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SMS and Text Messaging What is SMS Message?

What is SMS Message

Simply put an SMS Message is a text message. SMS is an acronym for Short Messaging Service. SMS messaging was "invented" in the 1980s. The initial protocols used to send SMS messages were defined by GSM standards.

SMS messages were limited to 160 characters. Now, most telecom carriers chain longer messages into multiple groupings of 160 characters as a means to send messages longer than 160 characters.

Text messaging is a universal technology that is designed using specific widely adopted protocols. Text messaging is supported by all mobile networks and is not device dependent. In order to send a text message using a cell phone or GSM device you simply need the recipients phone number. Other forms of messaging like imessages, or What's App are proprietary they do not use the standard protocols used for SMS messages or text messages. The non-standard messaging (like imessage or What's App) require that you run specific applications or use specific brands of hardware in order to send and receive text messages. Where SMS and text messaging are agnostic and can be sent regardless of the platform or hardware.

Overtime text messaging and SMS messaging have evolved. When text messaging or SMS messaging was initially introduced, the phones "keyboards" were similar to that of a landline phone. Consumers had to use the "multi-tap" method to send a text, consumers would push a button several times to select the letter they wished to use. The introduction of the QWERTY keyboards on cellphones, predictive texting and "Swipe" did wonders to increase the adoption and increase the ease of text messaging.

Article Date: August 6, 2020


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