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Educational Articles


Educational articles related to Text Messaging & SMS Alerts

General Cell Phone and SMS Articles
When Crisis Strikes
How Smart Phones Have Changed the World
What is SMS?.
Tips for Using Cell Phones
Cellular Reliability
What Are Ringtones?
Cellular Number Portability
How Reliable are Cell Phones
How Messaging Works
Why SMTP Messages Fail
You Won't Believe How These People are Texting
10 Texting Habits You Need to Drop
R U In It 2 Win It? The World of Competitive Text Messaging
Texting Art: How Technology and Tradition Might Be Reconciled

Cellular Phone Etiquette
Cellular Phone Etiquette
Cellular Phone Etiquette - Part 2
Mobile Phone Etiquette
Text Messaging Etiquette for the Modern Day

Recycling Cell Phones
How to Recycle Cell Phones
How to Dispose of a Cell Phone
Why Recycle Celluar Phones?

Traveling With Your Cell Phones
10 Ways to Cure Your Mobile Bill
My Big Fat Greece Vacation Phone Bill: How To Travel With Your Phone

Cell Phones and Parenting
What is the Right Age for a Cell Phone?
Phone Rules; Contracts for Parents
Is Texting Keeping Teens Up at Night?
Is Text Messaging Ruining Our Youth?
7 Cell Phone Safety Tips Your Kids Need to Know

Construction and Text Messaging
How Construction Firms Are Using Texting

Education and Text Messaging
Can Text Messaging Bridge the "Word Gap" in Our Kids?
Is Text Messaging Ruining Our Youth?
Can Your Smart Phone Make You, Well, Smarter?
Texting towards Degrees: How Is Texting Impoving Education?
Let's Talk About Sex: How Cell Phones Are Changing the Face of Sex Education
Why Campus Security Needs Texting
How Young Authors Are Publishing... by Texting?
Is Texting Changing Our Brains?
Is Predictive Texting Hurting Our Kids?
SMS Language: What It Is, and How It's Affecting Our Literacy and Lives
Is Texting Keeping Teens Up at Night?
For College Students Anxious About Back-to-School, This Texting Service Has Solutions
Can Texting Boost College Preparedness?

Farming and Text Messaging
Apple Farmers: How SMS and Mobile Technology Are Shaping Farming
Tracking Animals with SMS

Financial Companies and Text Messaging
How Financial Companies Are Using Texting
How Your Bank Is Using Texting
How Kenya Has Been Texting Money for Years

Health Care and Text Messaging
To Your Health: the Impact of Texting on Women's Health
Texting to Better Health: Can SMS Improve Medication Compliance?
How Text Messaging Helps the Fight Against Malaria
Texting Wounds: Is SMS the Future of Sports Medicine Research?
Could Texting Save Clinical Trial Recruitment?
For Diabetics, Texting Program Improves Health
Can Texting Double Your Odds of Kicking Smoking for Good?
Can SMS Bolster Skin Cancer Prevention?
Text Messaging Can Help Weight Loss, Study Says
How Texting Is Helping the Fight Against Prostate Cancer
Can Text Messaging Help Protect Your Kids from the Flu?
Why You Could Never Forget an Appointment Again, Thanks to Texting
Text Messaging Improves Breast Cancer Screening Attendance, Study Shows
Text Messages Improve Birth Control Compliance, Says Study
Let's Talk About Sex: How Cell Phones Are Changing the Face of Sex Education
The Health Implications of Texting
Smart Phone, Healthy You
R U Ready to Fight Ebola? How Texting Has Combatted the Ebola Outbreak
Mobile Technology Fighting the Spread of Disease
Could Texting Kill You? SMS Related Injuries and Ailments and How to Avoid Them
Can Text Messaging Boost Prenatal Care?
Texting: A Boon or Bane for Mental Health?
How Text Messaging Has Changed the Deaf Community
Is Texting Changing Our Brains?

Hospitality and Text Messaging
Text and Dine: How Texting Can Improve the Restaurant Industry
How Can Text Messaging Change the Hospitality Industry?

Government & Text Messaging

Texting Hunting Violations: How SMS Is Helping Protect the Wilderness
Juror Notifications Via Text Message Streamlining Jury Duty
Tracking Animals with SMS

Insurance Companies and Text Messaging
How Insurance Companies Use Texting

Media Companies and Text Messaging
How Media Companies are Using Messaging
How Texting Can Keep You Safe in Severe Weather
How Young Authors Are Publishing... by Texting?

Politics and Text Messaging
New Role of Cell Phone in Politics
Text Messaging and the Future of Political Engagement 

Public Safety and Text Messaging
When Crisis Strikes
10 Things Your Phone Can Do in Emergency Situations
Sending Messages for Public Safety
Integration Methods for Public Safety
Cell Phone Use in Natural Disasters and How to Conserve Battery Life

Real Estate and Text Messaging
How Realtors Are Using Text Messaging
How Has Text Messaging Changed Real Estate?

Relationships and Text Messaging
Love in the 21st Century: How Texting Is Changing Dating and Relationships
How Is Text Messaging Affecting Divorce?
Let's Talk About Sex: How Cell Phones Are Changing the Face of Sex Education

Religion and Text Messaging
Text Me to Church: How SMS Helps Religion

Security and Text Messaging
How is Texting Impacting Human Trafficking?
Can A Text Prevent Theft? How Home Security Is Using SMS
How Texting Is Helping Victims of Violence Across the World

Transportation and Text Messaging
How Your Phone Can Make Driving Safer

Utilities and Text Messaging
How Utilities are Using Messaging

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