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04/29/2005 Verizon beats expectations with 47% profit growth

Demonstrating its financial might as the USA's largest telecommunications carrier, Verizon topped Wall Street's expectations Wednesday by reporting 47% profit growth in the first quarter on strong sales of wireless and Internet products.

04/29/2005 Nextel's First-Quarter Profit Declines

Wireless communication provider Nextel Communications Inc. reported a drop Thursday in first-quarter earnings, despite a surge in net subscriber additions, but said it is on track to meet forecasts for the year.

04/28/2005 Nokia Says Nanotechnology May Help It Cut Costs

Top mobile phone maker Nokia (NOK1V.HE) could start using nanotechnology in its phones within the next two to three years to help keep costs low amid fierce price pressures, a top official was quoted as saying.

Nanotechnology deals with manipulating particles one-billionth of a meter in size, and promises benefits from a coating of paint that last decades to faster acting and more effective medicines.

Ojanpera said the new technology would only be used in phone components like casings in the first stage.

04/28/2005 Verizon Tops Forecasts With $1.76B Profit

Verizon Communications Inc. topped Wall Street forecasts with a first-quarter profit of $1.76 billion as another powerful showing by the wireless business helped drive a 6.6 percent improvement in revenues.

Wednesday's report brought no hint of Verizon's next move in a tense bidding war to acquire long-distance carrier MCI Inc., which over the weekend embraced a $9.75 billion offer from Qwest Communications International Inc. Company officials declined comment on whether Verizon will act by a Friday deadline to improve on its $7.5 billion deal with MCI or possibly walk away from the three-month affair.

04/27/2005 SBC, Vonage Working on 911 Service Access Deal

SBC Communications Inc. (NYSE:SBC - news) is in talks to provide Internet telephone provider Vonage Holdings Corp. with enhanced 911 emergency services for its customers, after an initial fight between the two carriers.

Initially SBC rejected a request from Vonage to lease access to the necessary equipment and databases, preferring to focus on an industrywide effort. Now the two sides are talking about a deal and going over technological requirements, according to a letter from SBC made available on Thursday.

04/27/2005 FCC Chief Wants 911 Service for Internet Phones

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin said on Tuesday he would soon propose requiring Internet-based telephone providers to offer their customers emergency 911 dialing services.

After hearing reports of consumers having trouble getting through to the police when dialing from an Internet telephone, known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Martin said he wanted to address the problem quickly.

Calls to 911 with traditional telephones provide emergency service dispatchers with the caller's number and address. VOIP providers have limited access to the systems connecting those calls to primary emergency lines and location information is not always available.

04/27/2005 Reports: Motorola, Acer Mulling Stakes In Siemens' Cell Phone Business

Siemens is reportedly is in talks with Motorola and Acer about partnerships regarding the German manufacturer's unprofitable cell phone division.

EE Times reported Monday that Motorola is considering a "major investment" in the German company's cell phone division. Motorola is the second-largest seller of cell phones worldwide, trailing only Nokia. Neither Siemens nor Motorola would comment on the reports.

04/27/2005 Nokia, Yahoo Team Up on Phone Internet

New smartphones from top global mobile phone maker Nokia will have pre-installed Internet services, like email, from internet media company Yahoo Inc., Nokia said on Tuesday.

We aim to get Yahoo's services on the phones in as many countries and channels as possible," a Nokia spokesman said.

In the first quarter, Nokia shipped 5.4 million smartphones, accounting for a 50 percent share of the global smartphone market, research firm Canalys said earlier.

Complete Article

04/26/2005 SBC Communications earnings down, but surpass Wall Street estimates

SBC Communications Inc., the huge local phone company that is buying AT&T Corp., on Monday reported a 53 per cent drop in first-quarter earnings, with part of the decline due to costs related to Cingular Wireless's purchase of AT&T Wireless.

San Antonio-based SBC, second only to Verizon Communications Inc. among local phone companies, earned $885 million US, or 27 cents a share, in the three months ended March 31, down from $1.94 billion, or 58 cents a share, in the same quarter of 2004.

04/25/2005 Panasonic Confirms Exit From U.S. Cell Phone Market

A Panasonic spokesman Thursday confirmed reports that the company has quietly stopped developing and marketing phones in the U.S. market.

04/25/2005 Easy Ways to Recycle Old PCs and Cell Phones--Really!

Every Monday when the household recycling truck comes, it's little bother for me to haul out my blue bin, where throughout the week I pitch unwanted paper, plastic, and glass. So why, then, is it so difficult for me to get rid of my old PC, my crappy three-year-old cell phone, and that Methuselah of a TV that I banished to the garage ten years ago?

Recycling aged electronics always feels like a chore, especially when you're trying to do it with little or no expense of time and money. Now, EBay, the nation's leading forum for selling used goods, is working to ease your pain, through its Rethink Initiative.

EBay Becomes ReBay - Complete Article

04/22/2005 NotePage Newsletter - Latest News from NotePage and Communiation Software

Welcome to NotePage news. If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed online at:

The Bat! Integration
NotePage is pleased to announce a partnership wit RITLabs. Now customers using The Bat! email client in conjunction with NotePager Pro, can filter their email messages sending urgent messages that meet pre-determined conditions to their cell phone or pager.
Read More -

Server's Alive Integration
Servers Alive's latest release integrates with NotePager Pro. Servers Alive monitors and easily informs users of system problems. By using NotePager Pro in combination with Servers Alive, alerts can be sent to pagers and cellular phones, adding another level of notification to network management.
Read More -

RSS - Increase Communications
NotePage is pleased to offer a discount on FeedForAll, a new NotePage product line. Create, edit and publish RSS Feeds and podcasts with FeedForAll. RSS is the latest communications trend, this breakthrough technology allows home users, small businesses and large corporations to communicate with others in a spam free environment. While users have been "opting" in to RSS feeds at increasing rates, publishers have been struggling with creating feeds.

FeedForAll is a new RSS feed creation tool that allows both beginners and advanced users to easily create feeds. Built in wizards and advanced features make it a perfect tool for everyone. Increase your web exposure, reach a new audience and increase communication with potential customers today by creating RSS feeds with FeedForAll.

The user maintains complete control over the feeds that they subscribe to. The users maintain the ability to unsubscribe at any point when the content is no longer of interest. The content publisher does not have any of the end-user's private information.

As publishers and users alike have embraced RSS as a supplemental channel for communication offer your customers content using RSS before your competitors do.

Newsletter subscribers are eligible for a discount on FeedForAll, the coupon will ensure that subscribers receive a $ 5.00 discount on the registered version (normally $ 39.95 you will only pay $ 34.95)

FeedForAll Subscriber Coupon Code = "newssub2 "

Please be sure to enter the code without the quotations. This code will only be valid until May 1, 2005 (the next 10 days), so please be sure to purchase during that time frame if you wish to receive the discount.

Please purchase FeedForAll online at:

NotePage RSS Feeds
As a convenience we've created feeds for much of the NotePage's corporate communication:

Forum - subscribe to this feed to monitor NotePage forum posts.

If you wish to view the blog in an RSS newsreader the RSS Feed can be found at:

Free RSS to HTML Script
Most webmasters understand the potential benefits of making RSS feeds available for viewing in a web browser. FeedForAll's new rss2html.php script allows users to create webpages that will always display the most current information from the RSS feed, and because the resulting page is pure HTML, it will be in a format friendly to search engine robots. Using rss2html.php webmasters can customize the format and look of the web page created from the feed. The RSS feed's contents can easily be integrated into an existing website's theme. The rss2html.php script parses the RSS file, extracts the pertinent information, formats it, and serves it up as regular HTML.

A step by step tutorial to set PageGate up with NetIQ's network monitoring. NetIQ can integrate with NotePage Inc.'s PageGate application to add the ability to send alerts to wireless messaging devices (pagers, mobile phones, pims, etc.).

04/21/2005 Cingular reports $240 million first-quarter loss

Cingular Wireless LLC, the largest U.S. cellphone provider, reported a $240 million US loss in the first quarter despite solid growth in subscribers and revenue. It also said Wednesday it cut 1,500 to 1,600 employee jobs in the three-month period.

04/21/2005 India Uses SMS to Get Water, Issue Parliament Whips

India, where until recently it took years to get a phone line and where lumbering government services creak along slowly and sloppily, if at all, is cashing in on the mobile phone boom to boost democratic efficiency.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and the government and opposition "whips" responsible for assembly attendance are now using Short Message Service (SMS) to summon lawmakers for crucial votes or to muster a quorum, officials say.

04/20/2005 WiMax phone service coming

NextWeb, a Fremont Internet service provider, plans to announce today an Internet phone service that uses a wireless technology known as WiMax.

The phone service will launch in cities across California next month.

Certification of WiMax, a wireless technology backed primarily by Intel, is expected as early as summer.

04/20/2005 Lucent posts higher Q2 earnings, plans to combine two units

Telecom equipment maker Lucent Technologies Inc. reported Tuesday that second-quarter earnings quadrupled from a year ago due to strong demand for wireless network products, and said it will combine its mobility and wireline businesses into a single unit.

04/19/2005 Infinity Plans to Broadcast to Cellphones in U.S.

Infinity Broadcasting said on Sunday it planned to broadcast its programs to mobile phones in the United States, and include text data for subscribers.

Play Well With Others
Everything you need to know about multiplayer, network gaming, including etiquette tips and a LAN party gear checklist.

The plan would let cellphone users view song titles and artists' names, check concert dates, buy tickets, ring tones and other content, and participate in station promotions.

04/19/2005 Motorola Set to Unveil iRadio for Cell Phones

Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT - news) is betting consumers will pay to have it both ways, gaining control over the content on their car radios and the flexibility of taking their music with them on their cell phones when they turn off their engines.

Motorola, the No. 2 maker of mobile telephones, is set to unveil a service called iRadio that will let users download preselected audio content from a range of providers on their home computers, dump it on their cell phones and listen to it on their car stereos.

04/18/2005 Sony Ericsson blames market, old products for quarterly profit dive

Mobile phone giant Sony Ericsson reported tumbling profits for the first quarter, blaming a seaonally weak market and admitting that its outdated product range had failed to excite consumers.

04/18/2005 Scrambler will prevent cell phone leakage from Sistine Chapel: Vatican

A system has been set up to scramble any cellphone communications between the Sistine Chapel and the outside world during the secret conclave that will elect the next pope, the Vatican said.

The step is an extra precaution, since cardinals as well as Vatican personnel from medical staff to elevator operators have been sworn to secrecy ahead of the conclave, which is to begin Monday.

04/15/2005 Lawmakers consider easing telecom laws

A bill working its way through the General Assembly would relax state oversight of large telephone companies, which supporters say would spur competition and lead to better service.
Others say the measure simply would raise rates.

Senate Bill 237 pits so-called "incumbent" phone companies such as SBC, Sprint and CenturyTel mainly against cable companies that are starting to offer local phone service.

04/14/2005 Cingular Lets Cellphone Users Hear It First

Cingular Wirelesss on Tuesday introduced a ring-tone service that would deliver music singles either before they are released or simultaneous with their debut on the radio.

The service will offer songs from artists spanning a variety of musical styles, including alternative rock, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, pop, Latin and country. The program also will include weekly text-message updates from participating artists.

04/14/2005 Minneapolis Plans to Go Wireless

Days after Philadelphia rolled out its plans to go wireless, Minneapolis unveiled plans to provide wireless Internet access to the city's business, residents, governmental officials and visitors.

The city's RFP, to be issued Wednesday, is expected to call for a privately owned, $15 million to $20 million citywide wireless and fiber-optic network. Contracts are expected to be issued later this year. The service should be available to residents late in 2006

04/14/2005 Google Adds New Services For Mobile Users

Google said Tuesday that it has launched more services available to users of mobile devices.
Specifically, users will have access to driving directions via SMS messages. In addition, they will have access to local business services, the company said in a statement. Google already has a mobile version of its search capabilities.

Using the driving directions capabilities, users send a query as a text message. This service is in addition to existing search capabilities available via SMS, the company said. After sending in the query, they receive turn-by-turn driving instructions.

04/14/2005 Study Finds No Cancer-Cell Phone Link

A study published Tuesday in a medical journal found no connection between the use of cell phones and increased risk of brain tumors.
The study, conducted in Denmark, was published Tuesday by the American Academy of Neurology. The study interviewed 427 people with brain tumors and 822 without tumors, asking about their use of cell phones.

The study found no correlation between the development of brain tumors and how frequently mobile phones were used or how many years they were used for. Nor did the study find any evidence that brain tumors were more likely to occur on the side of the head most used with cell phones.

04/12/2005 Is Your Phone Ready For Interactive TV?

Although interactive TV hasn't taken off in the home and that mobile TV of any sort has yet to take off in the marketplace, Ericsson Monday said it now is offering interactive television for mobile devices.
The technology aligns short messaging service (SMS) and multimedia messaging (MMS) with TV broadcasts sent to devices, according to Ericsson. That will enable users to do things such as vote to send messages to TV producers or even personalities, according to Ericsson.

Complete Article

04/12/2005 First Cell Phone Was a True Brick

The brick weighed 2 pounds, offered just a half-hour of talk time for every recharging and sold for $3,995. Clunky and overpriced? Not in 1984, when consumers lined up in droves to buy the first cellular phone as soon as it hit the market. And certainly not to Rudy Krolopp, lead designer of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

Krolopp, now 74 and retired, still gets a "warm fuzzy feeling" thinking about the DynaTAC and knowing that "a handful of us did something that was really significant."

This brick took over a decade to get to market.

04/09/2005 Nextel Partners, which has the exclusive right to offer Nextel wireless services in the midsize and rural markets it serves, and TowerCo have announced an agreement for the purchase, construction and ownership of 300 cell towers.

Nextel Partners, which has the exclusive right to offer Nextel wireless services in the midsize and rural markets it serves, and TowerCo have announced an agreement for the purchase, construction and ownership of 300 cell towers.

04/07/2005 Nokia To Manufacture Wireless Phones In India

Finland's Nokia Corp. announced it has decided to set up a manufacturing plant for mobile devices at Chennai in southern India costing $100 to 150 million. This will be the company's tenth mobile product production facility globally.

04/07/2005 MCI Rejects Qwest's $8.9 Billion Offer

The board of MCI Inc. has rejected an $8.9 billion buyout proposal from Qwest Communications, opting instead to go with a lesser offer from Verizon Communications Inc.

In a statement early Wednesday, the MCI board said the firm was "not willing to jeopardize the certainty of its Verizon agreement for the uncertainties surrounding the Qwest proposal."

Complete Article

04/06/2005 Suspect's Phone Tips Police to Burglary

Hawkins County authorities were waiting for two would-be burglars after a cell phone in a suspect's pocket accidentally dialed 911 and dispatchers overheard them plotting the crime.

Authorities arrested Jason Anthony Arnold, 29, and James Keith Benton, 38, both of Church Hill, and charged them with burglary and theft over $500. Officers said they tried to steal a refrigerator from a mobile home dealership.

The Hawkins County Sheriff's Department was tipped off early Friday morning when dispatchers overheard a 40-minute conversation from a cell phone about plans to rob the dealership.

Complete Article

04/05/2005 RIM: The Next WordPerfect?

Will Research In Motion be the next Netscape, Novell and WordPerfect? Microsoft is reportedly reworking its Windows Mobile platform to be a BlackBerry killer and it would be naive to think it will fail.

This is classic Microsoft. As in those other cases, Microsoft started with no market share and ended up owning the market. It let its competitors do the dirty work of developing the market and creating demand before bringing its muscle to bear. Now, those three products and companies exist in some form, but long gone is their market dominance or even importance.

Complete Article

04/05/2005 Cheating via cells rampant in NYC schools

Just when the city's school chancellor was considering lifting a ban on cell phones, The New York Post reports NYC students are using their cell phones to cheat on tests:

"Kids are using smuggled cell phones to send answers to classmates, store electronic crib notes and even photograph tests and pass them along to classmates, students reported."

The Post says the students interviewed say cell cheating is rampant, thanks to text messaging and camera phones.

04/04/2005 Vatican Used SMS, Email to Announce Pope's Death

It took just minutes for the Vatican to alert the world's media of Pope John Paul's death -- using text messages and email so the 2,000-year-old Church could meet the new demands of real-time news.

Just a quarter of an hour after the Pope was pronounced dead Saturday at 9:37 p.m., the Vatican sent journalists an SMS message alerting them to a pending statement.

04/04/2005 High-tech ensures giant pandas never more than a phone call away in China

Cutting-edge mobile telecommunications technology ensures that the furry inhabitants of China's largest panda reserve are never more than a phone call away, state media said.

A recently installed broadband network at the Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve in southwestern China provides whole new opportunities for researchers involved in saving the endangered species, Xinhua news agency reported.

The network transmits real-time data on the pandas, including photos and video signals, 24 hours a day from any corner of the nature reserve, according to the agency.

04/01/2005 Mobile phones as blog tools

A new technology expected to launch in April promises to turn cellular phones into mobile blogging tools.

The application, called ``Rabble,'' streamlines the now-cumbersome process for publishing text or images from a cell phone to a Weblog. It also creates a way to search mobile blogs for items of interest -- from homes for sale in a particular neighborhood to updated tour information for a favorite band.

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