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08/28/2007 Campus Wide Messaging Answer to Security Concerns

Many Universities are implementing campus wide messaging using cell phones and pagers as a means to alleviate security concerns. As students return to school they are becoming connected to security officials using their mobile phones and text messaging. The trend has been comforting to parents everywhere.

08/27/2007 Wireless Vendors Chosen for European Launch

Apple has chosen its carriers for the iPhone launch in Europe, according to a report published Tuesday in the Financial Times. The report, citing unnamed sources, said the chosen partners are T-Mobile Deutschland for Germany, O2 in the UK, and Orange SA for France.

08/27/2007 Stolen Wireless Access

Police officers in London arrested a 39-year-old man using his laptop to access someone elses wireless Internet connection on Tuesday. His actions could potentially breach the Computer Misuse Act and the Communications Act, according to a Metropolitan Police Service statement.

08/26/2007 Battery Recall Costs Covered by Manufacturer

Matsushita Electric Industrial will cover the direct costs of a battery recall affecting 46 million Nokia mobile phones, which could be as high as $172 million.

MEI is the parent company of Matsushita Battery Industrial, which manufactured the batteries.

08/20/2007 Skype Back Online

Skype announced late Friday that all users could now again log on to the voice-over-IP service, marking the end of an outage that affected millions and lasted more than 48 hours.

08/20/2007 Safety Network

The US nation emergency communication system is inadequate, and the government has come up with a solution — a nationwide wireless broadband network that will operate on a highly valuable portion of the publicly owned airwaves.

While legislators and bureaucrats have embraced the idea, they have not dedicated funds to pay for it. For that, the plan depends on private investors.

safety network

08/20/2007 New Sony Phone

With the launch of its K770 Cyber-shot phone, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications hopes to narrow the quality gap between dedicated digital cameras and mobile phones with integrated cameras.The phone also includes a built-in media player, FM radio turner, support for Bluetooth wireless, and a battery that is good for up to 10 hours of talk time.

08/15/2007 Nokia Batteries

Nokia warned Tuesday that up to 46 million batteries used in some of its cell phones could be faulty and pose a risk of overheating.

08/15/2007 Stylish Cellphones

Trendy dorm furnishings and stylish cell phones should spur U.S. college students and their parents to spend nearly 9 percent more on back-to-school items this year, according to a survey released on Tuesday.

08/08/2007 FCC Shakeup

The Federal Communications Commission voted to shake up the wireless market last week by approving rules for a big airwaves auction that would require the winner to make them accessible to any cell phone or other device.

08/07/2007 Chinese Mobile Users with War Movies

Chinese mobile phone users can now download film clips of the Korean War and stirring military anthems to celebrate the founding of the Peoples Liberation Army.

08/06/2007 Priority Support

A word about NotePage Priority Support. The goal of priority support is to give customers the opportunity to upgrade and extend their support. Time is money, so with priority support we guarantee you priority access to skilled technicians knowledgeable about PageGate software.  

Many PageGate customers use PageGate for critical and time sensitive issues, for this reason we are now offering a paid priority support option.

Details related to priority support and what is included can be found here: Priority Support Overview

Please keep in mind regular support is still available to all users both pre and post-sales free of charge.

08/02/2007 Upgrade Reminders

Customers who have taken the opportunity to upgrade to PageGate v5 love the new features! If you have not already upgraded consider upgrading now.

08/02/2007 Verizon Wireless to Buy Rural Cellular

Verizon Wireless, the No. 2 US wireless service, said it would buy Rural Cellular Corp for $757 million in cash to save on roaming costs and expand its customer base.

08/01/2007 Book Written on Mobile Phone

An Italian writer decided to put his mobile phone to good use during his daily commute to and from work -- by writing a book. Robert Bernocco, an IT professional took advantage of his travel time by writing a 384-page science fiction novel, Compagni di Viaggo (Fellow Travelers), on his Nokia using the phone.

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