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How Can Insurance Companies Use Texting

How Can Insurance Companies Use Texting
Many modern professionals know that text messaging is a boon to workplace communication. The power texting also holds to boost marketing and contact with customers is also great, and should not be overlooked. This holds particularly true for insurance companies, many of which use texting in a range of ways to enhance their close contact with policyholders.

Text messaging is more and more used as a more convenient and efficient way to keep in touch with clients. Instead of sending automated emails or wasting time and labor on phone call reminders, companies can simply schedule automated texts reminding clients of any personal meetings or other appointments. SMS is often preferred as a less intrusive and more effective mode of contact, and lets clients easily access appointment details by allowing them to refer back to a text anytime. This can reduce the rate of missed appointments, and saves clients and providers alike time on any follow-up regarding appointment details.

In addition to appointment reminders, insurance companies can use SMS to remind customers of other important events, such as the end of an insurance term. Companies can even provide the option to renew insurance in these texts by responding with a particular keyword and an account number.

SMS can also be a valuable marketing tool for insurance companies. Companies can provide on advertisements a number that potential customers can text a specific code to in order to receive more information or simply get in touch. Opening with text messaging is often an easier way to activate customers, potentially making them more inclined to seek a company's services, as well as providing them with a more convenient experience.

Potential new customers may also use texting to prime insurance companies with necessary basic information and determine their eligibility for coverage. Rather than a phone call, email, or web form, many customers may find it more convenient to text essential information to be screened rapidly for eligibility or to provide information that may be needed in a counseling appointment.

Insurance companies can also use texting to bolster sales among preexisting customers. Companies can text customers offers and even provide the option to accept or decline them by responding with a given text code. Companies can also target marketing, texting groups of customers deals, promotions, and opportunities that may appeal to them in particular. Offering the opportunity to accept or initiate the scheduling of an appointment via text can be an added bonus.

Texting can also be a powerful vehicle for customer service in insurance. Companies can text customers tips that promote safety and reduce damage to insured property. Text message alerts can also be sent out during emergencies or inclement weather to notify customers of risk of damage and offer measures to reduce potential damage. And, when emergencies do happen, text messaging might be a more automatic and easier way for customers to report the event to their insurance company and seek help as quickly as possible.

The possibilities texting holds for insurance companies are immense. Who knows how texting may continue to shape insurance in the future?

About the Author -
Sharon Housley is the VP of Marketing for NotePage, Inc. a software company for communication software solutions. http://www.notepage.net


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