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Tutorial Add Recipients in NotePager Pro

Tutorial to Add Recipients in NotePager Pro

All that's left now is to add your Recipients.

Adding recipients for Nextel and Arch follow the same pattern but Sprint is different.

Here's how to do it for Nextel and Arch:

1) Go to Recipients - Add.

2) Give the recipient a name.

3) Set the Carrier to what it should be (either Nextel or Arch).

4) In the ID/PIN, put the user's 10 digit cell number (no spaces or dashes. Example: 7816792237)

5) Click on Apply.

Here's how to add a Sprint recipient:

1) Left click on Recipients.

2) Left click on Add.

3) You can name the recipient whatever you like.

4) The Type should be normal and change the Carrier to SMTP.

5) In the "Email To" field, enter: Just be sure to replace "10digitcelnumber" with their phone number, naturally.

6) Make sure that Alpha and Drop non-printable characters are cheked.

7) Click on Apply.

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