices using the Blackberry platform developed by Canada's Research in Motion.

09/27/2005 Motorola wins new cheap phone deal with $30 model

Motorola will sell more than 6 million mobile phones for less than $30 each in a new program to bring very cheap handsets to developing markets, industry body the GSM Association said on Tuesday.

The cost per handset will dip below $30, compared to $40 in the first Emerging Market Handset (EMH) program awarded in February, which was also won by U.S.-based Motorola.

09/26/2005 Islamic mobile phone going on sale in Europe reminds Muslims of prayer time

For Muslims, it's a high-tech call to prayer.

The Ilkone I800 cellular telephone generates five automated reminders a day at prayer time, points Muslims in the direction of Mecca and contains a complete, authorized version of the Islamic holy book, the Qur'an, in Arabic and English.

09/26/2005 New Mobile Virus Can Jump to PCs

Yet another virus targeting mobile devices has emerged, this time with a new twist: It has the potential to infect PCs when users transfer data from phone to computer.

The Cardtrap.A Trojan resembles other malware targeting handhelds running the Symbian operating system, such as Cabir, that typically spread through a phone's built-in messaging applications or by way of Bluetooth wireless connections.

However, unlike earlier mobile-phone viruses, Cardtrap.A has a built-in mechanism that plants two worms on a phone's memory card with the ultimate goal of infecting a PC

09/23/2005 Games on cellphones becoming serious business

Since graduating from university Maija Parjanen has mostly been paid to play games.

Eight hours a day, five days a week, she beeps and clicks her way through the working day, testing new mobile phone games for Helsinki gaming studio Sumea.

09/23/2005 First Planes To Trial Personal Cell Phones

Two European airlines will allow passengers late next year to use their own cell phones on commercial flights within western Europe, a Geneva-based technology firm said Tuesday.

TAP Air Portugal and British carrier bmi both have agreed to introduce OnAir's voice and text service for cell phones in separate three-month trial runs, OnAir's Chief Executive George Cooper said.

09/22/2005 Court Nixes Some Ads Sent to Cell Phones

An Arizona appellate court ruled Tuesday that a 1991 federal law's ban against using autodialers to call cell phones applies to sending e-mail text messages with unsolicited advertisements — a technology not in vogue when the law was enacted.

The unanimous ruling by a three-judge Court of Appeals panel upholds a trial judge's pretrial ruling in favor of a man who had sued a mortgage company in 2001 after it sent two unsolicited text messages to his cell phone. Rodney L. Joffe claimed that the calls by Acacia Mortgage Corp. violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.

09/21/2005 Cell Phone Ban Urged for Teen Drivers

Banning teenagers from using cell phones or other wireless devices while learning to drive should be a national auto safety priority, say U.S. transportation safety officials.

The National Transportation Safety Board put the proposed restriction on its "most wanted" list of safety improvements for the upcoming year, which also includes older appeals for more states to impose limits on teens' night driving and carrying of passengers.

09/19/2005 Sprint Launches Streaming Music Service

Sprint Nextel Corp. is becoming the latest cell phone carrier to let its customers listen to music on the devices.

The nation's No. 3 wireless provider said Monday that it and Seattle-based digital media provider RealNetworks Inc. are launching a streaming music service for Sprint PCS customers called Rhapsody Radio.

09/19/2005 Use Your Cell Phone Instead of Your Credit Card

Ever wish you could pay for something with your cell phone? Chances are if your friends have kids, they'll whip out their cell phone to show you pictures. So why not put other staples of the wallet--such as driver's license, credit cards, and membership cards--on the cell?

Although we're a ways off from putting driver's license info on our handset, we can now link a credit card to our mobile, allowing us to pay for things like restaurant bills, parking meters, and cab fares using our phone. This is a promising concept, but the services are not yet nationwide, and the process needs fine-tuning, as I found in some recent hands-on trials.

09/16/2005 Mobile Fuel Cells

Adoption of long-lasting and renewable fuel cells for powering mobile devices will start to accelerate significantly in 2006, according to a study released Thursday by market research firm NanoMarkets.

The study claimed that sales of the fuel cells will reach $1.6 billion by 2010. The growth will be spurred by the fact that mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated and require ever-more power, according to the study. This problem has actually slowed down release of new mobile devices.

09/14/2005 Integrate Messaging into Monitoring Applications

NotePage's software currently integrates with nearly any monitoring application. Most integrations use PageGate with the commandline/ascii interface to pass the alert to PageGate. PageGate then sends the message out to the appropriate pager or cell phone. If you are interested in working with a software application that NotePage has an established relationship with take a look at the NotePage Integration Partner Directory.

If you are interested in integrated your application, please contact us or review the integration notes. which deals with the hows and whys.

09/13/2005 Nokia Brings Email

Nokia, the world's largest maker of mobile phones, said it was launching a corporate e-mail system to allow workers at almost any level to send and receive mail from their mobiles.

This is not anything new - PageGate has allowed this to be accomplished for years.

09/08/2005 Cells Phones As A Home Networking Platform

Robust phones emerge as a new platform for controlling a variety of home devices

Did you leave the lights on when you left the house this morning? Just grab your cell phone and turn them off. Wondering how the kids are faring with the new nanny? Your phone can help there too.

Digital integrators say mobile phones could be the next big platform in home integration, giving users a means of controlling a variety of home systems remotely.

09/08/2005 Satellite Communications Fills Katrina's Telephone Void

With most landline and cell phone networks still dead in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast where Hurricane Katrina hit hardest, there has been an almost panicky run to satellite phone service, which has remained uninterrupted in the days since the hurricane plowed into the region.

“Our phones are ringing off the hook,” said Liz DeCastro, a spokeswoman for Iridium Satellite. “We’ve just shipped 10,000 phones and we’re ready to ship another 6,000.”

There has been a 3,000 percent increase in traffic in the region since the hurricane landed in the area, DeCastro added.

09/08/2005 Free Phones, Web Assistance for Katrina Victims

Tech and telecom companies are digging through their warehouses and sending everything from batteries to buses to areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

With power and telephone service down in the hardest-hit areas, communications gear for rescue workers is one major need.

Motorola has shipped about 1,300 cell phones and 21,000 other pieces of emergency communications equipment to relief groups. Microsoft dispatched three buses - normally used for product-marketing tours - equipped with satellite Internet connections. AOL sent three similar trucks, and stuffed them with T-shirts, toys and DVDs for evacuees.

09/06/2005 Wireless Coming Back to New Orleans

A number of wireless carriers said this weekend they are starting to restore service in the New Orleans area in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, in some cases with generators on the roofs of hotels.

The collapse of the communications network in the New Orleans area has been widely blamed for contributing to the disaster there, as local officials were unable to talk to each other and to federal authorities to arrange relief in the days after Katrina laid waste to the city.

Verizon Wireless said it is at work restoring parts of New Orleans and surrounding areas including Mandeville, Lacombe, Hammond and Covington. It has also restored Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, which is being used for relief airlifts.

09/05/2005 Text Messages to Keep Tabs on Croatian School Children

Croatian children will find it more difficult to mess up in school and keep it secret this year as information about their performance will be available to parents at the touch of a mobile phone button, an official said.

Thanks to a programme financed by the education ministry, parents can opt to receive reports about their children's school achievements and attendance via SMS text messages, Drazen Vikic Topic of the education ministry said.

"Parents will receive general information on school events, activities as well as on children's behavior and marks," he said.

09/05/2005 Apple's iPod to set European mobiles ringing

European mobile phone operators are jumping on the iPod bandwagon and hope to secure deals that will give them access to a wealth of hot tracks from Apple Computer Inc's famed iTunes music store.

Germany's T-Mobile, the mobile phone arm of Deutsche Telekom , said at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin that it planned to sell a musical mobile phone that can access iTunes, made by U.S. vendor Motorola Inc., by Christmas in Germany.

09/05/2005 European cellphones to get faster data

Mobile International, Deutsche Telekom's mobile division, will launch the new HSDPA high-speed mobile service in four European countries by March to improve Internet speed on mobile phones.

HSDPA is a special version of third generation (3G) mobile phone services, offering data speed which allows clients to watch television on mobile phones and is even faster than many fixed-line broadband connections.

09/01/2005 Study Finds Cell Phones Don't Cause Tumors

Using a mobile phone for ten years does not significantly increase a person's risk of developing a tumor, according to a new study from the UK's Institute of Cancer Research.

The investigation was the largest one to date that has studied the relationship between mobile phones and acoustic neuromas, a type of tumor that occurs close to the ear, according to the study's authors.

"The results of our study suggest that there is no substantial risk in the first decade after starting use. Whether there are longer-term risks remains unknown, reflecting the fact that this is a relatively recent technology," Anthony Swerdlow, professor and lead investigator at the Institute of Cancer Research, said in a statement.

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