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05.30.04 - 05.31.04 Terror and Text messaging

It is not only terror groups that make use of the internet for secret communications, and terrorism is painted by law enforcement agencies with a broad brush that includes prefixes like narco, eco, political, state sponsored, religious, jihadist, chemical, biological and nuclear. Speaking at an international drug conference in Lima, Peru, Mark Malcolm, an intelligence analyst for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), recently told drug fighters that traffickers were turning to the internet and SMS text messaging to communicate and arrange deliveries with little risk of interception.

05.28.04 - 05.29.04 Idol Text Messaging!

AT&T Wireless gives its customers the chance to vote for their favorite "Idol" contestant using their wireless phones. During the show's second season, 7.5 million "American Idol"-related messages were tallied; this year, that number grew to 13.5 million. The popularity of the show not only enticed experienced texters to vote, but attracted newcomers to the sector.

According to AT&T Wireless' numbers, 40 percent of the text voters who typed in their vote had never sent a text message, at least as an AT&T Wireless customer, before.

05.25.04 - 05.27.04 Mike Numbers

We recently added a number of Mike numbers for the Canadian Mike cell carrier. If this is your provider consider checking the updated TAP numbers in the support section for current TAP phone numbers.

05.20.04 - 05.23.04 Text Messages - Break up

Nearly one in 10 Britons admit to dumping their partner by cell phone text message rather than breaking the news face-to-face, according to a survey.

While a third of those polled said they had had an argument by text, nearly half admitted flirting by cell phone message.

05.17.04 - 05.19.04 NY Bidding

AT&T, Sprint and more than 100 other telecom providers are competing to wrestle a five-year contract worth up to $1 billion away from Verizon to manage all city agencies' phone and Internet operations. The first-of-its kind telecom contest covers phone and Internet connections for all New York city offices including the police and fire departments and schools, the Daily News has learned. A separate bidding process will be launched later for 911 services.

05.15.04 - 05.16.04 Arch Numbers

We've recently added a large list of local Arch TAP numbers to those listsed in the support section. If you require a local TAP phone number be sure to check the updated listings.

05.12.04 - 05.13.04 Article Suggestions

NotePage has beeen sponsosring articles related to the telecom industry, cellular phones, wireless messaging, SMS and ringtones. We would like to continue the series and welcome topic suggestions. Contact us with your ideas!

05.10.04 - 05.11.04 Zetron

NotePage and Zetron have informally partnered up to provide combined SCADA solutions. Homeland security funding increases, have allowed for antiquated systems to be updated and for aging dispatch equipment to be replaced.

05.07.04 - 05.09.04 Cingular Specials

It is common knowledge that the teens and young adults are the ones who have truly embraced instant messaging (IM) using their mobile phones. Cingular Wireless is tapping into this frenzy and is offering up some prizes to those who have mastered the art of IM and also know a bit about music. The carrier announced it will test the music knowledge and mobile phone IM skills of teens and young adults with its Cingular Buddy Bash contest. Cingular Buddy Bash challenges contestants to "buddy up" with their IM friends to see who can answer a series of music-trivia questions the fastest using the AOL Instant Messenger service on Cingular phones, Cingular says.

05.05.04 - 05.06.04 Feed Available

We've created an xml feed for the articles related to the telecom industry. The articles can be found on Ringtones Central and the feed is available. Meaning that the articles can be reposted on related sites. Try out the feed!

05.03.04 - 05.04.04 Telus Mobility

Telus Mobility numbers. We recently obtained a list of Telus Mobility local TAP numbers. We've added the list to the database of TAP phone numbers in the support section.

05.01.04 - 05.02.04 How Reliable are Cell Phones?

Cellular phones and pagers are part of the "now" generation, instant contact, anywhere at any time. People are looking for convenience, comfort and security. The question is how instantaneous and reliable is the contact?

Find out How Reliable Cell Phones Are?

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