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09.30.04 Communication Software

Improve your communication skills. Communication Software provides articles discussing ways to direct your message, how to resolve conflict online, and how to talk the talk.

Use great software to communicate and hone communication skills to get you message out effectively.

09.29.04 RSS - A New Communication Medium

RSS is defined as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS files are formed as XML files and are designed to provide content summaries of news, blogs, forums or website content.

RSS provides a great new medium to communicate with customers or potential customers. RSS' popularity has grown signficantly as users opt to "pull" content that is of interest to them.

NotePage has just released a beta version of FeedForAll that allows users to easily create, edit and publish rss feeds. Check out this new technology.

09.28.04 Ogo - messaging only handheld

AT&T Wireless on Monday seemed to be trying to turn back the clock on cell phone design trends when it introduced the Ogo, a messaging-only handheld.

The Ogo is designed to let subscribers send e-mail, instant messages and text messages. The device costs $100 after a rebate, and service plans start at $18 monthly. That price gets subscribers unlimited ingoing and outgoing messaging using e-mail and IM services from one of three providers: Yahoo, MSN or America Online. Information on OGO

09.27.04 Telecom Carrier Deals

NotePage provides significant discounts and incentives to paging carriers and resellers interested in reselling NotePage's software. Options for paging carriers and resellers are flexible and innovative. Information on Carriers.

09.25.04 Blood Center Uses PageGate Software to Find Donors

AT&T, Streamline Solutions and NotePage, Inc. have partnered to assist Blood Center's are managing the local blood supply in emergency situations!

Puget Sound Blood Center announced that AT&T Wireless is providing a $25,000 grant to fund the deployment of an innovative program that will change the way the local blood supply is managed in emergency situations.

09.24.04 Rogers Wireless Agrees To Purchase Microcell Telecommunications

Rogers Wireless Communications and Microcell Telecommunications have entered into an agreement under which Rogers Wireless will make an all cash bid for Microcell securities totaling approximately $1.4 billion canadian.

09.24.04 Cell Phones in Flight

In-flight cell phones will be a reality by 2006 or 2007, according to partners in OnAir, the name of a new service introduced on Wednesday, at the World Airline Entertainment Association's annual conference and exhibition in Seattle. more

09.23.04 Wireless Directory

Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless carrier, clashed with other cellular carriers on Tuesday, telling a U.S. Senate committee that a proposed national wireless telephone directory is a "terrible idea" and should be scrapped.

A working group of national wireless carriers organized by the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) began planning the directory in February 2002. Proponents of the directory, including Cingular, AT&T Wireless, Nextel, Sprint, and T-Mobile, claim consumers will have to opt-in to the system and privacy safeguards will be maintained. more

09.22.04 Global mobile users to approach two billion by 2006

The world will have almost two billion mobile telephone users by 2006 due to growth in emerging markets such as India and China, the head of Swedish giant Ericsson revealed.

09.20.04 - 09.21.04 SMS Software Support Forums

Remember to visit our online forum for quick answers to sales and support questions related to SMS text messaging. The forum is searchable so you can easily find answers or post new queries.

09.18.04 Vodafone to bring Blackberry 'Charm' to Europe

Research in Motion has confirmed web reports that Vodafone is to offer its mobile phone form-factor Blackberry 7100 - aka 'Charm' - in Europe. The 7100v is a modified version of the 7100t RIM launched in the US last week, dropping the latter's curves and for a more angular design.

However, the core features remain the same, in particular RIM's PIM and email software, and its QWERTY keypad, which puts two alpha characters on each key.

09.16.04 - 09.17.04 Hiptop Enhances Products for Deaf

Mobile device and applications vendor Danger unveiled several improvements on its hiptop2 wireless communications device that will make it more useful for the deaf and hard of hearing communities.

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Danger amped up the vibration motor that signals when a message has arrived and added the ability to set notifications to repeat until acknowledged by the user. Both improvements are designed to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing users won't miss important messages.

09.15.04 Rogers Communications Attempts to Reclaim Stake

Rogers Communications has raised its bid to purchase AT&T Wireless's stake in Rogers Wireless. The new offer is 17% higher than the initial bid. Rogers Wireless is Canada's second largest carrier, trailing only Bell Canada in size and scope.

09.14.04 Cingular Wireless & Yahoo Messenger

Cingular Wireless customers can now access their Yahoo! Messenger accounts and send/receive instant messages on their wireless phones through a full-color, graphical interface called Mobile Instant Messaging.

The new application will allow Cingular customers to easily use their wireless phones to manage their friends list, check the availability of friends and family online, and send/receive instant messages with anyone in the Yahoo! Messenger community. more

09.13.04 Ringtones

With a possible billion-dollar windfall at stake, U.S. music companies are eagerly awaiting the full-blown development of the stateside ringtone market.

But the U.S. appetite for ringtones has not developed as quickly as in other markets, and no company has emerged to do for ringtones what Apple has done for digital downloads with its iTunes/iPod campaign.

A big part of the responsibility for building the market falls to the five major U.S. carriers -- Verizon, Sprint, Cingular/AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile and Nextel -- which control the pipeline to their customers.

However, it is generally held that mobile music promotions are more effective when some combination of the carriers, handset manufacturers, ringtone aggregators (like Infospace Mobile, Zingy and Faith West) and record labels co-market their products. more

Ringtones Sources Sponsored by NotePage:

Ringtones Central
Ringtone Software
Free Ringtones Online

09.11.04 One Days Pay

I recently learned about One Day's Pay and felt that today would be a good day to make mention of it. One Day's Pay was founded by a relative of a September 11 victim. The idea is that September 11, should be celebrated as a day of giving. It does not have to be a financial contribution, consider giving blood, or time to a local charity.

NotePage sales from September 11, 2004 will be donated to charities.

09.10.04 Finnair Offers SMS Based Flight Check In

In what it calls a first in international air travel, Finnair says it will let its frequent fliers check in using text messages on mobile phones. The program begins in October and is open to the airline's Finnair Plus cardholders.

It will let those passengers who have only carry-on luggage go directly to the departure gate, bypassing ordinary check-in procedures.

09.10.04 Cell Phone with Hard Drive

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. plans to begin selling a cellular telephone that includes a hard-disk drive, later this month. The handset was unveiled at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Telecom Asia 2004 event and is the first cell phone of its kind in the world, according to the company.

According to the report the new SPH-V5400 is a clam-shell type cell phone with a hard-disk drive that has a capacity of 1.5G bytes. The storage space can be used for images photographed with the built-in, megapixel-class digital still camera or music files.

09.09.04 In Flight Cell Phone Use

Business travelers who think that there are not enough hours in the day, take note: In two years, there may be a few more at your disposal.

In 2006, passengers on U.S. airliners may be allowed to make mobile phone calls and connect to the Internet throughout a flight. No longer will they have to cram in their last calls before takeoff.

More on In Flight Cell Phones

09.09.04 RIM's Latest Device

Research in Motion today announced its latest BlackBerry device, the 7100t. Unlike previous BlackBerry devices, the 7100t is more a cell phone than a traditional BlackBerry handheld. The 7100t is a full-featured handset with email and instant messaging with support for mobile versions of AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo. This BlackBerry sports an new keyboard system, called SureType, with a 20 button QWERTY keypad and predictive input software. The 7100t also features full HTML Web browsing, as well as built-in Bluetooth and polyphonic sound. The 7100t will ship in the first part of October. The handset will first be available from T-Mobile for $199.

09.08.04 Colleges & Universities Use PageGate

PageGate is frequently used on college campuses and in universities. PageGate can be integrated with existing applications to add messaging or paging functionality to existing software. The most common use is to monitor networks and notify administrators of outages or network problem or security problems. This allows tech support and maintenance staff to work remotely about the campus. Messages can be sent from workstations on a network, or customers can send messages to agents via web pages or e-mail accounts. This software is modular and can be scaled to meet the size of the University.

09.07.04 Text-Messaging Determines All-American Football Players

Fans Are in Command With Wireless Text-Messaging to Determine the All-America College Football Player of the Week and Year. Cingular Wireless is teaming up with ABC Sports and ESPN this college football season to give fans the power to choose the All-America Player of the Week.

Every week, four candidates for the All-America Player of the Week will be picked by ABC Sports college football analysts, led by John Saunders. The candidates will be announced after the last college game each Saturday during ESPN's "College GameDay Final." Fans will then have from that time until 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday to text-message their votes.

09.06.04 Pay Phones Disappearing

Thousands of loss-making telephone boxes are to face the axe as mobile phone use soars in the UK, British Telecom has announced. The company has said its policy was "driven by a complete culture change in communications" which had seen a huge rise in mobile phone ownership.

09.04.04 The Latest Protest Tool: 'Texting'

"Multiple reports of provocateurs setting trash fires in midtown," read one text message sent to 400-plus mobile phones this week through a service called Ruckus RNC 2004 Text Alerts. For protesters navigating Manhattan during the Republican National Convention, text-message broadcasting services like this, sent to their cell phones, provided an up-to-the-minute guide to the action on the streets. More on Texting Protest

09.03.04 Injunction Against Mobile Spammer

A judge granted Verizon Wireless a permanent injunction against a Rhode Island man accused of sending millions of unsolicited text-message advertisements to cell phone customers in four states. The injunction Friday in federal court in Trenton, N.J., bans Jacob Brown from sending any more “spam” text messages. Verizon sued Brown in June after identifying him as the leader of a ring that sent the messages.

The messages were sent over the last several months to cell users in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. They advertised mortgage loans, products for losing weight, even adult Web sites. Officials with Bedminster, N.J.-based Verizon said Brown and his cohorts sent bulk text-messages to cell phones by disguising their identities and using an automatic telephone dialing system.

09.02.04 Declaring Divorce by Text Messaging

‘I D4C U’ Declaring 'I Divorce You' by Mail or Mobile Phone Is Easy for Muslim Men — Too Easy, Say Women

In a marriage between a centuries-old custom and the latest in technology, some Muslim men are dumping their wives by simply texting, "I d4c U" three times to their cell phones. But now Muslim wives want more than the traditional three degrees of separation.

A centuries-old custom, the triple talaq — literally "I divorce you," in Arabic — is a controversial procedure whereby a Muslim husband can divorce his wife by merely repeating the word talaq three times. Read More

09.01.04 Verizon Wireless Expands to Circuit City

Verizon Wireless has decided to expand its retail footprint. The carrier, which sells phones and service plans through 1,200 of its own stores, has signed an exclusive deal to place Verizon Wireless stores within 570 Circuit City Superstores nationwide. Under the terms of the agreement, Verizon Wireless will be responsible for the employees, inventory, displays and signage.

Existing Verizon Wireless customers will be able to use the Circuit City Verizon Wireless stores to conduct account business, such as look up account information and pay bills.

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