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SMS and Text Messaging Unusual Ways to Use Text Messaging

Unusual Ways to Use Text Messaging

While SMS is most commonly used for personal communication, it has also been used for a variety of other purposes. Here are a few more examples of strange or unexpected ways that SMS might be used:

1. Ghost Hunting
Some people believe that SMS can be used to communicate with ghosts or spirits. Some ghost hunting groups have used SMS to send messages to supposed spirits, and claim to have received responses in the form of text messages.

2. Art Installation
SMS has been used as part of some art installations, such as a piece called "The Last Message" by artist David McLeod, which involved sending a series of SMS messages to a phone number that would no longer be in service, in an attempt to "communicate with the afterlife."

3. Prank Calls
SMS can be used to send prank calls or texts to friends or family members. These pranks can range from harmless jokes to more malicious forms of harassment.

4. Magic Tricks
Some magicians have used SMS as part of their performances, such as by sending a message that appears to predict a fu as by sending a message that appears to predict a future event.

5. Novelty Gifts

Some companies have marketed novelty items that use SMS as part of their design, such as t-shirts that display incoming SMS messages or greeting cards that can be sent via SMS.

6. Breaking Up
SMS can be used as a way to "ghost" someone, or to end a relationship or friendship without directly communicating with the other person. This can involve simply ignoring or deleting messages from the other person, or actively blocking them from sending messages.

It is important to note that these uses of SMS are not necessarily recommended or advisable. While SMS can be a useful and convenient form of communication, it's important to use it responsibly and with respect for others.

Article Date: January 1, 2023

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