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Can A Text Prevent Theft? How Home Security Is Using SMS

Home Security is Using SMS
Providers across industries are embracing text messaging as a modern boost to their marketing and customer service. While the home security industry is hardly an exception, it is doing even more interesting things with texting; some security companies are incorporating text messaging into the very services they offer, and to much benefit.

Texting, believe it or not, presents a reliable solution for theft prevention for homeowners and other property holders. Security cameras are hardly new technology, but they can now be connected to text messaging in a way that allows property owners to relinquish worries about their property's security, trusting that their phones will alert them of any danger.

SMS-savvy homeowners can outfit their home or other property with security cameras designed to detect motion. These cameras, often used to watch children or pets while an adult is out of the home, can detect any suspicious motion, and even notify users via text that the motion has been detected. The device will also generate a live video feed that users can access when they receive such texts. Should an intruder or another threat be detected by the cameras, the homeowner will know in an instant thanks to SMS, and can check up on the situation by monitoring the live video feed.

This application of text messaging is a truly powerful one, allowing property owners to take the security of their property into their own hands and providing to-the-minute alerts of potential threats. Because text messaging is so accessible to so many, and the population as a whole grows increasingly attached to their cell phones, this is an especially potent and rapid notification system that allows homeowners to react as quickly as possible.

Access to video of any potential incidents also allows property owners to stay up to date on threats by watching events play out. Accessibility of these feeds on mobile phones makes monitoring invasions or threats incredibly convenient, allowing users to check up on the situation nearly anywhere they may be when they get the notice, and wherever they may have to go afterwards. This affords users peace of mind, and allows them to intervene further in any threats should they see that they need to.

Of course, security companies can also use text messaging in more conventional ways. Security companies can text customers important information, such as bill deadlines, notice of past-due payments, and current statements. Security companies can also enable customers to text in codes in order to request automated text messages bearing desired information.

Security companies can also employ SMS to modernize their marketing strategy. Companies can text current customers promotions and deals for their services. They can also include a number to text on advertisements, allowing potential customers to text the company for more information or to begin signing up to receive services. This affords customers a more convenient experience, and also expands the company's market by appealing to people who rely more on text messaging, often the rising generation.

Incorporating SMS into the technology we already know and rely on holds powerful potential for the improvement of our lives. Who knows how future innovations with text messaging will change the way we live?

About the Author -
Sharon Housley is the VP of Marketing for NotePage, Inc. a software company for communication software solutions. http://www.notepage.net


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