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06/29/2011 SMS and Texting Resources

We have set up a number of support resources up to assist customers with NotePage Software. In addition to contact sensitive help, in the software itself NotePage has added a number of support resources. NotePage, Inc prides itself on top notch customer service and support, these resources will assist you with using NotePager Pro and PageGate

SMS and Text Messaging Video Tutorials - a collection of video tutorials that explain specific features and general setup of NotePager Pro and PageGate

NotePage Forum - interactive forum where you can post question and answers about sending text messages.

Educational Articles about Messaging - large collection of educational articles about sending text and SMS messages.

Text Messaging Knowledgebase - common questions and answers about NotePage software.

NotePage Support - variety of different NotePage support resources

06/28/2011 Find the Nearest Metro in India by SMS

Quick information on the nearest Metro station will be just an SMS away. Those stuck in a spot with no Metro connectivity, and who wish to reach the nearest station, can rely on Metro Connect, an information facility being developed by BMS Colleges computer science engineering students, and supported by IBM.

additional details

06/27/2011 How can I avoid going over the data limits on my AT&T iPhone?

Good news. Both AT&T and Verizon will send you text messages when you near the data limit. Simply access your online account and make sure these are turned on. You can also check your limits anytime.

Additional Details

06/22/2011 ER Texting

A new service called ER Texting lets you send a text message to 4ER411 and get a report on the expected wait times at nearby emergency rooms.

You get to see a doctor faster and the hospitals get to advertise their services. The increased transparency could even make hospitals compete on having shorter waiting times. It also helps the hospitals manage their load balancing.

The service currently has hospitals signed up in Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

complete article

06/21/2011 Miss Delaware Takes on Texting

Maria Cahill used to send text messages and apply her makeup while driving.

But all that changed about six months before she was crowned Miss Delaware 2011 in June.

A friend, 21-year-old Meghan Green, died one semester before she was about to graduate from college. Green was in a coma for a little more than a week after a serious vehicle crash.

Green was texting while driving, Cahill said.

complete article

06/20/2011 Blood Donation and Texting in India

Now, a text message on the mobile phone is all that a blood bank needs to do to find a donor. At the same time, voluntary donors too can register themselves using the same service.

Blood Donations via SMS

06/16/2011 Text Messaging Knowledgebase

Learn the latest about Text Messaging. Questions asked and answered about SMS and text messaging.

06/15/2011 SMS in Crisis

SMS is the perfect emergency communications channel, right? People always have their phones with them, especially in an emergency; you can easily send one message to a number of people, and you can text when you can not talk.

SMS in Crisis

06/14/2011 Google Sued For Group-Texting Service

Google and its recently acquired social apps company Slide have been hit with a potential class-action lawsuit for allegedly sending SMS messages without first obtaining recipients' consent.

In court papers filed late last week, Florida resident Bret Lusskin, Jr. alleges that he received more than 105 SMS messages on one day in April through -- a group-texting platform developed by Slide that allows people to send texts to 99 group members at once. When one recipient replies, the response is sent to everyone in the group.

Google Sued over Texts

06/13/2011 SMS when Child is on School Bus

School buses in India will soon be equipped with GPS devices, which will come equipped with three state-of-the-art features that will enable parents to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their children once they have stepped out of home for school.

06/12/2011 Text Messaging for Outlook Inc has announced it can now provide Microsoft Outlook users in the USA with an individual phone number for sending and receiving text messages. Microsoft built a text message option into Outlook 2007 and 2010 and has approved as a service provider for transmitting messages. Bulletin customers can now select a regular phone number exclusive to them, which is then used to deliver their Outlook text messages to mobile phones worldwide. Text messages can also now be received on the number and are delivered into their Outlook email. Bulletin‚€™s pricing starts at $5 per month for an individual number and text messages from 2 cents each.

06/07/2011 Last Chance to Register for PageGate Question and Answer Webinar

Now that we have covered a lot of basic information, this session will be dedicated entirely to the questions you have submitted. This will be a freeform session where you, the participant, can guide the discussion.

Session 4 PageGate Questions and Anwers  - June 8, 2011 at 12:00 EST

06/01/2011 FEMA Using PageGate

The Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Federal Emergency Management Agency used PageGate to notify the media and public safety groups that they have opened Disaster Recovery Centers in Jefferson and Hardin Counties.

FEMA Uses PageGate

05/31/2011 India Text Messaging Addiction

Widespread availability of cheap unlimited text message plans has made the service preferred mode of communication for youngsters in India and its excessive use is leading to health problems among them, says a study conducted by industry body Assocham.

The study has found that text messaging has become preferred mode of communication for majority of youngsters in India. It has has surpassed rest of the forms of daily interaction amongst youngsters like face-to-face conversations, voice calling, etc.

Apparently, 60 per cent of youngsters in India send and receive over 125 text messages daily to interact with their peer group, the study says.

Text messaging Addiction

05/30/2011 Talking vs Texting

OMG, LOL, BRB! Our lives change with new technology and terms such as these used in texting. The ability to text brings us convenience, but also problems to tackle.

How much effective communication is lost when we text? Most of it.

According to research, 93 percent of effective communication is nonverbal. 55 percent is expressed by body language and 38 percent by tone, which leaves only 7 percent for the written word. When you text, you are leaving to chance how that text is perceived and read by the receiver.

Talking vs Texting

05/27/2011 Interfaces for PageGate

If you missed the Webinar on PageGate Interfaces check out the following PageGate Interface Video Tutorial

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