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04/26/2007 WhatsUp and PageGate

Great forum post about using Ipswitch WhastUp with PageGate

I did this exact thing, but incorporated another product called PageGate from a company called NotePager.
I had issues with the paging engine in WhatsUp failing to send pages 100% of the time. So, rather than having WhatsUp send the page it writes a text file into the directory used by PageGate. PageGate can pick up this file and send it any way you want it.

PageGate is a full blown paging application. It can send over the Internet using SNPP, WCTP, SMTP and a couple of others. If one method fails it can be configured to failover to another method. I have SMTP as the first method and it fails over to Paging via the TAP protocol.

If receiving pages is critical to your company, I recommend using this product since this company does nothing but Paging applications.

04/26/2007 Vonage Wins Reprieve

Internet phone company Vonage Holdings Corp. won a legal victory that sent its shares sharply higher when a U.S. appeals court ruled on Tuesday the company can continue signing up new customers while it appeals a patent infringement ruling.

04/24/2007 New RSS Scripts

The RSS scripts directory has a new addition RSSFilter. The RSSFilter script allows for feeds to be filtered and the filter results are outputted to a new feed.

04/24/2007 Adwords Cellular Alerts

AdWords phone alerts let you receive important alerts about your account as text messages on your mobile phone.

Google Phone Alerts

04/24/2007 Shrek 3 Mobile Game

Videogame publisher Gameloft has gained the rights to bring DreamWorks Animation's "Shrek the Third" to mobile games in conjunction with the film's May 18 theatrical release. The game will be released across 170 operators in more than 75 countries.

04/23/2007 Mobile The Next Frontier In Search

"Mobile, mobile, mobile" were the words of Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt this week when asked what technologies are most intriguing to the computer Web search leader.

04/23/2007 System Update Cause of Blackberry Outage

After two days of silence about a lengthy outage in its BlackBerry e-mail service, the company that makes the addictive mobile device issued a jargon-laden update indicating that a minor software upgrade had crashed the system.

04/22/2007 Nokia Phone Sales

Nokia Corp.'s core mobile phone business dropped in the first quarter as competition intensified in the global handset market, particularly from Asian vendors.

04/20/2007 Colleges and Universities with Campus Notification

PageGate software can be used by schools, colleges or universities to send text messages to students and staff cell phones, pagers or handhelds in the event of an emergency.

04/18/2007 ShopText Purchase Using Text Messages

A company called ShopText has introduced a system that lets people buy products instantly using text messages, a process that eliminates the need to go to a store or even to visit a Web site. For instance, a woman seeing an ad for a pocketbook in a magazine can order it on the spot simply by sending the text code found beside the item through her cellphone.

complete article

04/18/2007 Analog Nearing End

Regulators are poised to send the crackling and bulky analog cellphone to the scrap heap next February, denying a last-ditch appeal from a business group.

The shutdown of analog wireless networks Feb. 18 will mean lost service or disruptions for 500,000 GM car owners with OnStar emergency wireless service, up to 1 million alarm customers and a few million diehards who refuse to trade in their analog phones.

Complete Article

04/17/2007 Could Text Messaging Have Made a Difference at Virginia Tech?

Campus security experts have said that they believe text messaging students cell phones could have resulted in a different outcome to the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

04/17/2007 Dealing With Stolen Phones

An independent study found that phone networks blocked more than 80% of stolen mobile phones within two days.

The U.K. Home Office reported last week that mobile phone network changes, requested by the government, blocked stolen phones within hours of theft.

04/16/2007 Cell Phone Security

Cell phones have long served as the mother of all convergence devices, swallowing our PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players and more. Now phones are becoming the terminal of choice for monitoring home security. When a perp breaks into your house, your security system calls your phone, and shows you the live video.

04/09/2007 Text Messaging Tracks Runners

Brendan Burke's cell phone was beeping within minutes of the start of his wife's marathon in San Diego. A text message arrived with her latest time as she crossed the six timing mats around the course.

It didn't matter that he was across the country at home in New Jersey. Pushing to make the 26.2-mile races more friendly to fans and runners alike, marathon officials are increasingly offering free online tools to help spectators and loved ones back home track runners along courses that can span entire cities.

complete article

04/09/2007 Phones on Plane a Dead Issue

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has ended a proceeding that would have allowed mobile phone calls on airplanes, for now ending the possibility of phone conversations during flights.

04/04/2007 There Was No Campaign Texting

Cell phone text messaging were blocked during this weekend's local elections in Cambodia, the government imposed a two-day "tranquility period" to keep voters from being inundated with campaign messages.

04/03/2007 Childish or Brilliant - New Cellular Service?

My Sprint phone shook violently in my hand. My reflexes kicked in and I found myself wrapping my other hand around it to steady it. Before I knew it, the vibrations literally catapulted the phone out of my hands and onto the rug where it bounced along the floor, slammed into my door, and finally came to rest in the hallway. I stood over the phone, staring down at it, waiting for another violent outburst. After a few moments, I picked it up, opened it, and answered the call.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Derek Galsworthy, CEO of TouchBak Technologies, said, his voice full of cheerful enthusiasm.

complete article

04/03/2007 More Phones Than People

Mobile phone subscriptions in the European Union outnumber citizens for the first time, the European Commission said Thursday in its 12th annual report on the E.U. telecommunications market.

04/02/2007 Beijing Cracking Down on Cellular Porn

Beijing has banned sending pornographic text messages or pictures via mobile phones after busting phone dealers who sold mass-storage devices containing porn, state media reported Wednesday.

04/02/2007 Texting Soon to be Against the Law?

New Jersey drivers who insist on sending text messages on their cell phones or personal digital assistants may find themselves on the wrong side of the law if legislators approve a new bill.

03/27/2007 Is Sprint worth 80 Billion

Just a few years ago, a leveraged buyout of a company as big as Sprint Nextel would have been unthinkable. The No. 3 wireless carrier has $41 billion in annual revenue and a market cap of $56 billion. Add in the cost of a 25% premium and the assumption of more than $23 billion in debt, and a Sprint Nextel buyout could be nearly twice as large as Texas Pacific's record $45 billion proposed buyout of power company TXU.

complete article

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