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05/30/2006 SMS Software Support

In order to better serve NotePage customers, we request that when you email or call for support please have information related to the problem you are having available.

We will need the name of the product, the operating system, any order information and a description of the problem.

Thank you!

05/30/2006 Emergency Services Tapping Cellular Phones

Emergency services from wireless vendors to non-profit groups are increasingly tapping into technology to build alert systems and location-based platforms.

In one example, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children this week launched a program to highlight an emergency service allowing cellular subscribers to sign up online to receive text messages on any cell phone. The organization teamed up with carriers and other groups last year to design the Wireless AMBER Alerts system.

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05/29/2006 Blackberrys Recruit Patients

Hebrew SeniorLife, a long-term care facility for the elderly in Boston, is putting technology in the hands of field nurses to give them an edge as they drum up patient referrals from hospitals.

Hebrew SeniorLife has a corps of five nurses who serve as ‘‘clinical liaisons’’ in hospitals. Their job is to find and evaluate seriously ill patients who are about to be discharged from the hospital and win a referral to Hebrew SeniorLife for the next stage of their healthcare.

Blackberrys Bring Patients

05/29/2006 Spotty Cell Coverage for Rural Areas

Rural cellphone carriers say their bigger national competitors are squeezing them out of the wireless market by charging them exorbitant roaming rates or by refusing to allow them to roam at all.

The hardships have forced dozens of rural carriers to sell their businesses to larger regional or national rivals the past three years, says Jessica Bridges, who heads the Rural Telecommunications Group, a small-carrier association.

"A whole bunch of these little guys have been selling out," she says. "They just cannot compete in their markets."

The trend diminishes wireless coverage, she says, because the remaining big carriers serving the countryside often neglect sparsely populated pockets, leaving them without any cellphone service.

05/28/2006 FCC declines to investigate the NSA

The Federal Communications Commission, tasked with regulating communications companies and investigating violations of relevant laws, has declined to look into the allegations that three large telcos cooperated with the National Security Agency to wiretap domestic phone calls and Internet communications.

In a letter to Rep. Edward J. Markey dated Monday, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission stated that any investigation of the National Security Agency's alleged domestic wiretapping program would have to be able to force the military agency to produce classified documents--a power the chairman believes the FCC does not have.

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05/23/2006 Walkman Cell Phones on The Horizon

Walkman brand cell phone enabling users to download music onto their handsets will go on sale in the Japanese market next month in a joint project between KDDI and Sony, KDDI Corp. announced Monday.

05/23/2006 Cellular Industry Calls For National Regulations

The current mix of state and federal regulations covering the cellular industry should be replaced by a single federal regulatory framework, the trade organization representing U.S. cellular operators said Thursday.

Steve Largent, CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), made his plea to the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. He told the committee that a single regulatory framework should replace the current situation in which both state public utility commissions and federal agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission control the industry.

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05/19/2006 Nokia Makes Multimedia Computers

Most of you have probably read this headline and are wondering “What in the world is this guy talking about”, however, the little electronic devices that the rest of earth calls mobile phones, are referred to only as multimedia computers by all Nokia employees.

Complete Article

05/19/2006 Bible vs Blackberry

A recent national poll found just 17% of adults view the local church as essential for developing faith.

Small wonder.

Sitting in a pew on Sunday morning seems almost embarrassingly old-fashioned in an era when you can watch a video recreation of the Last Supper on your Palm or get God's word text-messaged to your cellphone.

Complete Article or locate Religious Casts

05/14/2006 Softbank, Apple to Jointly Develop iPod Cell Phones

Softbank, the fast-growing Japanese Internet and telecommunications group, will work with Apple Computer to jointly develop mobile phones that have iPod music players functions, a report has said.

The new handsets are to be released in Japan sometime this year at the earliest

05/09/2006 ErLogix Integration Partner

We are very pleased to announce a new integration partnership with ErLogix. ErLogix provides business  continuity management systems and dister planning solutions.

By using PageGate in combination with ErLogix alerts, can be sent to pagers and cellular phones, adding another level of notification to disaster management.

More on ErLogix

05/09/2006 Text Message Adult Education

San Francisco launched the nation's first text-messaging program aimed to shoot instant cellphone messages to sexually active young people seeking advice about sex and health.

Complete Article

05/06/2006 New York Parents Fighting Cell Phone Ban

A growing number of parents, teachers and city lawmakers are demanding that the New York City school system reverse its longtime ban on students' cell phones inside school buildings.

Complete Article

05/02/2006 JetBlue Purchasing Spectrum?

Units of JetBlue Airways Corp. and Verizon Communications Inc. qualified on Monday to bid in a May 10 sale of U.S. wireless airwaves to be used for high-speed communications services aboard passenger airplanes.

05/01/2006 Level 3 Purchase

Level 3 Communications Inc. said on Monday it agreed to buy privately-held TelCove Inc. for $1.08 billion in cash and stock in a deal that gives it an extended land-line network and wireless airwaves licenses.

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