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How Has Text Messaging Changed Real Estate?

How Text Messaging has Changed Real Estate
The further we implement text messaging in our lives, the further its impact reaches. We live in a time in which many of the industries and services we rely on are embracing, and therefore being changed by, SMS technology. A notable example is realty, where text messaging is streamlining business, improving customer satisfaction, and boosting sellers' efficacy.

Text messaging is in large part so impactful in realty because it is an ideal line of contact between buyers and sellers. Buyers increasingly feel comfortable with SMS, if not prefer it, as a mode of contact. Additionally, text messaging offers intrinsic benefits. It is much less invasive and time-consuming than a phone call, and it spares buyers the effort of writing down information received in a call, as a text message is its own record of information that can be revisited. Texting can even trump email, with more and more people preferring the convenience and casual nature of SMS.

Communication is critical in realty, where sellers are responsible for representing their properties as best as possible, and buyers have important questions to communicate to sellers. So, optimizing communication is important to boosting realty and the way its business is conducted. By incorporating texting, realtors can do just this.

Texting has been put to task in realty in a range of ways. In addition to basic communication between buyer and seller, SMS is increasingly allowing sellers to keep buyers updated on properties in a way that email and phone calls do not afford. While some changes to property may seem too trivial for an email, it is best to keep buyers fully up to speed, the casual feeling of SMS makes it appropriate for letting buyers know if anything at all changes with a property they are interested in.

Text messaging is also a great way to let potential buyers know about upcoming realty events like open houses and showcases. On top of the convenience and ease of texting, emails may easily be lost in the abundance of incoming mail so many people receive, making them a potential nuisance. However, a text message will stand out and may be easier to refer back to. Because realty is implementing texting in these ways, buyer satisfaction and seller efficacy get a boost.

Additionally, SMS can be smoothly incorporated into the needs of realtors that email is often used to meet, making texting an all-purpose communication medium for realty. For instance, properties increasingly have their own web pages, which emails may include links to in order to give buyers access to detailed property information. With the prevalence of smart phones, text messaging can have it all by including links to online property information in a text, which can then be easily accessed on the phone in a browser.

Finally, text messaging affords realtors a notable pragmatic benefit: text is cheap. Using SMS to reach buyers en masse is more affordable than phone calls and email, which cost more and tend to take more time. By contacting buyers via text message when appropriate, realtors can save themselves time and money, a further advantage to the realty industry as it embraces texting more and more.

The advantages SMS offers to realty are notable, as is the change they can bring. With texting being increasingly absorbed by realty, not to mention the huge range of other industries texting is affecting, it's an exciting time for technology and realty alike.

About the Author -
Sharon Housley is the VP of Marketing for NotePage, Inc. a software company for communication software solutions. http://www.notepage.net


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