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Cellular Number Portability

Industry changes are on the horizon for cellular industry. The FCC has ruled that customers can change carriers (cellular providers) and maintain their existing cellular number.

In the past individuals have been forced to make decisions between the quality or clarity of service and a new number. Decidedly one of the biggest reasons individuals keep service they are dissatisfied with is because they don't want to lose the number known to friends and colleagues. The ruling, said to go into effect November 24, 2003 in top metro areas, will open the market for cellular service providers.

The change is sure to prompt price wars and improved customer service as carriers struggle to maintain their customer base. By May the FCC expects number portability nationwide.

In order to move a cellular number to a new carrier follow these simple steps:

1.) Contact the new carrier prior to disconnecting your old service or you may lose your number.

2.) Provide details to the new carrier to make the switch this might include account and password information.

3.) The new carrier will submit a transfer request to the old carrier. In addition the new carrier will send details of the transfer into the portability database. The database alerts all subscribing carriers that the transfer has occurred.

4.) The old phone will work until the transfer is complete; while the transfer is taking place the new phone will only be able to dial out.

Carriers are aiming to process transfers within 2 1/2 hours but there are no penalities in place should a delay occur.

If you are using software to send text messages to phones be sure to update the carrier information for any transfers.

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