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02/28/2005 Call Center Depot

Call Center Depot provides news about leading call centers and related call center technologies. The new site at makes it easy for individuals curious about call center solutions, to find the latest news and technologies in a convenient easy to navigate location.

Information contained in the call center directory covers a huge range of call center, helpdesk, telecom, messaging and customer relationship management topics.

The intention of the site is to provide a convenient resource that unites the call center community, making it easy for consumers and industry professionals to locate the information and news that they are seeking.

Industry professionals and consumers can visit and browse a large news directory of call center solutions, indexed and categorized for easy access.

Each topic contains manufacturer links and brief descriptions. The site includes software titles specifically related to the voice mail, telephony, e-mail, paging, SMS messaging and message boards.

02/24/2005 Cabir Virus and Phones

Since someone walking by a storefront in California noticed that the Cabir virus message was displayed on a mobile phone in the window, hundreds of news stories have been written about the arrival of cell-phone viruses in the United States. But the situation simply is a "storm in a teacup," says Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant with security firm Sophos.

You are more likely to be hit by lightening or a meteorite than to be hit by a mobile phone virus," he noted. And those odds probably will hold for a long time.

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02/24/2005 Not a Good Week for Paris

First, notorious party girl Paris Hilton had her cell phone hacked and its numbers published online. Now, she's being used to lure e-mail recipients into receiving a virus

Security firm Sophos has issued a warning that two different worms have been discovered claiming to contain x-rated footage of Hilton.

02/22/2005 Mobile Phone Virus Found in United States

The world's first mobile phone virus "in the wild" has spread to the United States from its birthplace in the Philippines eight months ago, a security research firm said on Friday.

The virus, called Cabir, has spread slowly into 12 countries and marks the beginning of the mobile phone virus era, which could one day disrupt the lives of many of the world's 1.5 billion mobile phone users.

The biggest impact of the relatively innocuous virus, found in about 15 variations so far, is draining mobile phone batteries, said Mikko Hypponen, director of Finnish anti-virus research company F-Secure.
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02/21/2005 Cell Phone Radiation Within Approved Limits, Study Finds

A study by a Finnish government agency found the amount of radiation emitted by 16 popular cell phones was within generally agreed-upon safety limits, the Reuters news service reported Friday.
The Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority tested 16 cell phones from vendors such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Siemens and Samsung, according to Reuters. The agency has performed similar studies in the past.

The study found that the so-called specific absorption rate for all the phones fell below the two-watts-per-kilogram level generally agreed upon as safe, according to Reuters. The levels in the tested phone ranged between 0.45 and 1.12 watts per kilogram, Reuters reported.

The agency warned, however, that previous studies have indicated that cell phone radiation may have some impact on cells but that the finders were inconclusive, according to Reuters. It also said it will start testing 3G phones in2005.

02/18/2005 Random House Joins Media Rush to Mobile Phones

Following its brethren in the music, video game and television industries, book publisher Random House is venturing into the burgeoning market for delivering content over mobile phones.

Random House, a division of German media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG, said on Thursday it had bought a minority stake in Vocel, a U.S. company that delivers educational materials onto wireless devices.

The world's largest publisher of consumer books also said it signed licensing deals to expand Vocel's offerings to include foreign language study guides and video game playing tips.

02/17/2005 Cellular Companies Aim to Cut Phone Porn

Wireless companies are under pressure to police the services they carry amid mounting concern that today's increasingly versatile cell phones can be gateways to a lot more than football highlights and pop videos.

As governments and parent groups wake up to the problems posed by an expected global boom in mobile pornography and gambling, a few operators are taking action to restrict such content to over-18s

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02/16/2005 FCC Raises $2.25 Billion in Sale of Airwaves

The U.S. government raised $2.25 billion in an auction of wireless airwaves that ended on Tuesday, with Verizon Wireless and a partner collectively winning 63 licenses with almost $697.4 million in bids.

Carriers have been clamoring for more airwaves to meet demand, improve service and offer new products like video.

02/15/2005 Sony Ericsson Set to Unveil Walkman Phones

Swedish-Japanese mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson will launch digital Walkman phones in March to better tap into the mobile music market, seen as a top growth area for 2005, its head said on Monday.

"We are tapping into the Walkman heritage, reviving it," Chief Executive Miles Flint told Reuters in an interview, adding that more than 340 million Walkman music players have been sold since its introduction in 1979.

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02/14/2005 Text spam to be regulated

Mobile phone subscribers may no longer have to worry about their rapidly diminishing load credits due to unwanted promotional text messages sent by their networks as the National Telecommunications Commission is regulating this “text spam” due to complaints.

Last Thursday, NTC held the first public hearing on the rules and regulations on broadcast messaging service after receiving numerous complaints from subscribers of different networks. Mobile phone users are complaining of the regular promotional messages sent even without their subscribing to these promos. Each message sent charges the subscriber a certain amount which is taken from his load credit.

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02/11/2005 FCC: Competition, Not Regulation Will Encourage Wireless Broadband

An FCC task force Thursday issued a series of recommendations to encourage development of wireless broadband services, saying the FCC should rely on competition and not regulation.

The task force called for "a pro-competitive, innovative national framework for wireless broadband services -- one that imposes the fewest regulatory barriers at both the federal and state level." To do that, the FCC would have to declare wireless broadband to be an "information service," which would entail less regulation.
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02/10/2005 FCC Fights Mobile Spam

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (news - web sites) took a major step this week toward fighting unwanted e-mail messages sent to wireless phones and pagers by publishing a list of wireless mail domain names.

The FCC (news - web sites), which published the list late Monday, has ruled that starting in early March, it will be illegal to send most commercial messages to users of wireless phones with addresses that include any of the published domain names. Wireless spam, still limited in the U.S., has generated significant customer complaints in other countries including Japan and India.

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02/09/2005 Nextel Resolves Cell Phone Snarl

Nextel Communications Inc. yesterday gave final approval to a deal that gives it control over valuable new airwaves, ending a years-long lobbying battle among interest groups over how to reduce cell phone interference with police and fire radio systems.

Nextel will gain access to new airwaves valued at about $4.8 billion. In what is intended to be an even exchange, the company will give up some of its old airwaves and pay up to $2.8 billion to retune public safety radios across the country for new frequencies.

02/06/2005 New Cellphone Networks Seen as Risky Bets

U.S. wireless companies are investing billions of dollars in networks that deliver video and music to cellphones, but some investors worry whether the new services will turn a profit.

Sprint and Verizon Wireless, a venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone, are spending billions on so-called third generation (3G) networks. These networks allow for wireless data speeds similar to wired high speed Web access offered by phone companies to consumers.

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02/05/2005 Give a Dog a Cell Phone

It's one of the biggest sources of guilt for a dog owner -- not spending enough time with their four-legged friends.

Now, a U.S. company has developed a device in a bid to reduce those feelings of despair, by inventing a cell phone so that dogs and their owners can communicate when they are away from each other.

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02/03/2005 Don't dial it, jiggle it

Tired of pushing all those buttons on your cell phone? Some Japanese handsets slated to hit stores next month are designed to solve that problem: They respond to shakes, tilts and jiggles.

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02/03/2005 Mauritius Island to Go Wireless

Mauritius, a remote, mountainous island in the South West Indian Ocean, is slated to get a 100-square-mile broadband wireless network from Navini Networks.

The decision to install the non-line-of-sight, wide-area infrastructure was made by Mauritius telecommunications provider ADB Networks after ADB decided the rugged terrain of the island ruled out DSL or cable broadband.

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02/02/2005 Verizon Wireless to Sell Music Video Downloads

Verizon Wireless said on Monday it will offer music video downloads from Warner Music Group, opening up a new potential source of revenue for the No. 2 U.S. mobile provider.

Verizon Wireless, a venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone Group Plc, will provide the videos as part of V Cast, a high-speed video news, entertainment and games service it will introduce on Tuesday.

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02/01/2005 Yahoo Links Desktop Search To Mobile Text Messaging

Yahoo Inc. is providing mobile text messaging with local search from the desktop, reflecting the trend among search engines to target the growing popularity of cellular-phone messaging, particularly among teenagers and young adults.

With the Yahoo service, a person can look up a restaurant or other business on the web portal's local search area and click on a "send to phone" button that will send a text message containing the name, address, phone number and cross street of the business, Yahoo officials said Friday. Depending on the carrier, the person may be able to dial the number by simply clicking on it.

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